Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dark Lust: A Sample

Phew. Somehow, this time of year always ends up coming as a surprise, doesn't it? You expect it to be a holiday, a time to relax, but it never really is. It's an inferno of gifts, family, food and traveling. The time to relax, that always ends up being tomorrow. The day no one plans to do anything on.

So here's my new year's gift to you, blog reader. A little something you might lazily spend some of tomorrow on. The first 2000 words of the first part of the upcoming series.

This is from when the story was incomplete, when even the first episode was not done, from before it was proofed or anything. You are seeing the words as they were when I first wrote them. If you should find the passage interesting, keep in mind that the series will start coming out in the latter part of January. I hope you enjoy.

Sample removed to comply with the Kindle Select terms and agreements. Sorry if you didn't catch it in time! To read samples of my work, you can either utilize Amazon's Look Inside feature, or check back periodically. Samples are typically posted here 4 days before a story is published, and then removed on the day of publication.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Fetish Friday #3

Click the Show/hide button to see the image. It is hidden because, well, I don't want people to come to this blog and then be assaulted by porn. There might be people around!

This is unfortunately one of those images I don't have a source for. When I write scenes with anal, it's not uncommon for this to be one of the inspiring images. It isn't the only one, certainly, but it's up there.

And happy winter-time holiday period of the year that I know Christmas isn't a good term for anymore! I hope yours was a good one. Mine was. Family, presents, babies behaving as decently as babies can.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Small Things

If you read my work, you probably know I don't write a lot about small things.


Okay, but really. After getting back into writing again for realsies, a wonderful thing has started happening again. Ideas. Ideas are happening. They just come trickling, almost no matter what I do. Stories bubble and appear in my mind. It's such a great feeling to have that back.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday, and enjoys the upcoming holiday times.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Futanarium #3 Published!

Description: The Futanarium is a series of Futa/f bundles containing sizzling sex and hard fucking. The bundle contains five erotic short stories, each one unique and exciting in its own way. Whether you like BDSM, gangbangs, cheating, anal, reluctance, breeding or something else, you'll find it in one of these stories. Live the lives, however briefly, of the lucky ladies, and find excitement in the forbidden things they experience and endure. Whether you like sweet surrender, needy romps or dominant claimings, you will find something for you in this 5-story, 40.000+ word bundle.

This bundle contains the following short stories:
Caught Short
Getting Railed
Joining The Band
Lost In The Wilds
Princess Sophie

Author Notes: While I know that it might not be super exciting in terms of new content, a new bundle is at least -something- new. It's something to tide us over while I produce new stuff in the background. I expect that there'll be another bundle (A 10-story bundle, Futanarium #1 and #2 put together with $1 knocked off the price) a little into January to help get me over the exam period. And then, we'll launch into new stories!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Fetish Friday #2

Click the Show/hide button to see the image. It is hidden because, well, I don't want people to come to this blog and then be assaulted by porn. There might be (other) people around!

This is an image by InCase. It was posted publicly on his blog and hentai-foundry account. It's but one version of many, and I encourage you to go find the rest of them. They're all a little different, and with their own charms. InCase is, in general, a really great artist.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Stories. Stories! STORIES!

As I write this, a few days earlier than when it will be released (I have a final project to turn in, don't hate), I'm quite sick. That sucks, but in a way, it's also why I want to do one of the things I'll talk about here.

Story Schedule: In the past, I was on a rather heavy schedule of 1 story a week, plus whatever commission work I had. Some might scoff at that. 1 story a week, pfh. But in the end, everyone functions best at different levels. Along with a bunch of real life trouble, I ended up simply wildly overestimating my own productivity. So... From now on, I will release one story every 2-4 weeks. I'll endeavor to make it every 2 weeks, but at least for now, I have commission work to catch up on, and more importantly, the below.

Story Backlog: I used to have one of these. And then, for various reasons and over time, it evaporated. That, really, was the nail in the coffin. Coupled with me being a binge writer, I quite simply need to place more of an emphasis on having a backlog of stories. Yes, this means that my releases will be slower, but it also means that they will be steady. When life strikes again, like right now where I'm sick, I won't just fall off the edge of the earth. There'll still be a new story at the minimum every month.

So, this is the new thing. The new promise. 1 story from Maria a month, EVERY month. And yeah, sometimes every 2 weeks, when I can. It'll take months to build up a steady backlog, so I'm afraid people will have to be a bit patient until I have that built up.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

New Stories

So, in between semi-porny posts and explanations about what I'll do for the future, I thought it might be time to not what I intend to do regarding stories. Right now, I have 5 stories out that aren't in a Futanarium bundle. They will be bundled so that they are, and released some time soon. I'd like to do it before Christmas, but having changed computers between my last release and now, I may or may not need to spend a bunch of time setting template stuff up again, which could delay it.

Following that, I have a fantasy erotica series of 5 parts planned. I will begin releasing this in January, and will release one part every 2 weeks. I'll be upfront about things, since I may as well. That'll be 5 short stories in about 2½ months. Pretty slow release schedule. But behind the scenes, I will be using that time for 3 things. Completing the fantasy erotica series, writing more short stories, and more importantly, fulfilling outstanding commissions. The goal is to write at a level that keeps me sane and publishing, and also gaining time to finish the aforementioned commissions.

#1: Write & Publish parts 1-5 of fantasy series.
#2: Fulfill commission work.
#3: Write more series & short stories.

So, if you're looking for something to give yourself as a gift this year, Futanarium #3 could be it! And if you're some sort of mega-fan who already has all my work, well, at least there'll be new stuff coming in 2015.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Fetish Friday #1

Fanfiction Friday, except in a new incarnation! I don't really write enough stuff to be freely available to make the category relevant on its own, so we're going to take things in another direction. I'm going to share images and gifs that inspire me during writing. Hopefully this series will also provide a little fun during the lull of me writing stuff to be published (And fulfilling commissions desperately in need of being filled).

Where possible, I'll provide a source. If I can't find one, but you know it, please comment and I will add it post-haste. Also, most of this stuff will not be safe for work. But then, with the covers, this site already isn't safe for work. Without further ado, the first in this series!

This is a gif made made from part (Well, 2 parts, really) of one of the many great scenes in Miro's "Girlfriends 4 Ever" flash movie. There aren't that many good futanari animations out there, but this is definitely one of them. I won't lie, the dialogue (Which is almost exclusively at the beginning, from what I recall) is pretty porny and occasionally painful, but I'm sure I'm the only person in the universe that cares about that sort of thing. Everyone else is busy looking at the goods on display. I suppose I am too, except for me, a lot of it helps visualization. Basically, my writing is me trying to describe the scenes that play in my head when I imagine a story. Which is the main reason why something like this helps with writing.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

On Series & Stand-alones

Last week, I mentioned that I would begin focusing on writing series instead of stand-alone short stories. I'll explain a little more about that today, and also provide a little information on the upcoming series at the end.

So, when I first started writing, there were several factors that kept me away from writing series:

First, having been around some writers that treated writing erotica in a very mercenary way, mirroring stories and generally just focusing on the money to the exclusion of all else, I wanted to move away from that. I saw a series as a cheap way to draw readers in, because humans have a natural need to finish things.

If you've started a series (or just one book), you will want to finish it. Even if it isn't the best thing you've ever read. That made writing series feel manipulative. This is, in the end, hogwash. Not that we want to finish things, but that it's necessarily bad. We just come to care about characters and want to see what happens to them.

Second, I feared that either I or readers would get bored of writing a series, and either or both would end up disappointed. When I instead wrote a large amount of varied stand-alone stories, I tried to appeal to as many subsets of readers as I could, forgetting of course that if they only like one or a few of my stories, I'm doing them a disservice anyway. In some sense.

What actually ended up happening, of course, was that I only wrote on a given series once a month, and therefore had a lot of trouble making them flow naturally. I had to get into the story again all over every time I wrote them.

Third, I felt there was some value in exploring more characters, settings and stories in general. There is, to be sure, but I very often felt hampered by the length that I had to stick to in each story. Multiple stories I've written almost begged, in my mind, for a sequel. And perhaps more. But I moved on. I wanted to appeal to more people. I wanted to never get bored.

What I've learned after considering these opinions is that, well, I was focusing too much on the downsides of series, real or imagined, and not giving myself a chance to see what I could do if I actually focused on a series. There's also the unavoidable fact that readers like series. I don't think there's any shame in writing what readers like. Anything else inevitably leads to useless navel-gazing. So, to conclude: I will be trying out writing series for now. At least for a few months. And if the glove fits, I'll continue. If it doesn't, I'll try something else.

The first series I'll try will be fantasy-erotica with a solid story to go along with it. With fantasy comes magic, and in this world, at least in this particular place and for the people I'll be writing of, magic and the ability to wield it is connected with sex. The story will, as is par for the course with me, be Futa/F. Right now, I have no idea how many installments there'll be. That depends on where the story goes as I write, to some degree. And it depends on reader response.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Flame Off, Flame On

Phew. So, what happened? I'll write a little on the matter for the benefit of those interested.

Right when I was burning the brightest, I flamed out. It was a culmination of a lot of things, I think. Debt, months of pressure, uncertain living conditions... A bunch of stuff. I just caved, and completely shut off the writing side of myself for a good while. And I did this, of course, while I was in the middle of rising. Admittedly July was worse than June, but even so. I was selling an amount of stories a month that amounted to ridiculous (for me). Something tantalizingly close to what I could live off.

I've let down readers and commissioners, and I've also let down myself. I tried to do too much, for too long. Writing became a chore instead of something I loved. Not because I was writing too much, at all, but because of the pressure I was under with real life. It -had- to succeed. And in a lot of respects, it did. But I couldn't quite carry the weight personally.

So, here we are. I have an education to see to for the next year and a half at least. I have a steady living for that time too, at least. I've found the passion for writing I had, but this time, I won't be writing to live, I'll be writing because I love doing it. And when or if I should ever get to live off writing, I won't be starting from nothing.

There won't be weekly stories, at least not for now. It's something I'll re-evaluate every now and again. The next time will likely be after this semester's exams in January. But, for now, my focus is a healthy balance, catching up on commissioned work, and releasing a modest 1 story a month. I should like to release more eventually, but commissioned work will come first.

I stumbled and fell, but rose and dusted myself off again. Hopefully I've taken a few lessons with me from this incident.

1) Commissions will be shut down. I will finish the current work, and will from then on, for the foreseeable future, not take on further work. Perhaps in the future, short work will be a possibility.

2) I will be focusing more on writing series, likely to the near-exclusion of stand-alone work. I'll write a more in-depth blog post on this topic in the near future.

3) Fighting for my financial life is not conducive to a good writing environment. My finances are taken care of for a year and a half, for now, but what the future brings is, of course, hard to tell. In any case, I will supplement with temp work and the like in future rather than madly try to stay purely a writer.

4) Rather than 1 story a week, as said above, I will instead commit to a minimum of 1 story a month. This is likely also something I'll write a separate blog post about.

5) I let my back log of stories dissipate, and didn't have enough writing time to build it back up again. For writing to be sustainable for me, this can't happen. This is the main reason for point 1, and a big contributing reason for 4. I'll write more about this in the same blog post that point 4 will be expanded on.

Monday, August 18, 2014

An Update! At Last!

I posted a little while ago that things might go south. They haven't. Not exactly. Even so, it'll still be another week until I have a fairly regular, scheduled life. I expect to start writing again on the 25th of August. From then on, there'll obviously be a little delay until stuff gets published and, most importantly, commission stuff gets picked up. But, to boil the news down to their core:

Publishing and commission writing should be properly back on track come September.

Thanks to anyone who has patiently waited. I expect I'll give away a good freebie via the newsletter with the first release I do in September, so now's the time to sign up!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Where The *Bleep* Is Maria?

I disappeared again, and I apologize for that. The simple truth is, a bunch of educational and financial worries got me down in a major way, just as it felt like depression was lightening. I can only say that in a few days, I will know for sure whether my life will be orderly, or thrown into a chaos of simultaneously having no money and no place to live. I obviously hope for the former rather than the latter, but I just don't know, right now. It has been impossible for me to focus, and the summer heatwave hasn't made this easier.

This isn't a very cheery post, and I apologize for that. I'll update on my situation when I can, (In a few days, to a week) and... Rest assured, those still following: There will be more stories published. More futanari for the people! I'm just not quite sure when it'll happen, for now.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pleasuregirl (Dickgirl Decorum #2) Published!

Amazon (UK, DE) | Smashwords | B&N | iTunes | Kobo | Google Play

Description: Daphne Harrow signed a contract with the Kistner sisters, a contract that will see her ailing marketing company ascend to comparatively dizzying heights. She is to be paid $5000 a week, and as it turns out, she only has to do the most minor of secretarial work. Her skills at promotion, her sharp mind, all seem irrelevant in the face of unsatisfied lust.

The Kistner sisters quite clearly do not need her help with their business, but they do want her there for other services. Perhaps the rumors of Daphne's willingness to indulge on shady business when it comes to arranging festivities for other companies preceded her? Who knows. All that Daphne can be certain of is that the sisters need her very dearly to alleviate pent up frustration. It will not be an easy first day in her new position, but she is determined to keep the contract going.

Pleasuregirl is part 2 of the 3-part Dickgirl Decorum series, and contains 6000+ words of rough futanari sex. It details the interactions between Daphne, a young businesswoman eager to see her little company prosper and not afraid to skirt the law to see that it does, as well as two very well-endowed dickgirls, Selma and Melanie, running a successful software company.

Author Notes: The middle of a series always feels a little weird, doesn't it? Settling what was started in the first part, leading up to what'll happen in the last. I can't say that this title doesn't do a little of that, but it does so sexily. And that's the best way to lead up to things.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lost In The Wilds Published!

Description: When Milena the scout is discovered by the elves she is spying on, they do not kill her. Instead, they capture her and bring her back to the clan's village, a secret home for the beleaguered elven race. Contrary to what the young woman has been brought up to believe, the elves are not monsters. The huntress who captured her, however, does have some very specific plans...

Very quickly, Milena learns of the new elven society, so very different from the ruins of the society she has seen in the south. Up north, beyond the mountains, the elves have mixed their previous, refined culture with something approaching noble barbarism, and the result is spectacular. For the young scout, at least, the meeting with the clan, and Strana, becomes a turning point.

Lost In The Wilds contains almost 10.000 words of sweltering hot futanari erotica, involving impregnation, voyeurism, interracial and a whole host of other delicious things. While it is set in a world after the disaster for the elves, they manage to live on, and even prosper in a new way. Strana, the majestic elven huntress who gets her hands on Milena, young human scout, shows the girl that glory first hand.

Author Notes: Wow, I just... I loved writing this. Loved, loved, loved. I can only hope that you, my readers, will like this as much as I did and do. I won't spoil any more than what the description already does, but if you love my fantasy erotica stuff, this is pretty much a must. In my opinion, of course!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Darknest: A Dark Fantasy Anthology

This is a bit of a milestone for me. I'm participating in my first multi-author bundle! All of the authors in this bundle come from the same little corner of the internet that I do. A site called Darknest. It started out as a hub of all things related to WoW erotica. Stories, art, screenshot manipulation, ads for people to find partners, but has since expanded into a bunch of other online games. It's a regular old community now, though WoW is still it's main thing.

In the many years since Darknest started, it has gone through multiple sets of owners and moderators, yet the community has endured and, for the most part, grown stronger and stronger. This bundle is a way for the participating authors to pay a little back to the place where most of them started posting their stories. As such, all profit (Until a certain limit that I don't expect we'll hit) generated from the bundle goes towards Darknest's upkeep.

The bundle contains one of my stories, A Different Prince Charming, and 6 other stories. There's even USA Today bestselling authors in there. I'm in fine company. Anyway, the shared theme is dark erotica, though the specifics vary. There are orcs, shifters, demons and more. I should note, as well, that the only Futa/F story in the bundle is mine. Just a heads up to my very loyal readers who prefer that particular niche.

If the bundle looks interesting to you, pick it up! It's cheap, and great value. Heck, even if you only want it for one of the stories in there, it's cheaper than getting that story on its own. And even if you don't want to spend the money, but think the bundle looks interesting, please consider sharing its launch with your friends. A good launch means everything for these sorts of bundles. :)

I'll be back this Sunday with this week's release, Lost In The Wilds.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Getting Railed Published!

Description: Bernadette is young, married without children, and thoroughly bored with her life. Her husband is busy both with working to support the two of them and with his hobbies, leaving her with far too much time on her hands. When Bernadette's friend brings up a recent, tantalizing experience she had with a professional dominatrix, it doesn't take much to push Bernadette into making the call of her life.

To Berndette's surprise, horror and secret joy, the dominatrix, Anthea, sets their meeting aboard a train. For a much too short back and forth trip, they will have a room all to themselves, though, of course, the threat of discovery always looms. On the train, in Anthea's capable hands, Bernadette finds release she had never even dreamed of having.

Getting Railed contains 8000+ words of scorching futanari contemporary BDSM erotica, featuring the petite, bored, walking stereotype blonde Bernadette and the confident, imposing dominatrix Anthea. In the domme's capable hands, Bernadette discovers the release of a side of her that she had hidden away to the darkest depths, knowing that her husband could never satisfy that side of her.

Author Notes: This is almost a return to my roots. It's D/s, which I'm repeatedly told I'm great at writing. Perhaps because I love it! There's also a helping of cheating, which I for some reason love as an erotica kink lately, and then finally the slightly unusual locale. Why a train? Well, who doesn't love trains just a little bit.

Monday, June 16, 2014

One Year In

Purity Taken.
Exactly one year ago, I published my very first ebook, Purity Taken. Incidentally, this is also my 100th post on this blog. Anyway. I allowed myself lofty expectations that I knew were unrealistic, back then. I wrote an awful lot of drivel about writing on this very blog, when I really had little idea what I was doing, and certainly wasn't in a position where I should be advising anyone. Hell, I'm still not in a position now where you should listen to anything I say, really. Other than when I say I've published something new. You should listen to that.

I have learned a lot over this one year, and I know I will continue to learn more. About writing, about self-publishing, and about the ever-changing publishing business. I learned the value of non-shitty covers. (See below)

It feels as if I have been at this far longer than I really have, too. I'm not sure why. I know that it's not unusual to spend many years, decades even, for some writers, without being successful. I suppose I had the hope and dream that I would not be one of those waiting a decade.

I'm not so certain about that one anymore, mainly because I'm not sure what to qualify as success anymore. Making a living as a writer? I can do that right now, thanks to gradually increasing sales and a generous commissioner whom I appreciate very much. Am I successful simply for receiving payment for my work? Obviously I do that. I'm fairly sure Stephen King qualified anyone who got paid for their writing, whether once or multiple times, as a writer. I write what I love, and that's really what matters in the end, I guess. Not the amount of money on my bank account. So I suppose I am a success. I can still be more of a success, though.

The thing is, I have difficulty quantifying a goal. Originally, I wanted to make a living writing when I was
thirty. Here I am, still 3 years away from that, and I'm making a living. What is the goal then? To make more? To write a bestseller? That's out of my control. All I can do is to keep writing and writing. In the end, I don't think there is a goal. Probably just the journey. Keep writing, keep publishing, keep improving, keep living off being an author.

With all that said, though, I love looking at my sales. I'm not sitting in an office handling someone else's crap, no offense to any manure dealers out there, I'm watching something I've crafted myself be bought and (I should hope) enjoyed. There's an entirely different feeling to that than working in an office. Which I did. It was what cemented in my mind that writing was what I had to do in life. But with this, I've had a direct hand in everything sold. I'm at a point where I think I understand the joy of creating more. And it took business to really push that into my mind. Other people are seeing my work and liking it. How awesome is that? Seriously. That's awesome. And Strange.

Of course, it doesn't get any less awesome when you see what has happened after I got my act together again in mid February and started the process that has now seen me release a story or bundle every week since the start of March. You can see the effect it had for yourself, right here:

That graph only counts sales as a number, too. A bundle is worth more than a short, obviously. But still only counts as 1 sale on that graph. As you can see, effort really does equal reward. I think I open that graph almost every day (Even if I only update it once a week) just to kick myself mentally at that long, 6-month break I had with publishing. Where could I have been today if I hadn't had that break? It's difficult to say. And it doesn't help anything to wonder. Still, it makes me a little sad and annoyed. It also makes me lucky, because I have read many authors out there who waited until they were well into their 40s, 50s or 60s with writing. They feel like they've wasted time, too. I'm not even 30.

What does the future hold that'll help me prevent such a 6-month breakdown from happening again? I can't say 100% for sure, of course, but I've already decided that I will keep this 1 short a week schedule up for at least a full year. By next March I should have 50+ works out there, and I should be able to make a real judgment of how I'm doing as an author by then. If I'm making a living (800-1000 sales/month minimum) or on my way to it, sweet. I'll probably keep the 1 story/week stuff up in that case. Probably until the end of 2015, anyway. I want to get into writing novels eventually. Not necessarily erotica novels, either. Fantasy. Under another pen name, of course.

I do know that if it turns out I can't live on writing then, I'll have to move to a place with lower living expenses. Writing is all I can do to live. Which is why I'm doing it. The "Don't write if you can do anything else" adage is probably really a reference to that. Writing for a living isn't "worth it" if you can do anything else. If you can be satisfied doing something else. Me, I can't.

Anyway, let me take stock a little. I've released over 20 stories so far, amounting to almost but not quite 2 a month over this last year. Really, though, I released 4 stories in the first 8 months and the remaining in the last 4. A few bundles and a lot of short stories. I feel like I'm beginning to get a little traction. And I feel like every month, every week's release, brings me a little closer to some immaterial dream of "making it" as an author.

I know I've abolished most of this touchy-feely crap on the blog for a while, now. I don't intend to change that. But since this is a special one-time post, I'll allow myself to delve into it just for a moment. I've had my problems. Everyone does. An up-and-down (No innuendo, now) depression since around the time I was 14, give or take a year. I'm 27 now, and it's still going. Especially now, these last few weeks, I've felt a real downturn. It's the reason I've been quiet. It's the reason why I didn't release anything last week. I don't think the depression will ever go away, though this episode will pass. I've accepted that, in a way, even as I work daily to improve my state of mind and my life. And writing, well, it's cathartic. It's the real reason I do this. It keeps me sane in a way that working in an office never could.

So I guess I want to round this post off by saying that.. I might be in a little trouble right now, but don't worry. I will come back. Writing is what I want and have to do. It's the only thing I -can- do.

I hope to be writing a similar post to you again in another year.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Why Erotica?

This is a question that I think is always present in my mind at a low level.

Occasionally, I try to gel with other communities of erotica writers, but it inevitably ends within a month. The reason for this, quite simply, is that I get tired very quickly of people shamelessly espousing that they are in this for the dolla dolla bills, yo. Somehow, that disgusts me.

I've tried to examine why that is, but I'm still not sure. I want to make money from this as well. Enough to live on. But really, money isn't the goal. The writing is. I know, that doesn't sound believable when I write erotica, does it? But it really is the truth. I love writing, and to have written. I have images in my mind all the time, image that I need to get out in the form of words. I also have this basic, instinctual repulsion from people who write erotica purely for the money. I believe it tarnishes a genre of writing that has enough to contend with as it is.

This post was spurred by me leaving yet another group of erotica writers. Perhaps as a testament to the motivation for their writing though, I happily noticed that it took these people many more times the titles to get the same sales that I make with my relatively modest library. I know, schadenfreude and arrogance doesn't suit anyone. I'm not perfect. But, at least, I think my motivation for writing is better and more noble.

Writing erotica and talking about being noble. I really am further up my own ass than I realize. Oh well.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Futanarium #2 Published!

Description: The Futanarium is a Futa/f compilation or bundle series of scorching erotic short stories, each one unique and exciting in its own way. There's impregnation, adultery, reluctance, devoted submissives and hints of BDSM throughout. Whether you like sweet surrender, needy romps or dominant claimings, you will find something for you in this 5-story, 40.000+ word bundle.

This bundle contains the following short stories:
A Twisted Pact
Hard Shoulder
The Grove's Gift
Prayers of Perversion

Author Notes: At last! A second bundle. I've been looking at this one coming up in my schedule for a while, and honestly I was very tempted to get it out there quicker. But... I need a bit of a back log to keep up this story a week thing. Nevertheless, I hope any new (Or old) readers enjoy the chance to pick up a bunch of my work at a reduced price.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Joygirl (Dickgirl Decorum #1) Published!

Description: Daphne Harrow runs a promotion business, and frequently works with entrepreneurs to create not just the right branding for their companies, but ensure that the environment at their business is just right. She’s the whole package. When two young women contact her to employ her services, she soon learns that they desire more than her skill at promotion, however.

She is offered an extremely lucrative contract, but there are terms she isn't immediately comfortable with. Her company needs the business, however,and her husband travels a lot. He's distant. She has needs. What harm could it really do to go along with the carnal demands laid on her if she wants the contract?

Joygirl is part 1 of the 3-part Dickgirl Decorum series, and contains 5000+ words of searing futanari sex. It details the interactions between Daphne, a young businesswoman eager to see her little company prosper and not afraid to skirt the law to see that it does, as well as two very well-endowed dickgirls, Selma and Melanie, running a successful software company. The two need someone, though. Someone to handle both marketing, and their needs.

Author Notes: I know it's such a simple thing, but I love the casual sex/fucking on a desk sort of thing. Imagine a world where it was normal to have sex while doing other things. Wouldn't that be awesome? Messy, granted, but great. Unf.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

June Publishing Schedule

June Releases:
Joygirl (Dickgirl Decorum #1) - Futanari/F, Adultery, Coercion - 1st
Futanarium #2 (Aphrodax/A Twisted Pact/Hard Shoulder/The Grove's Gift/Prayers of Perversion) - 8th
Getting Railed - Futanari/F, BDSM, Cheating, Spanking, Anal - 15th
Lost In The Wilds - Futanari/F, Breeding, Abduction, Captivity - 22nd
Enslaved - Futanari/F, Dubcon, Anal, Debt Slavery - 29th

The 4th book in the Virtual Me series will come when it comes. Unfortunately, I can't make any promises. I currently write 2 short stories a week, and that's pretty much my limit. Things never go well when I try to push for more. Thus, I can't promise that VR4 will be along soon. With luck, it will. At worst, though, it'll simply start releasing again when the 3-part Dickgirl Decorum series is over. It's my own fault that the release schedule for Virtual Me got so messed up, and now my readers suffer for it. I apologize.

Notes: May's sales stabilized, grew a bit, then stagnated. Still, I had a decent month. I had some problems with Amazon Author Central profiles in the middle of the month, but it was sorted out. Still bummed over it, though. But as an author, you're bummed every time some part of the system, not your own shortcomings, obstructs you in some way. Lesson learned, I guess!

To keep it short, what happened was that I hadn't added some of my new releases to my UK Author Central profile. For some reason, the US store also linked to the list of books on this profile, meaning that for some people it looked like I didn't release anything new for 3 weeks. Sucky, but I can only take it as a lesson learned and move on.

Overall, May was a decent month, and it's also the first month where I am genuinely making enough money that I could live off only self-publishing. It would be a deprived existence, but a living nonetheless. I'll hold off a little while before depending on it, though.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Joining The Band Published!

Description: Rod Masters and the Band are a mysterious group. They tour extensively, never taking a break for more than a week. They refuse all CD deals, preferring instead to play live for their fans in public concerts, and more intimate settings later at night. At first, Zoe doesn't understand why they do things this way. When she is taken into the back room for an interview, she quickly realizes the truth.

Zoe has wanted to become a professional musician for so long. When she is offered the chance to become one, she jumps at it. So what if it involves a little literal sucking up to the band's members? So what if the interviewing band member thought to be a woman has a massive member? It's all part of the game. When the other band members join in, it's still just an introduction ritual. Right?

Joining The Band is a 6000+ word futanari story involving gangbangs/menage sex, and the backroom dealings of a rather peculiar band of all-dickgirl musicians. It involves Zoe, petite punk girl drummer, as well as Morgan, Dawn and Josephine, the members of the band that Zoe wants to join.

Author Notes: I think everyone loves the punk/scene girls a little, don't they? I know I sure do, and it was fun to get a chance to write one, here. I also love the cover, and it was more or less what inspired me to write the story the way I did, too.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Princess Sophie Published!

Description: What do you do when a sex-crazed, pent-up orc monster has decided that you will be its next partner? Sophie, unfortunately, has little time to ponder this question. She runs, instead. Tries to get away. Tries to figure out how the world turned upside down. One moment, she was on her way to spend a night flirting with a duke's son. The next, she's in the mud with an angry and very determined greenskin.

The orcs have lived as slaves and low-class citizens for generations. The humans look down on them, and employ them as menial laborers and fodder in wars. The great majority of the greenskins can do nothing about this. Grakka's clan is one of the few that remain free. In spite of residing in the king's woods and hunting his game, they have been largely undetected so far. This relative peace has allowed them to concoct a scheme that will change the kingdom forever.

The king has but one heir. Princess Sophie. Whoever marries her, whoever sires children with her, will inherit the kingdom. If the princess was to give birth to half-orc children, what would then happen? Even if the king refused their right to inherit and called them bastards, a seed would be planted in the minds of the kingdom's greenskins. That is what the clan wants.

Grakka, egged on for weeks, fed herbs making her hyperpotent, wants nothing more than release. When she is pointed in Sophie's direction, what will happen is all but a certainty.

Princess Sophie contains 5000+ words of futanari monster erotica. It features a sex-starved orc dickgirl set loose in order to breed the naive, young princess Sophie, no matter the odds.

Author Notes: Phew, this one was actually quite hard to write. I usually have no qualms subjecting my characters to all sorts of horrible things, and what Sophie experiences could be far worse. Still, I actually felt bad for her while writing. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing in erotica.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Review & Freebie via Newsletter

Aphrodax got reviewed over at Sylvia Storm's blog. It's also the story you get for free if you sign up for my newsletter! And hey, if you just want the story for free but don't want to hear from me weekly, you could just sign up and unsubscribe immediately? I promise, I won't mind. It's more important that you get to read the story if you like.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Caught Short Published!

Description: When Shanara's journey is stopped by a cocky guard and she is not just beaten up but imprisoned, it seems as if the day can't get much worse. She was on her way to study under a new master, and because of that, she cannot yet cast magic in the new land she has arrived in. In order to win her freedom, she has to employ other, far more earthly skills than those weaving magic usually requires.

Much against her will, and certainly against what she had thought given the rough way she was handled, Shanara finds herself giving in to the guard's physical persuasiveness. She has no idea, however, that she is but a pawn in a long-running scheme. Out in the frontier, on the border, there is little room for love. Especially for prisoners. When the guard's friend joins in, Shanara learns this the hard way.

Caught Short contains 8000+ words of hard, steamy futanari sex, featuring the rather naive and impressionable elf mage Shanara and the hard-shelled human guard Avana. The two develop a sort of chemistry in spite of their relationship starting with coercion and violence, but that relationship is quickly broken down. Shanara learns a valuable lesson at the hand of two shemale human border guards.

Author Notes: I actually felt a little bad writing this. Mostly because for once, the elf isn't the superior one! But... Anyway. It's a fun little fantasy romp. I tried to give the world its set in its own little twist, but let's be honest. You're reading this for the sexytime, not for my attempts at fantasy settings.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Freebie! (Pleasure Park 6)

So. Pleasure Park 6. The Virtual Me serial. This storyline/serial, despite (in my humble opinion) being quite well-written, just isn't taking off the way I'd hoped. I'm trying to rectify that now by offering the first part for free.

So basically, I've made it free in an effort to get some oomph into the series. If that doesn't help, I'll have to end it prematurely. For now, it's simply relegated to a "write when I can" production slot. In effect this won't mean anything for now. It simply means that -if- I have to cut something in a given month, the installment of Virtual Me will be the first to go. I haven't yet had a month where I've had to cut anything, though.

You can click on the picture to the left to be taken to the book's page, and from there find links to your preferred retailer who will offer the work for free.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Another Rose (Virtual Me: Book Three) Published!

Description: Finally of age to enter the adult-themed virtual reality servers of a near-future Earth, Rose has been pushed and goaded into giving in by her employer, Michelle.

Having escaped Mona's overbearing lies and abuse, Rose is hesitant to re-enter the Pleasure Park 6 server. Only an as of yet unsatisfied hunger and the promise of a meeting with a very interesting lady keeps her interested.

Elle turns out to be very different from Mona. Not only does she have the potential to restore Rose's hope for something real to arise out of her romantic virtual reality pursuits, she has the potential to quash it entirely.

Another Rose contains 9000+ words of budding romance and heated, carnal exploration between a once-burned young woman and her potential new lover.

Author Notes: As dumb as it may be to say it about my own stories, I feel like the story doesn't really start until this installment. The real conflict is more fully introduced, and the relationships begin to develop more fully.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Prayers of Perversion Published!

Description: Relationships with other church personnel are forbidden. This does not stop the young and impetuous cleric Ea from pursuing her love of the crusader Petra. Their relationship, however, is further complicated by their subdued desire for being seen or discovered. It is a relationship headed for disaster, but neither of the two care. All that matters is the other, and their heated unions.

When Petra returns from a month-long patrol of the surrounding lands, all Ea wants is to spend the day in the crusader's arms. Her many duties and a strict abbess complicate this, to the point that she begins to question her faith. It is only at night, under cover of darkness, that the two can meet and unite. Right outside the abbess' door.

Prayers of Perversion is a 7000+ word tale of futanari/female erotic love, and the trials that this love must overcome for the two to be together. The story has it all: Creaking beds, needy and indulgent sex, exhibitionism and a priestess who knows what she wants from the more hesitant knight of her dreams.

Author Notes: While it's not something I've dealt with all that much in my stories, I really do love the taboo of relationships that aren't allowed. This story features exactly that. Forbidden love between two religious people, their troubles further increased by busy lives and a love for showing off. It was great fun to write.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

May Publishing Schedule & Your Opinion: Newsletter

First, a brief update. My titles are now available on Google Play! Check individual posts for links, if you're interested. The individual books can now be found much more easily with my swanky new books page. Anyway.

A proper newsletter may be incoming soon, but for now I'm still considering my options with regards to P.O Boxes and frequency of the newsletter. On one hand, I want to use it to alert my fans of my new work whenever it's published. On the other, I can't help but wonder if a weekly newsletter more or less just to say "Look at the new story I wrote" and not much else might be a bit too much. I don't know, and I have precious few places to get feedback.

I'm considering two models, and I would love feedback on either. In comments or mail.

One. Weekly newsletter, probably with a freebie or discounted title and the week's new release. This is good because it helps me get more eyes on a title when it's released, and it's also good because it prompts me to do more freebies/sales. Which benefits my readers! It's bad because, well, one newsletter a week. Would you feel like that'd be too spammy?

Two. Monthly newsletter, definitely with a freebie and one or more discounted titles, and both the past month's releases and the upcoming month's schedule. This is good because I won't be sending quite as many mails at people. I don't know if a weekly newsletter counts as spam, though. I'm uncertain, and that's really why I'm considering this option at all.

I'll keep pondering. Without further ado, the titles to be released in May.

May Releases:
4th: Another Rose (Virtual Me: Book Three) - Futanari/F, Submission, Oral
11th: Prayers of Perversion - Futanari/F, Clergy, Exhibitionism
18th: Caught Short - Futanari/F, Menage, Anal, Coercion
25th: Princess Sophie - Futanari/F, Monster, Dubcon, Breeding

Notes: After the hand injury I mentioned in last month's schedule and burning my finger in the middle of April, it was a bit of a struggle to catch back up on writing. As a result, my wordcount for April is not quite as impressive as I'd like, but at least I've got the stories I need done ready. And I'm also finally settling into a good groove.

On the sales front, I've seen a relatively steady increase. I'm uncertain if that's because of making Roguish Delight free earlier in the month, or just a result of having more titles out. Still a long way from making a living just from self-publishing, but it's going in the right direction. I doubt anyone's too interested in my gushing about sales and spreadsheet graph porn though, so I'll end it here. I hope May's stories are enjoyed by all. As always, check back on Sundays for specifics and links to the given story. :)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Grove's Gift Published!

Description: When the adventure is over and the price must be paid, what happens? Serya the Druid returns home to find the forest she left behind scarred. With a betrothed awaiting, she sets about restoring what was destroyed with the help of a capricious but seemingly friendly nymph. The fae are tricksters, however, and Serya is soon nothing but a pawn in her companion's schemes.

Serya knows that she has a debt to repay, and deeply desires the reward promised her for returning successful from her adventure. She wants to be fertile again, to have children with her betrothed. The road of purity and being granted her wish narrows and grows more dangerous with each passing day, until at last, there is little the druid can do.

The Grove's Gift contains over 10.000 words of delicious futanari fantasy erotica. It features the petite, noble Druid Serya who desires only to right her wrongs, to do good, and to have a child with her future husband. At her side is Anaharae the nymph, a fae bound to grant the Druid her reward, but intent on doing it in her own way. Nymphs are creatures of beauty and pleasure, and under the illusion of being a helpful friend, Anaharae soon gets her claws in Serya. How will the little Druid end up?

Author Notes: This is another story inspired by a prompt from Darknest, as well as a roleplaying partner. I feel like a lot of the notes in this story hearken back to my beginnings as a writer. Big parts of it remind me of my earlier work, all of which you can find under the Fiction Friday label above. At least in spirit. I hope the story is enjoyed!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Freebie! (A Different Prince Charming)

From now until Sunday, A Different Prince Charming will be free on Smashwords with the code below. You know those occasional free things I promise in the back of my books? This is one of those. It's also a tiny celebration that I haven't had a 0-sale day for a full month!

If you've already bought A Different Prince Charming, don't despair. I will continue to offer the occasional free book on this blog. Check back another Wednesday!

Code: RW98N

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hard Shoulder Published!

Description: When Grace discovers her boyfriend cheating on her and her temper takes over for a few minutes, the day seems as if it can't get any worse. Caught speeding home, Grace realizes that the day's sweaty, hard labors have only just begun when a pair of bored and unscrupulous policewomen wield their authority with care only for their own pleasure.

Faced with the potential of having her life ruined, Grace seems to only have one way out. She lays her future in the hands of Judy and Miah, trusting them to uphold their word and waive her charges and fines. Of course, they might very well have their own agenda for the embarrassing, hard roadside hump.

Hard Shoulder contains over 7000 words of scorching futanari contemporary erotica, featuring the petite, frustrated and temperamental Grace and two morally corrupt, insatiable policewomen, Judy and Miah. Neither of the two think twice about using the law for their own twisted benefit, and Grace can do little but accept the impressively endowed officers' advances. How will Grace wriggle her way out of their grasp?

Author Notes: Not just my first present-day story in a while, but my first menage/gangbang story in a while. It was fun to write, for sure. I seem to be writing a lot of breeding stories lately, though...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


First, brief note. Roguish Delight is now permafree on Amazon as well! It has been quite popular these last few days.

Brief note 2: A Different Prince Charming got reviewed by the wonderful Sylvia Storm!

One of my unspoken goals for this year was to sell more than I did last year. Now, granted, I only sold 160 copies of the 4 ebooks I released last year. It should seem easy to outdo that. And as it turns out, yes, it was fairly easy. In fact, the first week of April saw me sell the same amount of copies that I did in my best month in 2013. And that's awesome. The first week of April was also the week where I got to 165 sales for 2014.

Maybe Aphrodax is just that awesome, or maybe my release schedule is starting to work, or maybe I have enough of a body of work out there that I'm being found more easily... I don't know what it is, exactly. But things are going better. I'm feeling justified in this publish once a week thing. The second week of April managed to outdo the first, too. In moments of weakness, I'm allowing myself to feel vaguely optimistic about this "career."

My second goal is more ambitious and long term. It is to sell 500 copies a month by the end of the year. In order to accomplish that, I need to sell around 47 more copies each month until December is over. It means, for example, that the 81 sales of my very successful March was just a first step. This month, the goal is to end up at 127 sales. I was on target the first week with 31, and the second week of April managed to squeeze a few more sales than that out. I doubt it'll last, though.

Perhaps growing to 500 sales a month in 1 year is too ambitious for a writer who pretty much only creates work in one relatively small subgenre. Futanari, if anyone should be in doubt. Maybe it is. At any rate, even if my sales should stagnate at 30-40 a week, that's still good enough to continue paying for covers. It's not enough to live (At least not in Copenhagen), but it's something.

Might as well reach for the stars. Even if you fall short, you still got pretty far.

Oh, and, I wrote my first police story. It's coming out this Sunday. Two cops have their way with a poor girl on the side of the road. They sandwich her, and they impregnate her. It'll be delicious, give it a look.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Twisted Pact Published!

Description: Another year passes without summer finding a partner at the fertility fest. The men are afraid of her due to her magical powers. The frustration drives her home to summon a pleasure demon who might sate her lusts in place of a man. Summer, however, is still an apprentice, and the demoness she summons is far beyond her ability to control. How will she resist the succubus' allure?

Without the ability to say no, Summer fights to be released. It is a losing battle, as she finds herself driven deeper into debauchery by the demon's irresistible powers of pleasure.

A Twisted Pact contains over 9000 words of scorching futanari fantasy erotica, featuring the bookish and sexually frustrated sorceress Summer and the powerful, manipulative succubus calling herself Eliza. Seemingly at the mere desire, this demoness can modify her own body to include very impresssive male equipment, and she intends to use it to forever conquer Summer's mind. What will her fate be? Will the succubus truly be satisfied with one evening of mind-numbing lust? Read on to find out!

Author Notes: I've wanted to write a succubus story for such a long time, and honestly, I had enough fun writing this one that it probably won't be the last. In fact, I had an idea for an entire series of succubus stories. But, eh, one series/serial at a time, I guess.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rendezvous (Virtual Me: Book Two) Published!

Description: Finally of age to enter the adult-themed virtual reality servers of a near-future Earth, Rose has been pushed and goaded into giving in by her employer, Michelle. After the initial meeting with a rough, anonymous mistress who left her with a filled belly, she secretly hungers for more. Once in the claws of this supposed friend of hers, though, she learns a hard and long lesson.

Rendezvous is the second installment of the Virtual Me serial by Maria N. Lang, continuing the carnal and conflicting ride through both the real and virtual world, into the arms of someone Rose had never imagined herself being with.

Rendezvous contains 10000+ words of scorching futanari sci-fi erotica, featuring the naive and easily-lead Rose, as well as an rough, dark-minded futanari woman who guides Rose according to her own wishes.

Author Notes: What is there really to say, here? I'm quite curious about the reception of this second part of the serial due to a perhaps slightly dumb twist that I decided to go with. It should lead to some interesting developments further down the line, though. Overall, I just hope the sales of this serial pick up a bit soon. Maybe they won't until I pack it all up to sell in one go. Oh well.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Releases and Other Things

For the few, dedicated fans out there, I wanted to bring out a release schedule for the month. Since I can't run a newsletter just yet, this will simply have to do as a replacement for now. I'll probably also use these release schedule posts as an opportunity to briefly ramble about how the past month has been.

April Releases:

Rendezvous (Virtual Me 2) - 6th
A Twisted Pact (Futa/F succubus/mind control short story)- 13th
Hard Shoulder (Futa/F menage/breeding short story) - 20th
The Grove's Gift (Futa/F breeding fantasy erotica short story) - 27th

Notes: Due to a break from writing for the last week caused by an injured hand, I haven't been able to finish the fourth title for April just yet. On the positive side, maintaining a month's backlog of stories has allowed me to keep publishing in spite of being out the game for a good week. It feels like I'm finally doing better now, though. I expect I'll pick up writing again today or tomorrow, and then settle back into my schedule. I'll update this post with the final title for April once it's hammered out. In case anyone cares. :p

In other news, March was my best month ever for sales so far. And contained my best weeks, too. I don't want to gush too much since I know nobody but me really cares, but March more than doubled February's sales. It more than doubled my previous best month's sales, actually. I'll still need to sell 10 times what I did in March to live off this, but this is a great first step. I keep this graph of monthly sales, and after I plugged in March's numbers, everything else just flattened. With some luck, even March's pillar will be flattened before the year is out. :) As it is, though, I'm very satisfied with 80 sales. I doubt April will be quite as strong, but I can hope.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Aphrodax Published!

Description: Jacqueline thinks she has landed a cushy job directing a drug trial. Little does she realize that the experiments that her subjects go through are soon to be tested on her, when her mysterious employer appears and changes the way the game is played. Soon, Jacqueline is restrained and made to endure concentrated, mind-altering pleasure. Will she even want to return to her old self?

Shady ethics, harsh conditions and betrayal that had all been bubbling under the surface of an otherwise clean operation come to a head in this intense short story when it is revealed far too late what the truth is.

Aphrodax contains over 5000 words of scorching futanari sci-fi erotica, featuring the outwardly controlled but increasingly desperate project leader Jacqueline James, as well as an unknown, irresistible futanari (A woman, except with male equipment between her legs) who intends to make Jacqueline's life much simpler than the career woman wants. Can she do anything against the drug she designed herself? Read on to find out!

Author Notes: This story was written to a story prompt on Darknest, and I ended up liking it so much that I just had to publish it. The positive feedback I received from my first readers makes me fairly certain it'll be well-liked. :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Had A Plan Once

Once, I planned to write a post at least once a week for this blog. I picked the regular day and time more or less at random. It was Wednesday, 2:00 PM. Publishing and random ranty posts started to build around that, until I was posting new stuff every other day. Every day, a few times. And you know what? Most of it was complete crap. What do I really have to tell anyone of value? Not a lot, honestly. What works for me may very well not work for others. Besides, what matters in the end is the writing, right?

So I guess some small part of "the plan" is changing again. No more regular posts. Well, except for on Sundays when a new story is released. 

It's not that I have nothing to say. I probably could've had 2 months worth of blog posts scheduled right now if I was still going for that. But really, I feel like I have the basics of the craft figured out, now. I have a decent workflow. I am by no means done learning as a writer, nor will I ever be, but what I need to learn is personal and no one benefits from me writing about it here. No more ranting about wordcounts or random people.

Just my publishing. Whatever I release, and whatever is related to it. I considered talking about sales now and then, but that's really not interesting to anyone but me, either. I mean, I could write a super excited post about last week's sales being super high, highest ever so far, but that's sort of irrelevant for anyone else. So I won't. But I'm still really happy, because the sales -were- great. For me. 23 in one week. That's over 3 a day! That's huge, for me. Then again, my calculations say that I'll need at least 18-20 sales a day to make a living off my self-pub. It's a big step, but the road is long. I won't keep rambling.

Maybe I should do a monthly post about what stories are coming for the month? I'll consider it, at least. Maybe someone out there will appreciate knowing what's coming. I doubt I have people on the edge of their seats for a new Maria N. Lang release, but maybe someone will think "That sounds interesting, I'll totally buy that on the date and help Maria's rankings." 

Anyway. Thank you, readers, for sticking with me. At least you can expect less bullshit now, eh?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pleasure Park 6 (Virtual Me: Book One) Published!

This book is now FREE!

Description: Finally of age to enter the adult-themed virtual reality servers of a near-future Earth, Rose has been pushed and goaded into giving in by her employer, Michelle. After the initial, overwhelming rush of experience, she flees into a glory hole establishment and soon finds herself in the rough but well-versed hands of an unknown, well-endowed suitor. The first night on the Pleasure Park series of servers becomes one Rose will not easily forget, and one she will feel conflicted about for a long time to come.

Pleasure Park 6 is the first installment of the Virtual Me serial by Maria N. Lang, kicking off a carnal and conflicting ride through both the real and virtual world, into the arms of someone Rose had never imagined herself being with.

Pleasure Park 6 contains 9000+ words of scorching futanari sci-fi erotica, featuring the naive and easily-lead Rose, as well as an unknown, intriguing futanari (A woman, except with male equipment between her legs) woman who guides her partner from reluctance to willingness.

Author Notes: My first foray into serial/series content. It's a test, and definitely not the last series I'll be doing either. As of right now, I'm still not sure how long the Virtual Me story will be, but there'll easily be enough material for 5 releases, and then a gathering up of the individual pieces to one novel-length release at the end. Which, of course, will also cost less.

So, if you're a value-conscious shopper, you should probably wait the couple months for that to happen! But you definitely can't wait, because the story is awesome. You should totally buy it now. This story marks the first of my newer material being published, and you definitely want to get in on the ground floor. It's going to be an awesome couple of months, I tell you.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Commission Update, Again!

After some talking back and forth with a few trusted friends, I realized that what I was offering still wasn't really what it needed to be. So here we go, a second, and hopefully final change to commissions for the time being.

Two rates:

You keep the rights to everything written. What you do with it once it is written is entirely in your hands. You have all rights to the work, and it will be yours until copyright runs out. Which will be way after you're dead and gone. Point is, it's 100% yours to keep to yourself or strew around as you please.

10$ for the entire work:
This is a token payment. You give me a suggestion, vague or relatively specific, and I write it. It's for your entertainment, and perhaps to challenge me and what I write a little. Bear in mind that I'm not writing a novel for 10$, we're still talking short stories and novellas.

I will send you the story upon completion, and I will otherwise keep it to myself for a full month. I retain full and exclusive rights to the story, and keep it to myself as a courtesy to you. This means that you are not allowed to profit off the story, nor make it available at any retailer or at any public place on the internet. Once the month is over, I will publish the story if I wish to and find it suitable, or I will keep it to myself.

Of course, if you really really want a story written but can't come up with 10$, then... I don't know, try contacting me anyway. Maybe we can work something out, or I'll like your idea so much that I'll write it anyway. You never know!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Futanarium #1 Published!

Smashwords | Amazon US (UK) | B&N | iBooks | Kobo | Google Play

Description: The Futanarium is a Futa/f compilation or bundle series of scorching erotic short stories, each one unique and exciting in its own way. There's impregnation, adultery, reluctance, devoted submissives and an uppity princess getting hers. Whether you like sweet surrender, needy romps or dominant claimings, you will find something for you in this 5-story, 40.000+ word bundle.

This bundle contains the following short stories:
A Different Prince Charming
Brought Back
Cheating in the Caribbean
Roguish Delight
Solon's Maiden

Author Notes: What can I say. This is for those (And I know there are at least a few) who have waited for me to bundle my work so they can get it on the cheap. This first bundle consists of the above 5 Futa/F stories, and as such the 4,99$ total price works out to just under 1$ per story. A reduction of over 2$ per story. I think it's a fairly good introductory deal. It's meant to be, anyway.

I plan for upcoming bundles to be 3 stories apiece, instead. Whether you, reader, believe me or not, this is honestly not something I have decided from a monetary perspective. Rather, it's a question of easing my release schedule a little, and also a question of making my stories available at a reduced price more often. Granted, not as reduced as this, but I will then every now and again gather 9 stories up into a bigger bundle where the price per story will be the same as this 5-story bundle.

I won't keep rambling. I hope the bundle is enjoyed. I love the 3D cover, personally, even if Smashwords wouldn't accept it. Silliness. Anyway, happy reading!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Apology to RSS Readers

I'm currently republishing all of my work from Smashwords to Direct2Digital, and as a result actually getting it into stores (Nook, Kobo, iTunes/iBooks/whatever). As the book show up, I'm editing the original "Published!" posts with the links. I'm told that pings people with an RSS feed. You have my apology.

It should be done with relatively soon, and you can then go back to the regular, far more shallow stream of updates.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Highbrow Erotica Literary Discussion

21:29 - Nymirra: Also, my vocabulary is finally starting to get back to what it was!
21:29 - Nymirra: Just this week, I re-added splatter, splurt and jizz.
21:29 - Nymirra: All important words.
21:30 - AerieD: How did you miss jizz the first time!
21:30 - Nymirra: Well.
21:30 - Nymirra: I don't know.
21:30 - Nymirra: I don't go around actively maintaining my vocabulary of synonyms for semen.
21:31 - Nymirra: That, plus I just like "seed."
21:31 - AerieD: Tsk. Excuses!
21:33 - AerieD: I have a fondness for 'fucksludge'. Although baby batter is good too!
21:33 - Nymirra: I only use babybatter very occasionally.
21:33 - Nymirra: But I do use it.
21:33 - Nymirra: Fucksludge, not so much.
21:33 - Nymirra: I don't like describing it as sludge.
21:33 - Nymirra: That implies it's throwaway crap, to me. And it definitely isn't.
21:39 - AerieD: I don't think sludge implies that. That's more like slurry. Sludge gives it a sort of slow thickness to it, implying filth too. And filth is good.
21:39 - Nymirra: When you say sludge, I think of mud.
21:40 - AerieD: I prefer it to the more lighthearted stuff like 'cockpudding'
21:40 - Nymirra: I'd never use cockpudding.
21:40 - Nymirra: That's... That sort of makes me think someone chopped up dicks and used them in pudding.
21:40 - AerieD: Haha
21:41 - Nymirra: But then, not being English, I have an unclear image of what pudding is. Or if you could make pudding with chopped dick.
21:42 - Nymirra: But I will rethink my opinion on using "sludge" to describe seed.
21:42 - Nymirra: It may not be as bad as I thought.
21:42 - Nymirra: And words you can staple cock in front of or behind are usually good.
21:42 - Nymirra: Fucksludge.
21:42 - Nymirra: Just like I like powerfuck.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Roguish Delight Published!

This book is now FREE!

Description: For Mylene, moving to the city was meant to be a new start. It was meant to be the beginning of a new and bright future. Flimsy plans survive contact with reality even less than well-laid plans, and so Mylene soon finds herself penniless, lost, and naive to much of the world. A once promising life is changed in less than an hour, when she meets Anita.

Roguish Delight is an erotic short story. It explores the brief, rough meeting between the naive and self-centered Mylene, and the more cunning Anita, out for her own pleasure only. Things speed towards a pounding conclusion and a sticky end, with an upcoming 18-year commitment for Mylene.

This story contains a futanari woman pairing with a regular woman. A Futanari, or a dickgirl, is a woman. She sounds like a woman, she looks like a woman, she smells and tastes just like a women. She's just a woman with a fully functioning cock and balls.

Author Notes: So, this is another older story that I've polished up a bit. When I read over it myself, I felt like the writing was from a period where I was, to be honest, a better writer than I am now. Perhaps that isn't true, but the long break I had from writing somewhere along the line really too its toll on my abilities.

It's only now, after over 100.000 words written since my several years of break, that I begin to feel like I'm approaching my old glory days. I'm not there yet, but releasing something like this gives me hope, in a sense. It tells me that I'm almost there.

Roguish Delight isn't a particularly long story, but I had excellent feedback from it. I obviously highly recommend that you get it.