Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dark Lust: A Sample

Phew. Somehow, this time of year always ends up coming as a surprise, doesn't it? You expect it to be a holiday, a time to relax, but it never really is. It's an inferno of gifts, family, food and traveling. The time to relax, that always ends up being tomorrow. The day no one plans to do anything on.

So here's my new year's gift to you, blog reader. A little something you might lazily spend some of tomorrow on. The first 2000 words of the first part of the upcoming series.

This is from when the story was incomplete, when even the first episode was not done, from before it was proofed or anything. You are seeing the words as they were when I first wrote them. If you should find the passage interesting, keep in mind that the series will start coming out in the latter part of January. I hope you enjoy.

Sample removed to comply with the Kindle Select terms and agreements. Sorry if you didn't catch it in time! To read samples of my work, you can either utilize Amazon's Look Inside feature, or check back periodically. Samples are typically posted here 4 days before a story is published, and then removed on the day of publication.


  1. Just bought all 3 bundles and both D*ckgirl Decorum's. I can't wait for the third one! Love your fantastic works Maria!

    1. Thank you! It's always so good to hear from people who like my work. :) It will unfortunately be a while until the third and concluding part of the DD series, but it -will- be concluded. Have a lovely newyear's!