Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Stories. Stories! STORIES!

As I write this, a few days earlier than when it will be released (I have a final project to turn in, don't hate), I'm quite sick. That sucks, but in a way, it's also why I want to do one of the things I'll talk about here.

Story Schedule: In the past, I was on a rather heavy schedule of 1 story a week, plus whatever commission work I had. Some might scoff at that. 1 story a week, pfh. But in the end, everyone functions best at different levels. Along with a bunch of real life trouble, I ended up simply wildly overestimating my own productivity. So... From now on, I will release one story every 2-4 weeks. I'll endeavor to make it every 2 weeks, but at least for now, I have commission work to catch up on, and more importantly, the below.

Story Backlog: I used to have one of these. And then, for various reasons and over time, it evaporated. That, really, was the nail in the coffin. Coupled with me being a binge writer, I quite simply need to place more of an emphasis on having a backlog of stories. Yes, this means that my releases will be slower, but it also means that they will be steady. When life strikes again, like right now where I'm sick, I won't just fall off the edge of the earth. There'll still be a new story at the minimum every month.

So, this is the new thing. The new promise. 1 story from Maria a month, EVERY month. And yeah, sometimes every 2 weeks, when I can. It'll take months to build up a steady backlog, so I'm afraid people will have to be a bit patient until I have that built up.

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