Sunday, May 11, 2014

Caught Short Published!

Description: When Shanara's journey is stopped by a cocky guard and she is not just beaten up but imprisoned, it seems as if the day can't get much worse. She was on her way to study under a new master, and because of that, she cannot yet cast magic in the new land she has arrived in. In order to win her freedom, she has to employ other, far more earthly skills than those weaving magic usually requires.

Much against her will, and certainly against what she had thought given the rough way she was handled, Shanara finds herself giving in to the guard's physical persuasiveness. She has no idea, however, that she is but a pawn in a long-running scheme. Out in the frontier, on the border, there is little room for love. Especially for prisoners. When the guard's friend joins in, Shanara learns this the hard way.

Caught Short contains 8000+ words of hard, steamy futanari sex, featuring the rather naive and impressionable elf mage Shanara and the hard-shelled human guard Avana. The two develop a sort of chemistry in spite of their relationship starting with coercion and violence, but that relationship is quickly broken down. Shanara learns a valuable lesson at the hand of two shemale human border guards.

Author Notes: I actually felt a little bad writing this. Mostly because for once, the elf isn't the superior one! But... Anyway. It's a fun little fantasy romp. I tried to give the world its set in its own little twist, but let's be honest. You're reading this for the sexytime, not for my attempts at fantasy settings.

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