Saturday, May 3, 2014

Prayers of Perversion Published!

Description: Relationships with other church personnel are forbidden. This does not stop the young and impetuous cleric Ea from pursuing her love of the crusader Petra. Their relationship, however, is further complicated by their subdued desire for being seen or discovered. It is a relationship headed for disaster, but neither of the two care. All that matters is the other, and their heated unions.

When Petra returns from a month-long patrol of the surrounding lands, all Ea wants is to spend the day in the crusader's arms. Her many duties and a strict abbess complicate this, to the point that she begins to question her faith. It is only at night, under cover of darkness, that the two can meet and unite. Right outside the abbess' door.

Prayers of Perversion is a 7000+ word tale of futanari/female erotic love, and the trials that this love must overcome for the two to be together. The story has it all: Creaking beds, needy and indulgent sex, exhibitionism and a priestess who knows what she wants from the more hesitant knight of her dreams.

Author Notes: While it's not something I've dealt with all that much in my stories, I really do love the taboo of relationships that aren't allowed. This story features exactly that. Forbidden love between two religious people, their troubles further increased by busy lives and a love for showing off. It was great fun to write.

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