Wednesday, April 30, 2014

May Publishing Schedule & Your Opinion: Newsletter

First, a brief update. My titles are now available on Google Play! Check individual posts for links, if you're interested. The individual books can now be found much more easily with my swanky new books page. Anyway.

A proper newsletter may be incoming soon, but for now I'm still considering my options with regards to P.O Boxes and frequency of the newsletter. On one hand, I want to use it to alert my fans of my new work whenever it's published. On the other, I can't help but wonder if a weekly newsletter more or less just to say "Look at the new story I wrote" and not much else might be a bit too much. I don't know, and I have precious few places to get feedback.

I'm considering two models, and I would love feedback on either. In comments or mail.

One. Weekly newsletter, probably with a freebie or discounted title and the week's new release. This is good because it helps me get more eyes on a title when it's released, and it's also good because it prompts me to do more freebies/sales. Which benefits my readers! It's bad because, well, one newsletter a week. Would you feel like that'd be too spammy?

Two. Monthly newsletter, definitely with a freebie and one or more discounted titles, and both the past month's releases and the upcoming month's schedule. This is good because I won't be sending quite as many mails at people. I don't know if a weekly newsletter counts as spam, though. I'm uncertain, and that's really why I'm considering this option at all.

I'll keep pondering. Without further ado, the titles to be released in May.

May Releases:
4th: Another Rose (Virtual Me: Book Three) - Futanari/F, Submission, Oral
11th: Prayers of Perversion - Futanari/F, Clergy, Exhibitionism
18th: Caught Short - Futanari/F, Menage, Anal, Coercion
25th: Princess Sophie - Futanari/F, Monster, Dubcon, Breeding

Notes: After the hand injury I mentioned in last month's schedule and burning my finger in the middle of April, it was a bit of a struggle to catch back up on writing. As a result, my wordcount for April is not quite as impressive as I'd like, but at least I've got the stories I need done ready. And I'm also finally settling into a good groove.

On the sales front, I've seen a relatively steady increase. I'm uncertain if that's because of making Roguish Delight free earlier in the month, or just a result of having more titles out. Still a long way from making a living just from self-publishing, but it's going in the right direction. I doubt anyone's too interested in my gushing about sales and spreadsheet graph porn though, so I'll end it here. I hope May's stories are enjoyed by all. As always, check back on Sundays for specifics and links to the given story. :)

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