Sunday, December 14, 2014

New Stories

So, in between semi-porny posts and explanations about what I'll do for the future, I thought it might be time to not what I intend to do regarding stories. Right now, I have 5 stories out that aren't in a Futanarium bundle. They will be bundled so that they are, and released some time soon. I'd like to do it before Christmas, but having changed computers between my last release and now, I may or may not need to spend a bunch of time setting template stuff up again, which could delay it.

Following that, I have a fantasy erotica series of 5 parts planned. I will begin releasing this in January, and will release one part every 2 weeks. I'll be upfront about things, since I may as well. That'll be 5 short stories in about 2½ months. Pretty slow release schedule. But behind the scenes, I will be using that time for 3 things. Completing the fantasy erotica series, writing more short stories, and more importantly, fulfilling outstanding commissions. The goal is to write at a level that keeps me sane and publishing, and also gaining time to finish the aforementioned commissions.

#1: Write & Publish parts 1-5 of fantasy series.
#2: Fulfill commission work.
#3: Write more series & short stories.

So, if you're looking for something to give yourself as a gift this year, Futanarium #3 could be it! And if you're some sort of mega-fan who already has all my work, well, at least there'll be new stuff coming in 2015.

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