Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dark Lust: A Sample

Phew. Somehow, this time of year always ends up coming as a surprise, doesn't it? You expect it to be a holiday, a time to relax, but it never really is. It's an inferno of gifts, family, food and traveling. The time to relax, that always ends up being tomorrow. The day no one plans to do anything on.

So here's my new year's gift to you, blog reader. A little something you might lazily spend some of tomorrow on. The first 2000 words of the first part of the upcoming series.

This is from when the story was incomplete, when even the first episode was not done, from before it was proofed or anything. You are seeing the words as they were when I first wrote them. If you should find the passage interesting, keep in mind that the series will start coming out in the latter part of January. I hope you enjoy.

Sample removed to comply with the Kindle Select terms and agreements. Sorry if you didn't catch it in time! To read samples of my work, you can either utilize Amazon's Look Inside feature, or check back periodically. Samples are typically posted here 4 days before a story is published, and then removed on the day of publication.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Fetish Friday #3

Click the Show/hide button to see the image. It is hidden because, well, I don't want people to come to this blog and then be assaulted by porn. There might be people around!

This is unfortunately one of those images I don't have a source for. When I write scenes with anal, it's not uncommon for this to be one of the inspiring images. It isn't the only one, certainly, but it's up there.

And happy winter-time holiday period of the year that I know Christmas isn't a good term for anymore! I hope yours was a good one. Mine was. Family, presents, babies behaving as decently as babies can.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Small Things

If you read my work, you probably know I don't write a lot about small things.


Okay, but really. After getting back into writing again for realsies, a wonderful thing has started happening again. Ideas. Ideas are happening. They just come trickling, almost no matter what I do. Stories bubble and appear in my mind. It's such a great feeling to have that back.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday, and enjoys the upcoming holiday times.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Futanarium #3 Published!

Description: The Futanarium is a series of Futa/f bundles containing sizzling sex and hard fucking. The bundle contains five erotic short stories, each one unique and exciting in its own way. Whether you like BDSM, gangbangs, cheating, anal, reluctance, breeding or something else, you'll find it in one of these stories. Live the lives, however briefly, of the lucky ladies, and find excitement in the forbidden things they experience and endure. Whether you like sweet surrender, needy romps or dominant claimings, you will find something for you in this 5-story, 40.000+ word bundle.

This bundle contains the following short stories:
Caught Short
Getting Railed
Joining The Band
Lost In The Wilds
Princess Sophie

Author Notes: While I know that it might not be super exciting in terms of new content, a new bundle is at least -something- new. It's something to tide us over while I produce new stuff in the background. I expect that there'll be another bundle (A 10-story bundle, Futanarium #1 and #2 put together with $1 knocked off the price) a little into January to help get me over the exam period. And then, we'll launch into new stories!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Fetish Friday #2

Click the Show/hide button to see the image. It is hidden because, well, I don't want people to come to this blog and then be assaulted by porn. There might be (other) people around!

This is an image by InCase. It was posted publicly on his blog and hentai-foundry account. It's but one version of many, and I encourage you to go find the rest of them. They're all a little different, and with their own charms. InCase is, in general, a really great artist.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Stories. Stories! STORIES!

As I write this, a few days earlier than when it will be released (I have a final project to turn in, don't hate), I'm quite sick. That sucks, but in a way, it's also why I want to do one of the things I'll talk about here.

Story Schedule: In the past, I was on a rather heavy schedule of 1 story a week, plus whatever commission work I had. Some might scoff at that. 1 story a week, pfh. But in the end, everyone functions best at different levels. Along with a bunch of real life trouble, I ended up simply wildly overestimating my own productivity. So... From now on, I will release one story every 2-4 weeks. I'll endeavor to make it every 2 weeks, but at least for now, I have commission work to catch up on, and more importantly, the below.

Story Backlog: I used to have one of these. And then, for various reasons and over time, it evaporated. That, really, was the nail in the coffin. Coupled with me being a binge writer, I quite simply need to place more of an emphasis on having a backlog of stories. Yes, this means that my releases will be slower, but it also means that they will be steady. When life strikes again, like right now where I'm sick, I won't just fall off the edge of the earth. There'll still be a new story at the minimum every month.

So, this is the new thing. The new promise. 1 story from Maria a month, EVERY month. And yeah, sometimes every 2 weeks, when I can. It'll take months to build up a steady backlog, so I'm afraid people will have to be a bit patient until I have that built up.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

New Stories

So, in between semi-porny posts and explanations about what I'll do for the future, I thought it might be time to not what I intend to do regarding stories. Right now, I have 5 stories out that aren't in a Futanarium bundle. They will be bundled so that they are, and released some time soon. I'd like to do it before Christmas, but having changed computers between my last release and now, I may or may not need to spend a bunch of time setting template stuff up again, which could delay it.

Following that, I have a fantasy erotica series of 5 parts planned. I will begin releasing this in January, and will release one part every 2 weeks. I'll be upfront about things, since I may as well. That'll be 5 short stories in about 2½ months. Pretty slow release schedule. But behind the scenes, I will be using that time for 3 things. Completing the fantasy erotica series, writing more short stories, and more importantly, fulfilling outstanding commissions. The goal is to write at a level that keeps me sane and publishing, and also gaining time to finish the aforementioned commissions.

#1: Write & Publish parts 1-5 of fantasy series.
#2: Fulfill commission work.
#3: Write more series & short stories.

So, if you're looking for something to give yourself as a gift this year, Futanarium #3 could be it! And if you're some sort of mega-fan who already has all my work, well, at least there'll be new stuff coming in 2015.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Fetish Friday #1

Fanfiction Friday, except in a new incarnation! I don't really write enough stuff to be freely available to make the category relevant on its own, so we're going to take things in another direction. I'm going to share images and gifs that inspire me during writing. Hopefully this series will also provide a little fun during the lull of me writing stuff to be published (And fulfilling commissions desperately in need of being filled).

Where possible, I'll provide a source. If I can't find one, but you know it, please comment and I will add it post-haste. Also, most of this stuff will not be safe for work. But then, with the covers, this site already isn't safe for work. Without further ado, the first in this series!

This is a gif made made from part (Well, 2 parts, really) of one of the many great scenes in Miro's "Girlfriends 4 Ever" flash movie. There aren't that many good futanari animations out there, but this is definitely one of them. I won't lie, the dialogue (Which is almost exclusively at the beginning, from what I recall) is pretty porny and occasionally painful, but I'm sure I'm the only person in the universe that cares about that sort of thing. Everyone else is busy looking at the goods on display. I suppose I am too, except for me, a lot of it helps visualization. Basically, my writing is me trying to describe the scenes that play in my head when I imagine a story. Which is the main reason why something like this helps with writing.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

On Series & Stand-alones

Last week, I mentioned that I would begin focusing on writing series instead of stand-alone short stories. I'll explain a little more about that today, and also provide a little information on the upcoming series at the end.

So, when I first started writing, there were several factors that kept me away from writing series:

First, having been around some writers that treated writing erotica in a very mercenary way, mirroring stories and generally just focusing on the money to the exclusion of all else, I wanted to move away from that. I saw a series as a cheap way to draw readers in, because humans have a natural need to finish things.

If you've started a series (or just one book), you will want to finish it. Even if it isn't the best thing you've ever read. That made writing series feel manipulative. This is, in the end, hogwash. Not that we want to finish things, but that it's necessarily bad. We just come to care about characters and want to see what happens to them.

Second, I feared that either I or readers would get bored of writing a series, and either or both would end up disappointed. When I instead wrote a large amount of varied stand-alone stories, I tried to appeal to as many subsets of readers as I could, forgetting of course that if they only like one or a few of my stories, I'm doing them a disservice anyway. In some sense.

What actually ended up happening, of course, was that I only wrote on a given series once a month, and therefore had a lot of trouble making them flow naturally. I had to get into the story again all over every time I wrote them.

Third, I felt there was some value in exploring more characters, settings and stories in general. There is, to be sure, but I very often felt hampered by the length that I had to stick to in each story. Multiple stories I've written almost begged, in my mind, for a sequel. And perhaps more. But I moved on. I wanted to appeal to more people. I wanted to never get bored.

What I've learned after considering these opinions is that, well, I was focusing too much on the downsides of series, real or imagined, and not giving myself a chance to see what I could do if I actually focused on a series. There's also the unavoidable fact that readers like series. I don't think there's any shame in writing what readers like. Anything else inevitably leads to useless navel-gazing. So, to conclude: I will be trying out writing series for now. At least for a few months. And if the glove fits, I'll continue. If it doesn't, I'll try something else.

The first series I'll try will be fantasy-erotica with a solid story to go along with it. With fantasy comes magic, and in this world, at least in this particular place and for the people I'll be writing of, magic and the ability to wield it is connected with sex. The story will, as is par for the course with me, be Futa/F. Right now, I have no idea how many installments there'll be. That depends on where the story goes as I write, to some degree. And it depends on reader response.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Flame Off, Flame On

Phew. So, what happened? I'll write a little on the matter for the benefit of those interested.

Right when I was burning the brightest, I flamed out. It was a culmination of a lot of things, I think. Debt, months of pressure, uncertain living conditions... A bunch of stuff. I just caved, and completely shut off the writing side of myself for a good while. And I did this, of course, while I was in the middle of rising. Admittedly July was worse than June, but even so. I was selling an amount of stories a month that amounted to ridiculous (for me). Something tantalizingly close to what I could live off.

I've let down readers and commissioners, and I've also let down myself. I tried to do too much, for too long. Writing became a chore instead of something I loved. Not because I was writing too much, at all, but because of the pressure I was under with real life. It -had- to succeed. And in a lot of respects, it did. But I couldn't quite carry the weight personally.

So, here we are. I have an education to see to for the next year and a half at least. I have a steady living for that time too, at least. I've found the passion for writing I had, but this time, I won't be writing to live, I'll be writing because I love doing it. And when or if I should ever get to live off writing, I won't be starting from nothing.

There won't be weekly stories, at least not for now. It's something I'll re-evaluate every now and again. The next time will likely be after this semester's exams in January. But, for now, my focus is a healthy balance, catching up on commissioned work, and releasing a modest 1 story a month. I should like to release more eventually, but commissioned work will come first.

I stumbled and fell, but rose and dusted myself off again. Hopefully I've taken a few lessons with me from this incident.

1) Commissions will be shut down. I will finish the current work, and will from then on, for the foreseeable future, not take on further work. Perhaps in the future, short work will be a possibility.

2) I will be focusing more on writing series, likely to the near-exclusion of stand-alone work. I'll write a more in-depth blog post on this topic in the near future.

3) Fighting for my financial life is not conducive to a good writing environment. My finances are taken care of for a year and a half, for now, but what the future brings is, of course, hard to tell. In any case, I will supplement with temp work and the like in future rather than madly try to stay purely a writer.

4) Rather than 1 story a week, as said above, I will instead commit to a minimum of 1 story a month. This is likely also something I'll write a separate blog post about.

5) I let my back log of stories dissipate, and didn't have enough writing time to build it back up again. For writing to be sustainable for me, this can't happen. This is the main reason for point 1, and a big contributing reason for 4. I'll write more about this in the same blog post that point 4 will be expanded on.