Friday, December 12, 2014

Fetish Friday #1

Fanfiction Friday, except in a new incarnation! I don't really write enough stuff to be freely available to make the category relevant on its own, so we're going to take things in another direction. I'm going to share images and gifs that inspire me during writing. Hopefully this series will also provide a little fun during the lull of me writing stuff to be published (And fulfilling commissions desperately in need of being filled).

Where possible, I'll provide a source. If I can't find one, but you know it, please comment and I will add it post-haste. Also, most of this stuff will not be safe for work. But then, with the covers, this site already isn't safe for work. Without further ado, the first in this series!

This is a gif made made from part (Well, 2 parts, really) of one of the many great scenes in Miro's "Girlfriends 4 Ever" flash movie. There aren't that many good futanari animations out there, but this is definitely one of them. I won't lie, the dialogue (Which is almost exclusively at the beginning, from what I recall) is pretty porny and occasionally painful, but I'm sure I'm the only person in the universe that cares about that sort of thing. Everyone else is busy looking at the goods on display. I suppose I am too, except for me, a lot of it helps visualization. Basically, my writing is me trying to describe the scenes that play in my head when I imagine a story. Which is the main reason why something like this helps with writing.

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