Sunday, May 25, 2014

Joining The Band Published!

Description: Rod Masters and the Band are a mysterious group. They tour extensively, never taking a break for more than a week. They refuse all CD deals, preferring instead to play live for their fans in public concerts, and more intimate settings later at night. At first, Zoe doesn't understand why they do things this way. When she is taken into the back room for an interview, she quickly realizes the truth.

Zoe has wanted to become a professional musician for so long. When she is offered the chance to become one, she jumps at it. So what if it involves a little literal sucking up to the band's members? So what if the interviewing band member thought to be a woman has a massive member? It's all part of the game. When the other band members join in, it's still just an introduction ritual. Right?

Joining The Band is a 6000+ word futanari story involving gangbangs/menage sex, and the backroom dealings of a rather peculiar band of all-dickgirl musicians. It involves Zoe, petite punk girl drummer, as well as Morgan, Dawn and Josephine, the members of the band that Zoe wants to join.

Author Notes: I think everyone loves the punk/scene girls a little, don't they? I know I sure do, and it was fun to get a chance to write one, here. I also love the cover, and it was more or less what inspired me to write the story the way I did, too.

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