Sunday, June 1, 2014

Joygirl (Dickgirl Decorum #1) Published!

Description: Daphne Harrow runs a promotion business, and frequently works with entrepreneurs to create not just the right branding for their companies, but ensure that the environment at their business is just right. She’s the whole package. When two young women contact her to employ her services, she soon learns that they desire more than her skill at promotion, however.

She is offered an extremely lucrative contract, but there are terms she isn't immediately comfortable with. Her company needs the business, however,and her husband travels a lot. He's distant. She has needs. What harm could it really do to go along with the carnal demands laid on her if she wants the contract?

Joygirl is part 1 of the 3-part Dickgirl Decorum series, and contains 5000+ words of searing futanari sex. It details the interactions between Daphne, a young businesswoman eager to see her little company prosper and not afraid to skirt the law to see that it does, as well as two very well-endowed dickgirls, Selma and Melanie, running a successful software company. The two need someone, though. Someone to handle both marketing, and their needs.

Author Notes: I know it's such a simple thing, but I love the casual sex/fucking on a desk sort of thing. Imagine a world where it was normal to have sex while doing other things. Wouldn't that be awesome? Messy, granted, but great. Unf.

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