Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Releases and Other Things

For the few, dedicated fans out there, I wanted to bring out a release schedule for the month. Since I can't run a newsletter just yet, this will simply have to do as a replacement for now. I'll probably also use these release schedule posts as an opportunity to briefly ramble about how the past month has been.

April Releases:

Rendezvous (Virtual Me 2) - 6th
A Twisted Pact (Futa/F succubus/mind control short story)- 13th
Hard Shoulder (Futa/F menage/breeding short story) - 20th
The Grove's Gift (Futa/F breeding fantasy erotica short story) - 27th

Notes: Due to a break from writing for the last week caused by an injured hand, I haven't been able to finish the fourth title for April just yet. On the positive side, maintaining a month's backlog of stories has allowed me to keep publishing in spite of being out the game for a good week. It feels like I'm finally doing better now, though. I expect I'll pick up writing again today or tomorrow, and then settle back into my schedule. I'll update this post with the final title for April once it's hammered out. In case anyone cares. :p

In other news, March was my best month ever for sales so far. And contained my best weeks, too. I don't want to gush too much since I know nobody but me really cares, but March more than doubled February's sales. It more than doubled my previous best month's sales, actually. I'll still need to sell 10 times what I did in March to live off this, but this is a great first step. I keep this graph of monthly sales, and after I plugged in March's numbers, everything else just flattened. With some luck, even March's pillar will be flattened before the year is out. :) As it is, though, I'm very satisfied with 80 sales. I doubt April will be quite as strong, but I can hope.

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