Thursday, June 26, 2014

Darknest: A Dark Fantasy Anthology

This is a bit of a milestone for me. I'm participating in my first multi-author bundle! All of the authors in this bundle come from the same little corner of the internet that I do. A site called Darknest. It started out as a hub of all things related to WoW erotica. Stories, art, screenshot manipulation, ads for people to find partners, but has since expanded into a bunch of other online games. It's a regular old community now, though WoW is still it's main thing.

In the many years since Darknest started, it has gone through multiple sets of owners and moderators, yet the community has endured and, for the most part, grown stronger and stronger. This bundle is a way for the participating authors to pay a little back to the place where most of them started posting their stories. As such, all profit (Until a certain limit that I don't expect we'll hit) generated from the bundle goes towards Darknest's upkeep.

The bundle contains one of my stories, A Different Prince Charming, and 6 other stories. There's even USA Today bestselling authors in there. I'm in fine company. Anyway, the shared theme is dark erotica, though the specifics vary. There are orcs, shifters, demons and more. I should note, as well, that the only Futa/F story in the bundle is mine. Just a heads up to my very loyal readers who prefer that particular niche.

If the bundle looks interesting to you, pick it up! It's cheap, and great value. Heck, even if you only want it for one of the stories in there, it's cheaper than getting that story on its own. And even if you don't want to spend the money, but think the bundle looks interesting, please consider sharing its launch with your friends. A good launch means everything for these sorts of bundles. :)

I'll be back this Sunday with this week's release, Lost In The Wilds.

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