Sunday, March 30, 2014

Aphrodax Published!

Description: Jacqueline thinks she has landed a cushy job directing a drug trial. Little does she realize that the experiments that her subjects go through are soon to be tested on her, when her mysterious employer appears and changes the way the game is played. Soon, Jacqueline is restrained and made to endure concentrated, mind-altering pleasure. Will she even want to return to her old self?

Shady ethics, harsh conditions and betrayal that had all been bubbling under the surface of an otherwise clean operation come to a head in this intense short story when it is revealed far too late what the truth is.

Aphrodax contains over 5000 words of scorching futanari sci-fi erotica, featuring the outwardly controlled but increasingly desperate project leader Jacqueline James, as well as an unknown, irresistible futanari (A woman, except with male equipment between her legs) who intends to make Jacqueline's life much simpler than the career woman wants. Can she do anything against the drug she designed herself? Read on to find out!

Author Notes: This story was written to a story prompt on Darknest, and I ended up liking it so much that I just had to publish it. The positive feedback I received from my first readers makes me fairly certain it'll be well-liked. :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Had A Plan Once

Once, I planned to write a post at least once a week for this blog. I picked the regular day and time more or less at random. It was Wednesday, 2:00 PM. Publishing and random ranty posts started to build around that, until I was posting new stuff every other day. Every day, a few times. And you know what? Most of it was complete crap. What do I really have to tell anyone of value? Not a lot, honestly. What works for me may very well not work for others. Besides, what matters in the end is the writing, right?

So I guess some small part of "the plan" is changing again. No more regular posts. Well, except for on Sundays when a new story is released. 

It's not that I have nothing to say. I probably could've had 2 months worth of blog posts scheduled right now if I was still going for that. But really, I feel like I have the basics of the craft figured out, now. I have a decent workflow. I am by no means done learning as a writer, nor will I ever be, but what I need to learn is personal and no one benefits from me writing about it here. No more ranting about wordcounts or random people.

Just my publishing. Whatever I release, and whatever is related to it. I considered talking about sales now and then, but that's really not interesting to anyone but me, either. I mean, I could write a super excited post about last week's sales being super high, highest ever so far, but that's sort of irrelevant for anyone else. So I won't. But I'm still really happy, because the sales -were- great. For me. 23 in one week. That's over 3 a day! That's huge, for me. Then again, my calculations say that I'll need at least 18-20 sales a day to make a living off my self-pub. It's a big step, but the road is long. I won't keep rambling.

Maybe I should do a monthly post about what stories are coming for the month? I'll consider it, at least. Maybe someone out there will appreciate knowing what's coming. I doubt I have people on the edge of their seats for a new Maria N. Lang release, but maybe someone will think "That sounds interesting, I'll totally buy that on the date and help Maria's rankings." 

Anyway. Thank you, readers, for sticking with me. At least you can expect less bullshit now, eh?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pleasure Park 6 (Virtual Me: Book One) Published!

This book is now FREE!

Description: Finally of age to enter the adult-themed virtual reality servers of a near-future Earth, Rose has been pushed and goaded into giving in by her employer, Michelle. After the initial, overwhelming rush of experience, she flees into a glory hole establishment and soon finds herself in the rough but well-versed hands of an unknown, well-endowed suitor. The first night on the Pleasure Park series of servers becomes one Rose will not easily forget, and one she will feel conflicted about for a long time to come.

Pleasure Park 6 is the first installment of the Virtual Me serial by Maria N. Lang, kicking off a carnal and conflicting ride through both the real and virtual world, into the arms of someone Rose had never imagined herself being with.

Pleasure Park 6 contains 9000+ words of scorching futanari sci-fi erotica, featuring the naive and easily-lead Rose, as well as an unknown, intriguing futanari (A woman, except with male equipment between her legs) woman who guides her partner from reluctance to willingness.

Author Notes: My first foray into serial/series content. It's a test, and definitely not the last series I'll be doing either. As of right now, I'm still not sure how long the Virtual Me story will be, but there'll easily be enough material for 5 releases, and then a gathering up of the individual pieces to one novel-length release at the end. Which, of course, will also cost less.

So, if you're a value-conscious shopper, you should probably wait the couple months for that to happen! But you definitely can't wait, because the story is awesome. You should totally buy it now. This story marks the first of my newer material being published, and you definitely want to get in on the ground floor. It's going to be an awesome couple of months, I tell you.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Commission Update, Again!

After some talking back and forth with a few trusted friends, I realized that what I was offering still wasn't really what it needed to be. So here we go, a second, and hopefully final change to commissions for the time being.

Two rates:

You keep the rights to everything written. What you do with it once it is written is entirely in your hands. You have all rights to the work, and it will be yours until copyright runs out. Which will be way after you're dead and gone. Point is, it's 100% yours to keep to yourself or strew around as you please.

10$ for the entire work:
This is a token payment. You give me a suggestion, vague or relatively specific, and I write it. It's for your entertainment, and perhaps to challenge me and what I write a little. Bear in mind that I'm not writing a novel for 10$, we're still talking short stories and novellas.

I will send you the story upon completion, and I will otherwise keep it to myself for a full month. I retain full and exclusive rights to the story, and keep it to myself as a courtesy to you. This means that you are not allowed to profit off the story, nor make it available at any retailer or at any public place on the internet. Once the month is over, I will publish the story if I wish to and find it suitable, or I will keep it to myself.

Of course, if you really really want a story written but can't come up with 10$, then... I don't know, try contacting me anyway. Maybe we can work something out, or I'll like your idea so much that I'll write it anyway. You never know!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Futanarium #1 Published!

Smashwords | Amazon US (UK) | B&N | iBooks | Kobo | Google Play

Description: The Futanarium is a Futa/f compilation or bundle series of scorching erotic short stories, each one unique and exciting in its own way. There's impregnation, adultery, reluctance, devoted submissives and an uppity princess getting hers. Whether you like sweet surrender, needy romps or dominant claimings, you will find something for you in this 5-story, 40.000+ word bundle.

This bundle contains the following short stories:
A Different Prince Charming
Brought Back
Cheating in the Caribbean
Roguish Delight
Solon's Maiden

Author Notes: What can I say. This is for those (And I know there are at least a few) who have waited for me to bundle my work so they can get it on the cheap. This first bundle consists of the above 5 Futa/F stories, and as such the 4,99$ total price works out to just under 1$ per story. A reduction of over 2$ per story. I think it's a fairly good introductory deal. It's meant to be, anyway.

I plan for upcoming bundles to be 3 stories apiece, instead. Whether you, reader, believe me or not, this is honestly not something I have decided from a monetary perspective. Rather, it's a question of easing my release schedule a little, and also a question of making my stories available at a reduced price more often. Granted, not as reduced as this, but I will then every now and again gather 9 stories up into a bigger bundle where the price per story will be the same as this 5-story bundle.

I won't keep rambling. I hope the bundle is enjoyed. I love the 3D cover, personally, even if Smashwords wouldn't accept it. Silliness. Anyway, happy reading!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Apology to RSS Readers

I'm currently republishing all of my work from Smashwords to Direct2Digital, and as a result actually getting it into stores (Nook, Kobo, iTunes/iBooks/whatever). As the book show up, I'm editing the original "Published!" posts with the links. I'm told that pings people with an RSS feed. You have my apology.

It should be done with relatively soon, and you can then go back to the regular, far more shallow stream of updates.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Highbrow Erotica Literary Discussion

21:29 - Nymirra: Also, my vocabulary is finally starting to get back to what it was!
21:29 - Nymirra: Just this week, I re-added splatter, splurt and jizz.
21:29 - Nymirra: All important words.
21:30 - AerieD: How did you miss jizz the first time!
21:30 - Nymirra: Well.
21:30 - Nymirra: I don't know.
21:30 - Nymirra: I don't go around actively maintaining my vocabulary of synonyms for semen.
21:31 - Nymirra: That, plus I just like "seed."
21:31 - AerieD: Tsk. Excuses!
21:33 - AerieD: I have a fondness for 'fucksludge'. Although baby batter is good too!
21:33 - Nymirra: I only use babybatter very occasionally.
21:33 - Nymirra: But I do use it.
21:33 - Nymirra: Fucksludge, not so much.
21:33 - Nymirra: I don't like describing it as sludge.
21:33 - Nymirra: That implies it's throwaway crap, to me. And it definitely isn't.
21:39 - AerieD: I don't think sludge implies that. That's more like slurry. Sludge gives it a sort of slow thickness to it, implying filth too. And filth is good.
21:39 - Nymirra: When you say sludge, I think of mud.
21:40 - AerieD: I prefer it to the more lighthearted stuff like 'cockpudding'
21:40 - Nymirra: I'd never use cockpudding.
21:40 - Nymirra: That's... That sort of makes me think someone chopped up dicks and used them in pudding.
21:40 - AerieD: Haha
21:41 - Nymirra: But then, not being English, I have an unclear image of what pudding is. Or if you could make pudding with chopped dick.
21:42 - Nymirra: But I will rethink my opinion on using "sludge" to describe seed.
21:42 - Nymirra: It may not be as bad as I thought.
21:42 - Nymirra: And words you can staple cock in front of or behind are usually good.
21:42 - Nymirra: Fucksludge.
21:42 - Nymirra: Just like I like powerfuck.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Roguish Delight Published!

This book is now FREE!

Description: For Mylene, moving to the city was meant to be a new start. It was meant to be the beginning of a new and bright future. Flimsy plans survive contact with reality even less than well-laid plans, and so Mylene soon finds herself penniless, lost, and naive to much of the world. A once promising life is changed in less than an hour, when she meets Anita.

Roguish Delight is an erotic short story. It explores the brief, rough meeting between the naive and self-centered Mylene, and the more cunning Anita, out for her own pleasure only. Things speed towards a pounding conclusion and a sticky end, with an upcoming 18-year commitment for Mylene.

This story contains a futanari woman pairing with a regular woman. A Futanari, or a dickgirl, is a woman. She sounds like a woman, she looks like a woman, she smells and tastes just like a women. She's just a woman with a fully functioning cock and balls.

Author Notes: So, this is another older story that I've polished up a bit. When I read over it myself, I felt like the writing was from a period where I was, to be honest, a better writer than I am now. Perhaps that isn't true, but the long break I had from writing somewhere along the line really too its toll on my abilities.

It's only now, after over 100.000 words written since my several years of break, that I begin to feel like I'm approaching my old glory days. I'm not there yet, but releasing something like this gives me hope, in a sense. It tells me that I'm almost there.

Roguish Delight isn't a particularly long story, but I had excellent feedback from it. I obviously highly recommend that you get it.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Commissions Update

Pricing has changed! Jubilations! $10 per 1000 words!

Okay, let me explain. Previously, in order for it to make sense for me to spend time on commissions, I had to charge a price that was a bit high for many. $0,03 per word, which runs up to $30 per 1000 words and $150 for your average 5000 word short story. People hesitate to pay that much for commissioned pictures at times, so I can understand how they'd hesitate to commission me.

So now, price and circumstances have changed. The price has been lowered to $0,01 per word, or a much more manageable $50 for the above-mentioned average 5000 word short. The difference is, I now retain full rights to what I write for you. In other words, the commission is done for your entertainment, and you're free to share it with friends and the like, but I retain full and exclusive publishing rights. This means that I can make back the money I "lose" by lowering commission prices via ebook sales. Basically, you pay less now, and I recoup the loss over a longer period of time.

Now, if you don't fancy this arrangement, the old $0,03/word rate is still available and will ensure that what is written is yours exclusively. I try to cater to all needs and desires. Except the ones I don't. You can see which on the commissions page.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What am I doing with this blog?

I sometimes ask myself that question, and lately, it has occurred to me that I write way too much compared to what I have to say, and compared, perhaps, to what I -should- say. Looking back at the time since I got back into things in February, I have been spitting out blog posts like crazy. And I think, at times, it was just about chasing clicks and views that didn't mean anything. It's like chasing likes on reddit or imgur. An ultimately pointless obsession that people nevertheless go nuts over.

So, I suppose what I'm saying is that I think I'll just calm down with the blog a bit. Sure, it was started as a sort of diary, but that isn't really its function anymore. It's half about preaching (Which I shouldn't be doing), and half about my new releases. It's an odd blend that doesn't work. So, I'm going to just calm down and post about what I publish. And if I really feel like I have something to post about other than writing and releasing stories, then I'll write an entry about it. But that'll be it.

To summarize: Expect fewer blog posts, but blog posts about stuff that actually matters. Book releases, stuff to do with me writing things that will be released.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Importance of Fans

I am by no means some writing guru. Anyone who has read this blog before (The few of you) will know this. I can certainly direct anyone who wants direction to several excellent blogs from people I'd consider my gurus, to the extent that having gurus is useful and healthy. But that's not what this blog is about.

This blog is about something I've come to learn about self-publishing online. Something that I don't think people new to the world of self-publishing ever really get told. It gets lost amid all the torrents of information that you struggle to absorb. A fanbase. All the self-publishing authors I've talked to had a fanbase when they started. Some had massive amounts of fans, some, like me, probably only had fans numbering in the tens. It doesn't matter.

The commonality is there. All the self-pub authors I talk to on Darknest, for example, had fanbases before they started publishing on Amazon and Smashwords and all the other places you can publish. Some larger than others, but the mere fact that they had people that were aware of them before they started publishing, people who loved their stories, helped.

This is the blog entry of an author who failed self-publishing: Blog.

It's quite a long read, but I think it's illuminating. Someone without friends in the self-publishing world, without online fans (Thank you Darknest and Hentai-Foundry for mine) failed in a competitive genre with fairly cluttered and bad covers. Shocker. This post isn't to harp on about the importance of good covers, though.

It's actually to say that I finally found out what fanfiction is really good for. It improves your writing as you do it, sure. But if you keep at it, you build a fanbase. However small, those fans will help you with the tiniest of kicks in self-publishing, and those tiny kicks are sometimes all you need to rake in a few sales from non-fans, who may then decide to buy the next thing you publish. And the next. Which will bring in a few more people, who'll also buy... You see where this is going.

Starting from absolute zero, you don't have this. So, what's the little bit of advice I can throw into the self-publishing pot? Spend a little time building a fanbase. Find a site to upload your stuff to where people can and will read it. Sure, you won't be making any money off it, but when you do start self-publishing, your fans will be worth more than the 2 sales you'd make a month otherwise.

And to the few fans I have that read this blog: Thanks for sticking with me for so long. I'm astonished to learn, in the occasional email or private message on Darknest, of people who have read my stories and waited for more for years. And you keep waiting. I still can't really get over the fact that -I- have fans.

Thank you.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Solon's Maiden Review

Just a brief note. I got reviewed! By the wonderful Sylvie Storm. You can find her review of Solon's Maiden here: Link.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Becoming His Published

Description: Elisabeth is a trained assassin. At least, she is until the fateful night where she finally meets the man she cannot bring herself to kill, forcing her to re-evaluate her life. Who is Darren really? And can this man help her get her life back on track? Can someone who has killed for a living ever really trust another human being again?

This story contains 25.000+ words of hot BDSM romance with a focus on building trust and budding love, featuring Darren, accountant and partner in a BDSM club and Elisabeth, former assassin with a troubled past.

Author Notes: I wrote Becoming His during July 2013, so it has been a long time coming through the pre-publishing process. Part of this is due to the time it took to proof and edit, part of it is due to the almost complete blackout I had from self-publishing until the early parts of February 2014.

It was a difficult story to write. Partly because I had to sit inside during a really warm summer, partly because I hadn't really gotten into a good process with regards to writing. It ended up feeling like a struggle a lot of the time, though the final product doesn't reflect this. I've had positive feedback on the story from everyone who has helped proof, edit and beta-read.

I hope the story is enjoyed by readers. As usual, readers of the blog will get a chance at the story for free for 1 week, until the 9th of March 2014. Use the following code on Smashwords to get the full story for free.

Code: CR57M

Saturday, March 1, 2014

This Tuesday

This Tuesday, I will be starting at a trainee position. It doesn't pay well, and it'll eat 1½ hours a day in transport. It could have been much worse than that, though. The place I thought I would be a trainee at was 1½ hours each way. I try to look at it as an upside, anyway. What I wanted to say, though, was simply that it's likely that my writing will slow down some, now. I'll only be able to write in the evenings and weekends.

Writing is a craft that you need to practice to get better at, and I suppose I'll simply have to take a more long-term view of things, for now. Maybe when I'm done in 2, 2½ years I will be able to make a living off writing. I know that I can't not write, at least. Whether I live off it or not.

On another note, I ended up writing just over 40.000 words this February. Almost half of those are in a fantasy erotica novel/novella, some is in a virtual reality (erotica) serial, some is in commission work... Point is, my goal was 35k words in February, and I went over that despite not writing for 11 out of the month's 28 days. Go me. We'll see if I can keep that up with a new job coming up. At least I have the first part of that serial as backup if writing goes to hell in March and I don't produce anything publishable.