Wednesday, April 30, 2014

May Publishing Schedule & Your Opinion: Newsletter

First, a brief update. My titles are now available on Google Play! Check individual posts for links, if you're interested. The individual books can now be found much more easily with my swanky new books page. Anyway.

A proper newsletter may be incoming soon, but for now I'm still considering my options with regards to P.O Boxes and frequency of the newsletter. On one hand, I want to use it to alert my fans of my new work whenever it's published. On the other, I can't help but wonder if a weekly newsletter more or less just to say "Look at the new story I wrote" and not much else might be a bit too much. I don't know, and I have precious few places to get feedback.

I'm considering two models, and I would love feedback on either. In comments or mail.

One. Weekly newsletter, probably with a freebie or discounted title and the week's new release. This is good because it helps me get more eyes on a title when it's released, and it's also good because it prompts me to do more freebies/sales. Which benefits my readers! It's bad because, well, one newsletter a week. Would you feel like that'd be too spammy?

Two. Monthly newsletter, definitely with a freebie and one or more discounted titles, and both the past month's releases and the upcoming month's schedule. This is good because I won't be sending quite as many mails at people. I don't know if a weekly newsletter counts as spam, though. I'm uncertain, and that's really why I'm considering this option at all.

I'll keep pondering. Without further ado, the titles to be released in May.

May Releases:
4th: Another Rose (Virtual Me: Book Three) - Futanari/F, Submission, Oral
11th: Prayers of Perversion - Futanari/F, Clergy, Exhibitionism
18th: Caught Short - Futanari/F, Menage, Anal, Coercion
25th: Princess Sophie - Futanari/F, Monster, Dubcon, Breeding

Notes: After the hand injury I mentioned in last month's schedule and burning my finger in the middle of April, it was a bit of a struggle to catch back up on writing. As a result, my wordcount for April is not quite as impressive as I'd like, but at least I've got the stories I need done ready. And I'm also finally settling into a good groove.

On the sales front, I've seen a relatively steady increase. I'm uncertain if that's because of making Roguish Delight free earlier in the month, or just a result of having more titles out. Still a long way from making a living just from self-publishing, but it's going in the right direction. I doubt anyone's too interested in my gushing about sales and spreadsheet graph porn though, so I'll end it here. I hope May's stories are enjoyed by all. As always, check back on Sundays for specifics and links to the given story. :)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Grove's Gift Published!

Description: When the adventure is over and the price must be paid, what happens? Serya the Druid returns home to find the forest she left behind scarred. With a betrothed awaiting, she sets about restoring what was destroyed with the help of a capricious but seemingly friendly nymph. The fae are tricksters, however, and Serya is soon nothing but a pawn in her companion's schemes.

Serya knows that she has a debt to repay, and deeply desires the reward promised her for returning successful from her adventure. She wants to be fertile again, to have children with her betrothed. The road of purity and being granted her wish narrows and grows more dangerous with each passing day, until at last, there is little the druid can do.

The Grove's Gift contains over 10.000 words of delicious futanari fantasy erotica. It features the petite, noble Druid Serya who desires only to right her wrongs, to do good, and to have a child with her future husband. At her side is Anaharae the nymph, a fae bound to grant the Druid her reward, but intent on doing it in her own way. Nymphs are creatures of beauty and pleasure, and under the illusion of being a helpful friend, Anaharae soon gets her claws in Serya. How will the little Druid end up?

Author Notes: This is another story inspired by a prompt from Darknest, as well as a roleplaying partner. I feel like a lot of the notes in this story hearken back to my beginnings as a writer. Big parts of it remind me of my earlier work, all of which you can find under the Fiction Friday label above. At least in spirit. I hope the story is enjoyed!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Freebie! (A Different Prince Charming)

From now until Sunday, A Different Prince Charming will be free on Smashwords with the code below. You know those occasional free things I promise in the back of my books? This is one of those. It's also a tiny celebration that I haven't had a 0-sale day for a full month!

If you've already bought A Different Prince Charming, don't despair. I will continue to offer the occasional free book on this blog. Check back another Wednesday!

Code: RW98N

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hard Shoulder Published!

Description: When Grace discovers her boyfriend cheating on her and her temper takes over for a few minutes, the day seems as if it can't get any worse. Caught speeding home, Grace realizes that the day's sweaty, hard labors have only just begun when a pair of bored and unscrupulous policewomen wield their authority with care only for their own pleasure.

Faced with the potential of having her life ruined, Grace seems to only have one way out. She lays her future in the hands of Judy and Miah, trusting them to uphold their word and waive her charges and fines. Of course, they might very well have their own agenda for the embarrassing, hard roadside hump.

Hard Shoulder contains over 7000 words of scorching futanari contemporary erotica, featuring the petite, frustrated and temperamental Grace and two morally corrupt, insatiable policewomen, Judy and Miah. Neither of the two think twice about using the law for their own twisted benefit, and Grace can do little but accept the impressively endowed officers' advances. How will Grace wriggle her way out of their grasp?

Author Notes: Not just my first present-day story in a while, but my first menage/gangbang story in a while. It was fun to write, for sure. I seem to be writing a lot of breeding stories lately, though...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


First, brief note. Roguish Delight is now permafree on Amazon as well! It has been quite popular these last few days.

Brief note 2: A Different Prince Charming got reviewed by the wonderful Sylvia Storm!

One of my unspoken goals for this year was to sell more than I did last year. Now, granted, I only sold 160 copies of the 4 ebooks I released last year. It should seem easy to outdo that. And as it turns out, yes, it was fairly easy. In fact, the first week of April saw me sell the same amount of copies that I did in my best month in 2013. And that's awesome. The first week of April was also the week where I got to 165 sales for 2014.

Maybe Aphrodax is just that awesome, or maybe my release schedule is starting to work, or maybe I have enough of a body of work out there that I'm being found more easily... I don't know what it is, exactly. But things are going better. I'm feeling justified in this publish once a week thing. The second week of April managed to outdo the first, too. In moments of weakness, I'm allowing myself to feel vaguely optimistic about this "career."

My second goal is more ambitious and long term. It is to sell 500 copies a month by the end of the year. In order to accomplish that, I need to sell around 47 more copies each month until December is over. It means, for example, that the 81 sales of my very successful March was just a first step. This month, the goal is to end up at 127 sales. I was on target the first week with 31, and the second week of April managed to squeeze a few more sales than that out. I doubt it'll last, though.

Perhaps growing to 500 sales a month in 1 year is too ambitious for a writer who pretty much only creates work in one relatively small subgenre. Futanari, if anyone should be in doubt. Maybe it is. At any rate, even if my sales should stagnate at 30-40 a week, that's still good enough to continue paying for covers. It's not enough to live (At least not in Copenhagen), but it's something.

Might as well reach for the stars. Even if you fall short, you still got pretty far.

Oh, and, I wrote my first police story. It's coming out this Sunday. Two cops have their way with a poor girl on the side of the road. They sandwich her, and they impregnate her. It'll be delicious, give it a look.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Twisted Pact Published!

Description: Another year passes without summer finding a partner at the fertility fest. The men are afraid of her due to her magical powers. The frustration drives her home to summon a pleasure demon who might sate her lusts in place of a man. Summer, however, is still an apprentice, and the demoness she summons is far beyond her ability to control. How will she resist the succubus' allure?

Without the ability to say no, Summer fights to be released. It is a losing battle, as she finds herself driven deeper into debauchery by the demon's irresistible powers of pleasure.

A Twisted Pact contains over 9000 words of scorching futanari fantasy erotica, featuring the bookish and sexually frustrated sorceress Summer and the powerful, manipulative succubus calling herself Eliza. Seemingly at the mere desire, this demoness can modify her own body to include very impresssive male equipment, and she intends to use it to forever conquer Summer's mind. What will her fate be? Will the succubus truly be satisfied with one evening of mind-numbing lust? Read on to find out!

Author Notes: I've wanted to write a succubus story for such a long time, and honestly, I had enough fun writing this one that it probably won't be the last. In fact, I had an idea for an entire series of succubus stories. But, eh, one series/serial at a time, I guess.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rendezvous (Virtual Me: Book Two) Published!

Description: Finally of age to enter the adult-themed virtual reality servers of a near-future Earth, Rose has been pushed and goaded into giving in by her employer, Michelle. After the initial meeting with a rough, anonymous mistress who left her with a filled belly, she secretly hungers for more. Once in the claws of this supposed friend of hers, though, she learns a hard and long lesson.

Rendezvous is the second installment of the Virtual Me serial by Maria N. Lang, continuing the carnal and conflicting ride through both the real and virtual world, into the arms of someone Rose had never imagined herself being with.

Rendezvous contains 10000+ words of scorching futanari sci-fi erotica, featuring the naive and easily-lead Rose, as well as an rough, dark-minded futanari woman who guides Rose according to her own wishes.

Author Notes: What is there really to say, here? I'm quite curious about the reception of this second part of the serial due to a perhaps slightly dumb twist that I decided to go with. It should lead to some interesting developments further down the line, though. Overall, I just hope the sales of this serial pick up a bit soon. Maybe they won't until I pack it all up to sell in one go. Oh well.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Releases and Other Things

For the few, dedicated fans out there, I wanted to bring out a release schedule for the month. Since I can't run a newsletter just yet, this will simply have to do as a replacement for now. I'll probably also use these release schedule posts as an opportunity to briefly ramble about how the past month has been.

April Releases:

Rendezvous (Virtual Me 2) - 6th
A Twisted Pact (Futa/F succubus/mind control short story)- 13th
Hard Shoulder (Futa/F menage/breeding short story) - 20th
The Grove's Gift (Futa/F breeding fantasy erotica short story) - 27th

Notes: Due to a break from writing for the last week caused by an injured hand, I haven't been able to finish the fourth title for April just yet. On the positive side, maintaining a month's backlog of stories has allowed me to keep publishing in spite of being out the game for a good week. It feels like I'm finally doing better now, though. I expect I'll pick up writing again today or tomorrow, and then settle back into my schedule. I'll update this post with the final title for April once it's hammered out. In case anyone cares. :p

In other news, March was my best month ever for sales so far. And contained my best weeks, too. I don't want to gush too much since I know nobody but me really cares, but March more than doubled February's sales. It more than doubled my previous best month's sales, actually. I'll still need to sell 10 times what I did in March to live off this, but this is a great first step. I keep this graph of monthly sales, and after I plugged in March's numbers, everything else just flattened. With some luck, even March's pillar will be flattened before the year is out. :) As it is, though, I'm very satisfied with 80 sales. I doubt April will be quite as strong, but I can hope.