Wednesday, April 16, 2014


First, brief note. Roguish Delight is now permafree on Amazon as well! It has been quite popular these last few days.

Brief note 2: A Different Prince Charming got reviewed by the wonderful Sylvia Storm!

One of my unspoken goals for this year was to sell more than I did last year. Now, granted, I only sold 160 copies of the 4 ebooks I released last year. It should seem easy to outdo that. And as it turns out, yes, it was fairly easy. In fact, the first week of April saw me sell the same amount of copies that I did in my best month in 2013. And that's awesome. The first week of April was also the week where I got to 165 sales for 2014.

Maybe Aphrodax is just that awesome, or maybe my release schedule is starting to work, or maybe I have enough of a body of work out there that I'm being found more easily... I don't know what it is, exactly. But things are going better. I'm feeling justified in this publish once a week thing. The second week of April managed to outdo the first, too. In moments of weakness, I'm allowing myself to feel vaguely optimistic about this "career."

My second goal is more ambitious and long term. It is to sell 500 copies a month by the end of the year. In order to accomplish that, I need to sell around 47 more copies each month until December is over. It means, for example, that the 81 sales of my very successful March was just a first step. This month, the goal is to end up at 127 sales. I was on target the first week with 31, and the second week of April managed to squeeze a few more sales than that out. I doubt it'll last, though.

Perhaps growing to 500 sales a month in 1 year is too ambitious for a writer who pretty much only creates work in one relatively small subgenre. Futanari, if anyone should be in doubt. Maybe it is. At any rate, even if my sales should stagnate at 30-40 a week, that's still good enough to continue paying for covers. It's not enough to live (At least not in Copenhagen), but it's something.

Might as well reach for the stars. Even if you fall short, you still got pretty far.

Oh, and, I wrote my first police story. It's coming out this Sunday. Two cops have their way with a poor girl on the side of the road. They sandwich her, and they impregnate her. It'll be delicious, give it a look.

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