Sunday, March 30, 2014

Aphrodax Published!

Description: Jacqueline thinks she has landed a cushy job directing a drug trial. Little does she realize that the experiments that her subjects go through are soon to be tested on her, when her mysterious employer appears and changes the way the game is played. Soon, Jacqueline is restrained and made to endure concentrated, mind-altering pleasure. Will she even want to return to her old self?

Shady ethics, harsh conditions and betrayal that had all been bubbling under the surface of an otherwise clean operation come to a head in this intense short story when it is revealed far too late what the truth is.

Aphrodax contains over 5000 words of scorching futanari sci-fi erotica, featuring the outwardly controlled but increasingly desperate project leader Jacqueline James, as well as an unknown, irresistible futanari (A woman, except with male equipment between her legs) who intends to make Jacqueline's life much simpler than the career woman wants. Can she do anything against the drug she designed herself? Read on to find out!

Author Notes: This story was written to a story prompt on Darknest, and I ended up liking it so much that I just had to publish it. The positive feedback I received from my first readers makes me fairly certain it'll be well-liked. :)

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