Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Where The *Bleep* Is Maria?

I disappeared again, and I apologize for that. The simple truth is, a bunch of educational and financial worries got me down in a major way, just as it felt like depression was lightening. I can only say that in a few days, I will know for sure whether my life will be orderly, or thrown into a chaos of simultaneously having no money and no place to live. I obviously hope for the former rather than the latter, but I just don't know, right now. It has been impossible for me to focus, and the summer heatwave hasn't made this easier.

This isn't a very cheery post, and I apologize for that. I'll update on my situation when I can, (In a few days, to a week) and... Rest assured, those still following: There will be more stories published. More futanari for the people! I'm just not quite sure when it'll happen, for now.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pleasuregirl (Dickgirl Decorum #2) Published!

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Description: Daphne Harrow signed a contract with the Kistner sisters, a contract that will see her ailing marketing company ascend to comparatively dizzying heights. She is to be paid $5000 a week, and as it turns out, she only has to do the most minor of secretarial work. Her skills at promotion, her sharp mind, all seem irrelevant in the face of unsatisfied lust.

The Kistner sisters quite clearly do not need her help with their business, but they do want her there for other services. Perhaps the rumors of Daphne's willingness to indulge on shady business when it comes to arranging festivities for other companies preceded her? Who knows. All that Daphne can be certain of is that the sisters need her very dearly to alleviate pent up frustration. It will not be an easy first day in her new position, but she is determined to keep the contract going.

Pleasuregirl is part 2 of the 3-part Dickgirl Decorum series, and contains 6000+ words of rough futanari sex. It details the interactions between Daphne, a young businesswoman eager to see her little company prosper and not afraid to skirt the law to see that it does, as well as two very well-endowed dickgirls, Selma and Melanie, running a successful software company.

Author Notes: The middle of a series always feels a little weird, doesn't it? Settling what was started in the first part, leading up to what'll happen in the last. I can't say that this title doesn't do a little of that, but it does so sexily. And that's the best way to lead up to things.