Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lost In The Wilds Published!

Description: When Milena the scout is discovered by the elves she is spying on, they do not kill her. Instead, they capture her and bring her back to the clan's village, a secret home for the beleaguered elven race. Contrary to what the young woman has been brought up to believe, the elves are not monsters. The huntress who captured her, however, does have some very specific plans...

Very quickly, Milena learns of the new elven society, so very different from the ruins of the society she has seen in the south. Up north, beyond the mountains, the elves have mixed their previous, refined culture with something approaching noble barbarism, and the result is spectacular. For the young scout, at least, the meeting with the clan, and Strana, becomes a turning point.

Lost In The Wilds contains almost 10.000 words of sweltering hot futanari erotica, involving impregnation, voyeurism, interracial and a whole host of other delicious things. While it is set in a world after the disaster for the elves, they manage to live on, and even prosper in a new way. Strana, the majestic elven huntress who gets her hands on Milena, young human scout, shows the girl that glory first hand.

Author Notes: Wow, I just... I loved writing this. Loved, loved, loved. I can only hope that you, my readers, will like this as much as I did and do. I won't spoil any more than what the description already does, but if you love my fantasy erotica stuff, this is pretty much a must. In my opinion, of course!

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