Wednesday, May 28, 2014

June Publishing Schedule

June Releases:
Joygirl (Dickgirl Decorum #1) - Futanari/F, Adultery, Coercion - 1st
Futanarium #2 (Aphrodax/A Twisted Pact/Hard Shoulder/The Grove's Gift/Prayers of Perversion) - 8th
Getting Railed - Futanari/F, BDSM, Cheating, Spanking, Anal - 15th
Lost In The Wilds - Futanari/F, Breeding, Abduction, Captivity - 22nd
Enslaved - Futanari/F, Dubcon, Anal, Debt Slavery - 29th

The 4th book in the Virtual Me series will come when it comes. Unfortunately, I can't make any promises. I currently write 2 short stories a week, and that's pretty much my limit. Things never go well when I try to push for more. Thus, I can't promise that VR4 will be along soon. With luck, it will. At worst, though, it'll simply start releasing again when the 3-part Dickgirl Decorum series is over. It's my own fault that the release schedule for Virtual Me got so messed up, and now my readers suffer for it. I apologize.

Notes: May's sales stabilized, grew a bit, then stagnated. Still, I had a decent month. I had some problems with Amazon Author Central profiles in the middle of the month, but it was sorted out. Still bummed over it, though. But as an author, you're bummed every time some part of the system, not your own shortcomings, obstructs you in some way. Lesson learned, I guess!

To keep it short, what happened was that I hadn't added some of my new releases to my UK Author Central profile. For some reason, the US store also linked to the list of books on this profile, meaning that for some people it looked like I didn't release anything new for 3 weeks. Sucky, but I can only take it as a lesson learned and move on.

Overall, May was a decent month, and it's also the first month where I am genuinely making enough money that I could live off only self-publishing. It would be a deprived existence, but a living nonetheless. I'll hold off a little while before depending on it, though.

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