Sunday, December 21, 2014

Futanarium #3 Published!

Description: The Futanarium is a series of Futa/f bundles containing sizzling sex and hard fucking. The bundle contains five erotic short stories, each one unique and exciting in its own way. Whether you like BDSM, gangbangs, cheating, anal, reluctance, breeding or something else, you'll find it in one of these stories. Live the lives, however briefly, of the lucky ladies, and find excitement in the forbidden things they experience and endure. Whether you like sweet surrender, needy romps or dominant claimings, you will find something for you in this 5-story, 40.000+ word bundle.

This bundle contains the following short stories:
Caught Short
Getting Railed
Joining The Band
Lost In The Wilds
Princess Sophie

Author Notes: While I know that it might not be super exciting in terms of new content, a new bundle is at least -something- new. It's something to tide us over while I produce new stuff in the background. I expect that there'll be another bundle (A 10-story bundle, Futanarium #1 and #2 put together with $1 knocked off the price) a little into January to help get me over the exam period. And then, we'll launch into new stories!

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