Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Why Erotica?

This is a question that I think is always present in my mind at a low level.

Occasionally, I try to gel with other communities of erotica writers, but it inevitably ends within a month. The reason for this, quite simply, is that I get tired very quickly of people shamelessly espousing that they are in this for the dolla dolla bills, yo. Somehow, that disgusts me.

I've tried to examine why that is, but I'm still not sure. I want to make money from this as well. Enough to live on. But really, money isn't the goal. The writing is. I know, that doesn't sound believable when I write erotica, does it? But it really is the truth. I love writing, and to have written. I have images in my mind all the time, image that I need to get out in the form of words. I also have this basic, instinctual repulsion from people who write erotica purely for the money. I believe it tarnishes a genre of writing that has enough to contend with as it is.

This post was spurred by me leaving yet another group of erotica writers. Perhaps as a testament to the motivation for their writing though, I happily noticed that it took these people many more times the titles to get the same sales that I make with my relatively modest library. I know, schadenfreude and arrogance doesn't suit anyone. I'm not perfect. But, at least, I think my motivation for writing is better and more noble.

Writing erotica and talking about being noble. I really am further up my own ass than I realize. Oh well.

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