Sunday, May 4, 2014

Another Rose (Virtual Me: Book Three) Published!

Description: Finally of age to enter the adult-themed virtual reality servers of a near-future Earth, Rose has been pushed and goaded into giving in by her employer, Michelle.

Having escaped Mona's overbearing lies and abuse, Rose is hesitant to re-enter the Pleasure Park 6 server. Only an as of yet unsatisfied hunger and the promise of a meeting with a very interesting lady keeps her interested.

Elle turns out to be very different from Mona. Not only does she have the potential to restore Rose's hope for something real to arise out of her romantic virtual reality pursuits, she has the potential to quash it entirely.

Another Rose contains 9000+ words of budding romance and heated, carnal exploration between a once-burned young woman and her potential new lover.

Author Notes: As dumb as it may be to say it about my own stories, I feel like the story doesn't really start until this installment. The real conflict is more fully introduced, and the relationships begin to develop more fully.

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