Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dark Lust 2: A Sample

I thought, hey, why not do a sample for part 2 of the Dark Lust series? I'll be honest, the ending is a tease. But that's what samples are for, right? I hope it makes you look forward to the release of part 2 this Sunday. As with the last sample, the sample will be removed on the day of publication for the full story. Use Amazon's Look Inside feature to check out the stories individually, or check back for samples in the future.

Dark Lust 2: Forestbound

Sample removed to comply with the Kindle Select terms and agreements. Sorry if you didn't catch it in time! To read samples of my work, you can either utilize Amazon's Look Inside feature, or check back periodically. Samples are typically posted here 4 days before a story is published, and then removed on the day of publication.

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