Friday, January 30, 2015

Fetish Friday #8

Click the Show/hide button to see the image. It is hidden because, well, I don't want people to come to this blog and then be assaulted by porn. There might be (other) people around!

I realized that I have a lot of muscly-girl pictures, drawn or real life. They make me all kinds of excited. I know that isn't everyone's tingly-exciting cup of tea, though, so I'll do my best to space those indulgences out with some more explicitness. Because you like that, and so do I, honestly. I just also like the muscles!

Again, this week, I unfortunately can't give you  a source. Some talented 3D person! If you should know who it is, do let me know and I'll edit it in here. :)

Side Note: Last Sunday, my first new material of the new year came out. It's a fantasy erotica series that has a bunch of delicious, hard sex, and also some magic and plot and emotions and junk. You can check it out here: Spiritbound

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