Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ever Wondered Why I Don't Write Lesbian Erotica?

If you've read my stuff, certainly my newer stuff, maybe you've spotted that I can't really help but put in the occasional terrible groaner. If you haven't spotted that, either you're acclimatized, or they aren't as terrible as I think.

You know why I don't write lesbian erotica? It's actually not because it doesn't sell well. My general amazon category, transgender, also isn't the biggest seller. I just write it because I love what I write. No, the reason I don't write lesbian erotica is that I'd fall victim EVEN MORE to horrible, horrible... Awesome horrible lines like the above.

In fact, a lot of it would probably just end up being nameswapped Avatar: The Legend of Korra fanfic. Then again, I suppose I could just graft a dick on one of them. Hmm...

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