Sunday, February 8, 2015

Forestbound (Dark Lust: Book Two) Published!

Description: After falling into each other's arms for a few wonderful hours, Ysiel and Thalia discovered the terrible truth about the spiritual leader of their village. They were cast out, but are determined to rectify the situation. At the same time, the budding realization of their quiet, long-held lust for each other clashes with the realities of their new situation. Not only must they trust each other with their lives in carnal union, they must find a way to undo what the spirit has inflicted on the Keeper and their home.

Forestbound is the second chapter in a 5-part erotic fantasy series. It follows the adventures and unions of an apprentice and her protector as they struggle to understand the peril they and their tribe are in, while trying to come to terms with their lust for the darker things in each other. There is no compromise between the sheets or in life, once they are thrust into the wilds.

Forestbound is an 8.000+ words futanari story involving spirit magic and hard sex. Fade to black has been abolished here, and so has realism.

The Dark Lust series consists of the following titles:
Spiritbound (25th Jan 2015)
Forestbound (8th Feb 2015)
Soulbound (22nd Feb 2015)
Starbound (8th Mar 2015)
Homebound (22nd Mar 2015)

Author Notes: I have to be honest, this schedule of one story every 2 weeks is killing me. I want to publish faster, but it's the way things must be for now. I hope you enjoy this, despite the wait! Next Wednesday, a schedule of my releases for the remaining winter and spring months will be going up.

Once this period has been worked through and I've completed some woefully overdue commission pieces, I'll re-evaluate whether or not I can go back to the one story a week schedule. This means, sadly, that it'll be until June, at least, before the schedule might change. Since I have exams in June, and ambitions of writing some non-erotica novels, it'll probably be more like July before I can really gauge what I can handle going forward.

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