Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Publishing Schedule (Jan-May)

One of the things I wanted to do in this new year was plan and schedule more. Try to treat writing with more professionalism. Build consistency. In order to give myself time to build this up properly, release schedule was reduced to once every 2 weeks. To accomplish it, I also planned my releases well into the future. Because of that, I can now give you the schedule for story releases in the first part (Winter/Spring) of 2015.

--11th: 10-story bundle (Dickgirls #1)
--25th: Spiritbound (Dark Lust #1)

--8th: Forestbound (Dark Lust #2)
--22nd: Soulbound (Dark Lust #3)

--8th: Starbound (Dark Lust #4)
--22nd: Homebound (Dark Lust #5)

--5th: Enslaved (Stand-alone title)
--19th: Lustgirl (Dickgirl Decorum #3)

--3rd: Dark Lust bundle (1-5)
--17th: Stand-alone title (Sexy librarian cheating erotica! No title, yet)
--31st: Dickgirl Decorum bundle (1-3)

--14th: Part 1 of a new series. It's going to involve a princess, that's all I can say right now. Still in the idea phase.

Notes: As you can see, if you'd prefer to get a bit more value for money, you can hold off on buying my titles until the bundles release. It just involves waiting, which depends on whether you -can- wait for my awesome writings or not. :d

Typically the bundle will be about 1½ month after the final title of the series releases, but it can vary. Also, while bundles likely won't be in Kindle Unlimited, they will still be Amazon exclusive due to the stories within being, well, Amazon exclusive. For now, at least.

Lastly, the schedule of one story every 2 weeks is not necessarily permanent. I am trying to build up a solid backlog to defend against real life happening, and to give time for longer projects down the line. Anything written once I have a solid 6-month buffer will instead be inserted into the schedule on no-release Sundays. Sadly, this is unlikely to happen until around July at the absolute earliest. In all likelihood, it's something that may happen moving into autumn and winter again.

My primary concern remains eliminating those stupid 6-month periods of no content published. And while it sucks in the moment, in the middle of waiting, I'm sure you also appreciate a steady stream of content from me. Even if my life should turn upside down, you won't be impacted.

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