Friday, February 13, 2015

Fetish Friday #10

Click the Show/hide button to see the image. It is hidden because, well, I don't want people to come to this blog and then be assaulted by porn. There might be (other) people around!

Last week was some girl-abs. This week... You have no idea how much I wanted this to happen when I played DA:I. Except the other way around, with my elfquisitor in Cassandra's position, and Cassandra...

And then she was straight. Hmph. But thanks to some dedicated and great and awesome Tumblr-based animators, we will yet see Cassandra involved with some non-dudes. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

This one's made by Nyl (Source), and this person is actually working on an animation. In case you should be interested, it'll be on the Tumblr profile some time in the not too distant future. I hope.

Side Note: There have been a few rumblings over the months about the Dickgirl Decorum series. I decided to finish it up! Part 3 is written. It just needs to be proof read, and then it'll be published later on. You can see when, exactly, in the post just prior to this one. No more waiting! Daphne, Selma and Melanie will finally have their well-deserved conclusion.

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