Saturday, March 1, 2014

This Tuesday

This Tuesday, I will be starting at a trainee position. It doesn't pay well, and it'll eat 1½ hours a day in transport. It could have been much worse than that, though. The place I thought I would be a trainee at was 1½ hours each way. I try to look at it as an upside, anyway. What I wanted to say, though, was simply that it's likely that my writing will slow down some, now. I'll only be able to write in the evenings and weekends.

Writing is a craft that you need to practice to get better at, and I suppose I'll simply have to take a more long-term view of things, for now. Maybe when I'm done in 2, 2½ years I will be able to make a living off writing. I know that I can't not write, at least. Whether I live off it or not.

On another note, I ended up writing just over 40.000 words this February. Almost half of those are in a fantasy erotica novel/novella, some is in a virtual reality (erotica) serial, some is in commission work... Point is, my goal was 35k words in February, and I went over that despite not writing for 11 out of the month's 28 days. Go me. We'll see if I can keep that up with a new job coming up. At least I have the first part of that serial as backup if writing goes to hell in March and I don't produce anything publishable.

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