Sunday, March 9, 2014

Roguish Delight Published!

This book is now FREE!

Description: For Mylene, moving to the city was meant to be a new start. It was meant to be the beginning of a new and bright future. Flimsy plans survive contact with reality even less than well-laid plans, and so Mylene soon finds herself penniless, lost, and naive to much of the world. A once promising life is changed in less than an hour, when she meets Anita.

Roguish Delight is an erotic short story. It explores the brief, rough meeting between the naive and self-centered Mylene, and the more cunning Anita, out for her own pleasure only. Things speed towards a pounding conclusion and a sticky end, with an upcoming 18-year commitment for Mylene.

This story contains a futanari woman pairing with a regular woman. A Futanari, or a dickgirl, is a woman. She sounds like a woman, she looks like a woman, she smells and tastes just like a women. She's just a woman with a fully functioning cock and balls.

Author Notes: So, this is another older story that I've polished up a bit. When I read over it myself, I felt like the writing was from a period where I was, to be honest, a better writer than I am now. Perhaps that isn't true, but the long break I had from writing somewhere along the line really too its toll on my abilities.

It's only now, after over 100.000 words written since my several years of break, that I begin to feel like I'm approaching my old glory days. I'm not there yet, but releasing something like this gives me hope, in a sense. It tells me that I'm almost there.

Roguish Delight isn't a particularly long story, but I had excellent feedback from it. I obviously highly recommend that you get it.

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