Sunday, March 2, 2014

Becoming His Published

Description: Elisabeth is a trained assassin. At least, she is until the fateful night where she finally meets the man she cannot bring herself to kill, forcing her to re-evaluate her life. Who is Darren really? And can this man help her get her life back on track? Can someone who has killed for a living ever really trust another human being again?

This story contains 25.000+ words of hot BDSM romance with a focus on building trust and budding love, featuring Darren, accountant and partner in a BDSM club and Elisabeth, former assassin with a troubled past.

Author Notes: I wrote Becoming His during July 2013, so it has been a long time coming through the pre-publishing process. Part of this is due to the time it took to proof and edit, part of it is due to the almost complete blackout I had from self-publishing until the early parts of February 2014.

It was a difficult story to write. Partly because I had to sit inside during a really warm summer, partly because I hadn't really gotten into a good process with regards to writing. It ended up feeling like a struggle a lot of the time, though the final product doesn't reflect this. I've had positive feedback on the story from everyone who has helped proof, edit and beta-read.

I hope the story is enjoyed by readers. As usual, readers of the blog will get a chance at the story for free for 1 week, until the 9th of March 2014. Use the following code on Smashwords to get the full story for free.

Code: CR57M

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