Friday, March 7, 2014

Commissions Update

Pricing has changed! Jubilations! $10 per 1000 words!

Okay, let me explain. Previously, in order for it to make sense for me to spend time on commissions, I had to charge a price that was a bit high for many. $0,03 per word, which runs up to $30 per 1000 words and $150 for your average 5000 word short story. People hesitate to pay that much for commissioned pictures at times, so I can understand how they'd hesitate to commission me.

So now, price and circumstances have changed. The price has been lowered to $0,01 per word, or a much more manageable $50 for the above-mentioned average 5000 word short. The difference is, I now retain full rights to what I write for you. In other words, the commission is done for your entertainment, and you're free to share it with friends and the like, but I retain full and exclusive publishing rights. This means that I can make back the money I "lose" by lowering commission prices via ebook sales. Basically, you pay less now, and I recoup the loss over a longer period of time.

Now, if you don't fancy this arrangement, the old $0,03/word rate is still available and will ensure that what is written is yours exclusively. I try to cater to all needs and desires. Except the ones I don't. You can see which on the commissions page.

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