Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Highbrow Erotica Literary Discussion

21:29 - Nymirra: Also, my vocabulary is finally starting to get back to what it was!
21:29 - Nymirra: Just this week, I re-added splatter, splurt and jizz.
21:29 - Nymirra: All important words.
21:30 - AerieD: How did you miss jizz the first time!
21:30 - Nymirra: Well.
21:30 - Nymirra: I don't know.
21:30 - Nymirra: I don't go around actively maintaining my vocabulary of synonyms for semen.
21:31 - Nymirra: That, plus I just like "seed."
21:31 - AerieD: Tsk. Excuses!
21:33 - AerieD: I have a fondness for 'fucksludge'. Although baby batter is good too!
21:33 - Nymirra: I only use babybatter very occasionally.
21:33 - Nymirra: But I do use it.
21:33 - Nymirra: Fucksludge, not so much.
21:33 - Nymirra: I don't like describing it as sludge.
21:33 - Nymirra: That implies it's throwaway crap, to me. And it definitely isn't.
21:39 - AerieD: I don't think sludge implies that. That's more like slurry. Sludge gives it a sort of slow thickness to it, implying filth too. And filth is good.
21:39 - Nymirra: When you say sludge, I think of mud.
21:40 - AerieD: I prefer it to the more lighthearted stuff like 'cockpudding'
21:40 - Nymirra: I'd never use cockpudding.
21:40 - Nymirra: That's... That sort of makes me think someone chopped up dicks and used them in pudding.
21:40 - AerieD: Haha
21:41 - Nymirra: But then, not being English, I have an unclear image of what pudding is. Or if you could make pudding with chopped dick.
21:42 - Nymirra: But I will rethink my opinion on using "sludge" to describe seed.
21:42 - Nymirra: It may not be as bad as I thought.
21:42 - Nymirra: And words you can staple cock in front of or behind are usually good.
21:42 - Nymirra: Fucksludge.
21:42 - Nymirra: Just like I like powerfuck.



  1. I see you are intensively training... ^^

  2. Extremely intensively! Well, I do usually manage more than 2.000 words a day..