Wednesday, January 14, 2015

To KU, Or Not To KU

That is, was, the question. I'm very glad that I have the sales I do outside of amazon, and on the good months they've reached somewhere closing on 10% of my sales. But I speak with other erotica writers too, and it seems like KU is a benefit for our kind. The short stories don't suffer as much in terms of royalties as novels do.

So... While it pains me to do it to the few but very loyal readers I have outside of Amazon, I think I'm going to put the upcoming series into Kindle Unlimited. This means it'll be in the KDP Select program, which requires exclusivity with Amazon. In other words, the series won't be going up on Smashwords, Kobo, B&N, Google, and so on.

I've heard from readers who aren't able to use amazon, and that sucks. If you're one of those and want to read the stories anyway, you have two options. Leave a comment beneath the publishing blog post of each part of the series with a way that I can send it to you, or send me an email requesting a copy. Both of those methods will, of course, be free for you. You can find my email on the "Contact" page.

Being in KDP Select isn't a permanent thing. You dedicate to it 90 days at a time. If it turns out that KU isn't an improvement for me, you can expect my stories to be pulled from it and put up on other vendors. If it is an improvement, then that's going to be my default from here on out. I'm leaving all my current work up on all vendors, though. Arguably they could benefit from going Amazon exclusive as well, but it doesn't really feel right to yank it all away.

Ultimately, while I want to make a living off writing eventually, I do it as much for you guys, the readers, as I do it for me. I'm feeling a bit iffy about KU due to this, but at certain points you do have to approach your business as a business, and see what's best for it. This is one of those times. I will say, though, that  KU will have to be very good to me for it to become a permanent thing. I don't feel good leaving those without access to Amazon out to dry.

Now, on to other news! The bundles are done with, and it is time to go on to new things. On the 25th, the first part of the new series will go live on Amazon. I hope you're looking forward to new content from me! And, just in case you didn't catch it, you can read an excerpt from the beginning of the story here.

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