Sunday, January 25, 2015

Spiritbound (Dark Lust: Book One) Published!

Description: As apprentice to the tribe's spiritual leader, Ysiel is meant to be pure of both heart and mind. Her struggle to remain pure is complicated when the huntress she has desired for years is assigned to be her guard. One fateful day, after the young apprentice returns from spying on her guardian's bath, both of them give in despite their differences. Soon, however, they discover that not all is as it should be in the peaceful tribe. Still reeling from the intensity of their union, they are about to face the adventure of a lifetime...

Spiritbound is the first chapter in a 5-part erotic fantasy story. It follows the adventures of an apprentice and her protector as they struggle to understand the peril they and their tribe are in, while trying to come to terms with their lust for darker things. There is no compromise between the sheets or in life, once they are thrust into the wilds.

Spiritbound is a 10.000+ words futanari story involving spirit magic and hard sex. Fade to black has been abolished here, and so has realism.

The Dark Lust series consists of the following titles:
Spiritbound (25th Jan 2015)
Forestbound (8th Feb 2015)
Soulbound (22nd Feb 2015)
Starbound (8th Mar 2015)
Homebound (22nd Mar 2015)

Author Notes: I can't tell you how happy I am to finally be publishing new material. I -really- hope you enjoy the beginning of this 5-part series. And rest assured. This one will not stop halfway through, because I'm writing the final parts of it right now. It's safe to invest!

Also, I should remind those of you who for one reason or another cannot use Amazon: Send me an email requesting the story and you will get it for free. You can check the contact page for my email. I know it's not ideal, but it's the best I can do while testing out how Kindle Unlimited works out for me.


  1. Another splendid read! Whelp. Nothing to do cept' wait for the 8th now. *Curls up into a ball. Hibernates.*

    1. Little help now, I know, but I'll put up a sample of part 2 as a teaser before it launches. It's something, at least. :)