Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dickgirls #1: 10 Erotic Short Stories Published!

Description: Dickgirls is a 10-story bundle of futanari on female erotica contains stories including various dark and rough kinks, and many BDSM elements and themes. Some taboo, some less so. There is cheating, dubcon, breeding, and much more. The heroines of these stories often get more than they initially bargained for. Some find it is what they have always craved, some find it far, far too much.

Live the lives, however briefly, of the lucky ladies, and find excitement in the forbidden things they experience and endure. Whether you like sweet surrender, needy romps or dominant claimings, you will find something for you in this 10-story, 80.000+ word bundle.

This bundle contains the following short stories:
A Different Prince Charming
Brought Back
Cheating in the Caribbean
Roguish Delight
Solon's Maiden
A Twisted Pact
Hard Shoulder
The Grove's Gift
Prayers of Perversion

Author Notes: My first 10 stand-alone futanari stories, all in one bundle. This is a sort of service to any late-comers to my work. You do save $1 over buying the stories in the 5-story bundles, but I don't think anyone's going to be crying too heavily over that. We are now over the little glut of bundles I had to release, and the next book out from me will be part 1 of a 5-part fantasy-erotica series. I've already gotten excellent feedback on it from beta readers, so look forward to it!

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