Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015, Looking In

A new year typically comes with resolutions. I plan to do x. I plan to do y. I have those as well. I have tried very hard to keep my goals for 2015 realistic, and that is why I will share them with you now.

My base goal for the year is to publish 1 short story or bundle every other week. This should result in 26 stories, and leave me at 50 published works at the end of 2015. In other words, you can expect a steady trickle of work from me, rather than an avalanche and then a wall of silence.

This goal of publishing a short story every 2 weeks is actually fairly modest. I haven't calculated the average length of my published short stories, but let's just say that it's around 7500 words. Forgetting for a moment that some of the 26 titles will be bundles, this leaves me at around 200k words for the year. That's the equivalent of 1-3 novels, depending on the genre of the novel.

Based on past writing speed, I could write 200k words in roughly 4 months. That's being realistic. I could write it quicker, but this writing thing is a marathon and not a race. That leaves 8 months technically free. What are those 8 months for, then?

This year, they're for finishing up remaining commission work. They're for starting a fantasy novel, or just writing more erotica because I'm not quite confident enough in myself as a writer to believe people would read my stuff without the sex. Definitely writing more erotica, then. Or those months can just be for relaxing, because I seem to be a binge writer. The point is, I set a manageable base goal, and anything beyond that will be a bonus both to me and to you lovely readers.

I set myself up for failure last time around, and I'm trying hard not to do the same now. I -want- to publish a story a week. Heck, I want to publish 5 stories a week. But I know that if I try, I will succeed for a few weeks or months, and then crash and burn. No one wants that, least of all me.

For now, look forward to a 10-story bundle coming this Sunday, and then a 5-part Fantasy Erotica series. After that, who knows. The Dickgirl Decorum series never got finished, but it deserves to be. It will be. And honestly, I want to write more series right now. I have a bunch of good ideas, and it's really just a question of getting time to write them.

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