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(Fan)fiction Friday 8: The Bodyguard, Ch. 7


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Nahla slept through most of the rest of the following day, waking up only momentarily every now and then, mostly to Cercea sitting across from her, on the other side of the extinguished fire. She never came to a point where she felt hungry or thirsty, her body still feeding off the remainder of what the then-possessed Cercea had shot into her. At sundown on their second full day at the strand, Nahla felt well enough to sit up without any major pains, and by now her body had consumed what it had been fed. She had been awake for probably ten minutes by now, lying with her back turned, trying to gather a little information on Cercea’s mental and physical state before actually talking to her. She was still amazed, though the feeling was a dull one, that she was not any more upset than she was. The first time Cercea had raped her, there had been hatred, a kind of hatred she had never known before, but now..

With what she hoped was a convincing sleepy groan, Nahla loosely turned over to face the extinguished fire. Cercea had apparently gathered enough branches for a new fire, but had not lit it yet. Just like last night and every time Nahla had woken up during the day, she was sitting across from her bodyguard, as if waiting. Blinking, the very naked and still rather battered girl sat up, holding the blanket she had been sleeping under close to her body. Cercea looked up from the gathered pile of branches, and managed a small smile. Her clothes, hair and skin still looked as flawless as when the two of them had left Darnassus, but her eyes were changed. The last remnant of dull, careless nothingness had left them. She seemed sharp, contrary to what Nahla felt. A dullness she was not used to seemed to have taken hold of her mental faculties, though the feeling was diminishing fast.

“Maybe I should just leash you, keep you tied all the time..” mumbled Nahla, a small smile playing on her lips, as much to her own surprise as Cercea’s. A fleeting thought hit Nahla, and she loosened her hold on the blanket covering her. From the very first time she had been assaulted by Cercea, she had figured that her nakedness, or doing anything that could be seen as arousing, was at least in some way part of unlocking the different Cercea. With the blanket more loose, her contours were far less obvious, and she was more a vaguely triangular shape covered in the blanket, with a head on top of the shape.

Cercea hardly seemed to notice Nahla’s words. She had been holding in everything she had remembered since she had brought Nahla’s then broken form back to the camp for a full day now, going over and over it in her head, her grief over abusing the young warrioress mixing with the horror of the budding memories of what had transpired. She felt dehydrated, having sat in their small camp for so long, most of the time with tears rolling over her cheeks, but she did not dare sleep for fear of losing some of all that she had finally remembered.

Sitting on her heels, the dark-haired youngster fiddled with her fingers laying in her lap, looking intently at the pile of branches that was all she had left her post to gather for the last 24 hours. “I.. I remembered.. Things, N-Nahla.” her voice came silently, stumbling especially at mentioning her bodyguard’s name. It felt as if acknowledging her existence by name made the rapes that much worse, but the young elf of noble birth swallowed, starting again before the blanket-covered form across from her could get in a word.

As she spoke, Cercea’s voice gained some strength, though it seemed to simply be because she was losing herself in her own memories, rather than any actual strength. “I don’t know if you’re aware, but.. My parents are from before the time of the War of the Ancients. I was born before it, in fact I was the age I am now when it raged. I was, however, in love with a noble of Queen Azshara’s court.. To save me from whatever was to come, we didn’t know then, he used powerful arcane forces to place me in some sort of prison. He called it stasis. The only one able to break it would be him..”.

Cercea swallowed, glancing up at Nahla briefly. The other elf had taken on an entirely different expression as she listened. She was still very aware of Cercea’s body, scents and posture, but had also maneuvered herself into a comfortable position, buried under the blanket. Continuing, Cercea’s voice was rather monotone.

“As our race well knows now, thousands of years later, the arcane is tied to the nether, and only leads to corruption. Such was the magic my beloved weaved for me as well. Drawing upon the power of the well of eternity, he unwittingly locked me in stasis with a demonic entity. Now, you would probably call them succubi or incubi, except this thing.. It is not male or female, it’s both and none at the same time.. I don’t know how I know that.”. Cercea closed her eyes briefly, then shook her head, continuing.

“This being, Xanthe.. Was conscious. Locked in stasis with me, but conscious the entire time. It had no physical form, could not normally take its power with it from the nether to our world, but now that I was locked somewhere in the void with it, it could inhabit me and thereby come to our world with its power intact. It figured this out within the first few years in the stasis, and for the following ten thousand years, it inhabited me and, slowly, very slowly, changed me. Or somehow merged with me, at least partly.. It has control over how my, erm.. Privates look, when it’s in control, otherwise it’s just four.. You know.”. She blushed, for the first time since Nahla woke up displaying some amount of emotion. It was not on display for long, though, as she took in a deep breath and continued.

“It not only changed my body, but also my mind. Sadly, for Xanthe that is, its efforts had corroded the magic holding me in stasis so much that eventually the magic stasis fizzled and I unceremoniously dropped out of nothing and into the middle of Auberdine. After some questions and suspicions, I was taken back to Darnassus, to my overjoyed parents. This part is still a haze to me, I’m only truly remembering my life after the time in the stasis now, but I think I lived there for at least six months until we went on this journey. And I think.. That Xanthe took control at least a few times to feed its carnal appetites..”.

The two of them sat in silence for a long time. Cercea’s shoulders were slumped, letting out a yawn after a few minutes. Having told the most important parts of her tale, she no longer had to stay awake. Nahla on the other hand, was thinking as much as she could, with her mind still strangely sluggish and almost foggy, in a way. If this Xanthe being was responsible, Cercea was truly in need of help, but could she even be helped if she had been corrupted over ten thousand years? It seemed hard to believe that so much work could be undone. The bodyguard pulled the blanket closer to herself, sending a calming smile to Cercea as she spoke; “You should rest, we’ll see what we can make of all this tomorrow. Rest.”.

The youngster girl had been sitting turned slightly to the side. Nahla had hardly been able to avoid noticing that she was wearing very little clothes. Panties, as well as a thin shirt. Her legs were covered in the leather of her pants, however, when she laid down, facing towards her bodyguard more, it became rather clear that her leggings were ruined. The leather that should’ve covered her crotch seemed to have exploded outwards at some point, and the panties the girl was wearing seemed more comical than practical. While she was definitely herself, her middle was still the same corrupted visage it had been since Nahla had first seen it. In fact, her panties were helplessly pushed a little down to hang around her thighs, as each of the flaccid but nevertheless enormous cocks claimed space from her crotch and all the way to her knees, between her legs.

Cercea had closed her eyes and laid down, her upper body resting on its left side, her body twisting slowly as Nahla’s eyes travelled downwards. The young night elf’s waist was slightly turned, so that the edge of her firm rump surely only barely touched the ground, but her legs laid spread to the sides slightly, allowing room for her four burdens. The green-haired, slightly older girl shifted position a bit, the unusual and surely uncomfortable position of her charge making even her battle-hardened form cringe.

Nahla sat there, in the beginning darkness, watching Cercea’s breathing even out and become deep and calm. The guardian female elf had hoped that as the night progressed, everything that had happened since the two of them left Darnassus would have settled to the back of her mind. However, she was unable to take her mind off what had happened at the beach. She remembered clearly that night in Darkshore. She was even able to relive them, for long moments drifting into light sleep where she relived the horrific assaults from what seemed to be Cercea’s perspective. When she woke from her brief slumbers, she shook her head and promised herself to stay awake to think. To stay awake to stop the fog that seemed to be taking a firmer and firmer grasp of her mind from completely changing her.

Nahla was unaware of the battle she was fighting, and, it would seem, losing. Her teeth were clattering, despite the night being warm. Hours drifted by as Nahla fell in and out of sleep, beginning to find herself rocking back and forth as she woke up from more and more brief slumbers. The lack of sleep and slipping control of her mind, as well as the strange, very short flashback dreams was, without her control, turning her on. As yet another hour passed, the moon reached its highest point, but the bodyguard noticed nothing. Not the moonlight rays that seemed to caress her almost feverish form in an attempt to save her, not the extreme quiet around her. Finally, Nahla seemed to be unable to truly wake up from her slumbering trance, gasping for air, the blanket falling from her shoulders. Her lightly calloused hands took a rough grip of both her large, firm breasts.

A strange mix of soft, cooing moans and pained gasps come from the girl’s mouth as she fell deeper still into her trance. One hand ran down her stomach and started to, stroke a non-existant but would-be grotesquely large cock. The bodyguard could keep neither silent nor still, her crotch pumping back and forth, her back grinding against the bark of the tree that supported her, her free hand either roughly groping her bust or having its fingers sucked separately. Her squirming intensified tenfold, her right arm stroking up and down on empty air frantically, finally leaving her stiff as a board, her mouth hanging open as a very real orgasm wracked the deeply tranced elf. Nahla slumped back against the tree once again, opening her eyes. She was herself, although she was sweaty and very, very naked. Her attention was quickly centered on Cercea’s form, though.

While the youngster was still clearly asleep, her four enormous cocks seemed ready to burst, so thick and hard were they. One of the cocks was still convulsing, though. Thick streams, rivers even, of cum had sprayed from it only moments ago, and were still pumping from the tip like some strange replica of a fountain from the elven cities..

Nahla was entirely fixated on the sight in front of her, shivering only slightly as the control she was now subject to in some small way urged her to crawl around their camp on all four until she was close enough to reach forward and place four cautious fingers against the quivering, towering dick, fingers immediately getting sticky with the cum running down the veiny monster. Nahla shook her head, a peeping, sad “N-no..” escaping her lips, the sound making it evident that she had already lost whatever brief battle, if any, that had occurred. She leaned further forward, reaching her tongue out to scoop up a load of the rich, thick sperm. Before she could swallow, the young woman suddenly pushed the side of her head against the still throbbing cock, rubbing the cum against her face, while she drank in as much as she possibly could.

Nahla stayed in her position, her head pushed against the cumming cock, drinking in fresh semen for the next almost ten minutes. Even after the huge shaft finally stopped producing its white goo, Nahla was compelled to keep drinking, scooping and licking more of it. She spent the next hour meticulously cleaning Cercea’s body of any trace of sperm she could find, until she was finally released, her mind once again returning to her. There was no revulsion of what she had done. All she wanted was to sleep, to escape the world and, hopefully, never ever return to its horrors again.

Nahla crawled around the camp again to where she had left her blanket, more falling on top of it than laying down, almost asleep before she had hit the ground.

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