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(Fan)fiction Friday 5: The Bodyguard, Ch. 4


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Following yet another night with no memories and a clearly abused bodyguard, Cercea was beside herself with guilt and uncertainty. She had done something to Nahla, or, she corrected herself, it had done something to Nahla. She remembered nothing, the last she remembered was watching Nahla step into the river, then a blur of events throughout the night that could have made sense if Cercea had had the courage to probe her own memory deeper than she did right now.

She had been sitting with crossed legs, rocking back and forth, unable to find peace for almost an hour when she heard Nahla’s first grunt. Her bodyguard was clearly not in any shape to guard anyone right now. Cercea had not dared even go near the woman since she woke up with Nahla cradled in her arms, but she saw no other way now. She had to find out how badly hurt Nahla was. Her belly had been oddly bulging, not unlike the woman Cercea had found after the first time this had happened. She shrugged it off with a sudden wave of horror, and crawled over to Nahla’s groaning form. She was not entirely awake yet, but she definitely was not sleeping or passed out anymore either. In a few minutes, perhaps just moments, she would come to and Cercea would for the first time experience what it would be like to talk face to face with one of her.. Of its victims.

Slowly, the five seconds seemed like an eternity to Nahla, she managed to open her eyes. Her wrists were hurting, but it was nothing compared to her chest and neck. The pain from her ruptured lips was almost completely dulled from the cacophony of agonizing jolts spreading from her upper body, and then.. Her belly as well. She looked down and saw that the bulge had lessened some, but was still there. She shivered. Her body was processing, feeding on that things semen. She shivered involuntarily again, then looked up and saw the same face that had been staring down at her hours ago. She immediately locked up. Something that was once a thought, then became reflex and then finally instinct made her body try to get into a position ready for a fight, but instead she wiggled around pitifully on her bed, yelping as the thing rope used to tie her wrists ground against the sore skin where it had been tied for so long. She calmed herself, a process that took almost a full two minutes, and took another look at the one she was supposed to protect. It was now the same strange girl that she had left Teldrassil with, the aura Nahla had felt last night was gone, though the body, face, scent, eyes.. Everything else, was the same as last night.

A corner of her mind that was only starting to return now noticed how the girl was, below all the guilt on her face, blushing. Nahla suddenly became very aware of how naked she was like this. She tried to hiss a command to untie her at Cercea, but instead came only a gasping sound. This girl’s girth had clearly taken a toll on her, including her vocal chord. Nahla unceremoniously rolled to her stomach and tried to reach her wrists towards Cercea. “I-I don’t know.. What has happened tonight, Nahla, but it wasn’t.. Me..” said the younger woman in a trembling voice, as she moved over and tried to untie the very tight knot holding her bodyguard’s wrists in place.

Out of the corner of her eye, Nahla saw her equipment lying in a small pile. She closed her eyes and forced herself to take a deep breath. It hurt, her stomach hurt because the inhaled air pushed it outwards, putting more pressure on the bulge. She kept still, forehead resting on the forest ground as she felt Cercea fumble with the rope around her wrists. Several minutes passed until she felt them loosen. Cercea removed the rope and moved a little back from the rather limp Nahla. They stayed like that for a few minutes, Cercea kneeling a few feet from Nahla’s laying form.

Then, in a flash so fast that Nahla surprised not only Cercea but also herself, she reached out, grabbed a hold of her gladius, got on one knee and leaped for Cercea. The young woman let out a shriek and tumbled backwards, her flight roughly interrupted by the trunk of one of the trees surrounding their small campsite. She had only half a second before the pointed blade of her bodyguard’s sword hit and penetrated the skin of her stomach. Cercea let out another shriek, feeling her lower body become numb and useless as the short blade ripped her spinal chord and nailed her to the tree. Nahla was gasping for her breath, deathly tired from this one burst of energy, not seeming to notice Cercea’s panicked screams of pain as blood seemed from her back and stomach around the blade.

Nahla was perfectly aware that her sword was a stabbing weapon, its edges were dull at best, but this situation was rather extraordinary. With a grunt of pain, she got onto her knees and grabbed the handle of the weapon with both weak hands. Her wildly ruffled hair obscured most of her face, but the look that met the whimpering Cercea was enough to make her instinctively try and press her body into the trunk of the tree behind her. With gritted teeth and a feral growl, Nahla started ripping her sword upwards. Cercea’s screams at first got worse, but quickly quietened until there was only a superficial breathing function left in her body, one that soon silenced as well. There was a foot long open line in her front, going from her stomach and up the center of her boy. Nahla sat over the dead body for several minutes, trying to gather strength enough just to ease herself onto the ground. She pulled the sword from Cercea’s dead, bloody body as she half fell onto the ground, closing her eyes and spinning off into unconsciousness for a good five minutes.

As Nahla came to again, she opened her eyes and was met with an alarming sight. Cercea had crawled on all four a few feet to the right, right now she was holding herself up on an arm and two legs, on clasped over her dripping stomach. Cercea was sobbing in pain, but clearly not at all dead. Nahla saw with her own eyes how the horrific wound closed itself and the skin repaired as if nothing had happened. If not for the small pool at the trunk and the dried blood on Cercea’s body, no one would have realised that this girl had been dead five minutes ago. With a sense of hopelessness, the spun back into unconsciousness. This time, she was out for hours. She woke up when night was nearing. She was wrapped in a blanket and was lying close to a primitive and flickering bonfire. A half-full mug of water stood next to her. As hard as it was to believe, Cercea had taken care of her would-be murderer.

She let out a grunt. Her stomach had at this point finished processing almost all the liters of cum shot into it, her chest was hurting marginally less, her wrists seemed to be fine and her lips had, at least to a point, repaired themselves. Cercea sat at the other side of the small fire, the bloody gladius lying in front of her. She had her arms crossed over her drawn-up legs, rocking back and forth as she started up at the stars. Nahla tried to reach for the mug of water, but all she managed to do was overturn the mug with her shaking hand. Cercea heard the rustling, a flash of fear easily seen in her eyes as she looked at Nahla. “I-I’ll get you some more, don’t move.” the girl said, carefully walking over and taking the mug, as if Nahla actually posed any threat right now. For some minutes Nahla was left alone in their small camp, then Cercea returned with fresh water, kneeled as far away from Nahla as possible and held the mug to her dry lips. Nahla spent two minutes taking small gulps from the mug, then laid back down and dosed off again.

When she woke up, Cercea was back at her previous position on the other side of the fire. The stars were twinkling in the sky, and while her ribs, neck and lips hurt, she felt a little better. At first, Nahla considered asking Cercea just what was going on with the girls body and just what the purpose of raping her close to death only to nurture her back to health again was, but she decided there was something else she needed to use her previously few available words on right now. “Y-you said it… Wasn’t... You. What.. Who was… It then?” stuttered Nahla, her voice dry and cracking. She needed water. Cercea got up and, once again, stayed as far away from Nahla as she could while she held the filled mug to the bodyguard’s lips. Nahla spent a minute gulping the water down. Her neck hurt so much it brought tears to her eyes for every bit of water she swallowed, but she had to. Cercea put the mug down again and sat back down on the other side of the fire, staring off towards where the river was.

“I don’t know.” came the first short, almost curt words. For almost five minutes, Cercea kept still, staring into the fire, then she spoke again, softer this time. “It started when I.. Reappeared. I was in stasis, apparently magic here is tied to the nether. All I can think of is that something happened to me while I was in stasis. To my own senses, the man who loved me all those years ago cast a spell, and the next moment, I was lying in a bed in the home of my parents. At first, I didn’t believe them when they told me that ten thousand years had passed and that we were no longer immortal, but after being awake for some time, I not only found that they were right, I also found that I started to lose periods of time..”. For a while, Cercea kept still. She checked to see if Nahla had fallen asleep, but the bodyguard was clearly awake, though not in a condition to do anything other than listen.

“The first time.. It was terrible. I went to bed, when I woke up I was in the wilds of Teldrassil. A woman I don’t know was lying in my arms, dead. Her entire body showed signs of abuse, she had bruises and even open wounds in places. I didn’t know what to do, I was so frightened. I fled, washed myself and came back to the house in a daze. Since then I only remember very little. A few similar episodes, but most of my time since then has been spent living in moments. It wasn’t me, but it wasn’t.. The me that killed that woman either..”. Cercea did not seem willing to stop now that she had gotten this far in her tale. “It was in one of those clear moments that I told my parents that I wanted to travel, and that I needed their help to organise it. The goal wasn’t to see the world, it was to find a cure for.. Whatever it is that’s wrong with me. I’ve tried killing myself, Nahla.. But as you found out, it’s of no use..”.

“This is the longest period of time I can remember being myself in since just after I got out of my stasis. I’m sorry for.. Whatever I have done to you, that’s why I’m trying to get you back to health. You should leave me alone as soon as you can, oath or not. You’re bound to get killed if you stay, Nahla”. Cercea’s voice became quieter and more fragile as she spoke the last sentence, looking at Nahla with a begging expression. The elf was not able to determine if Cercea was begging her to stay or leave. She was not sure which she should do herself. She could not show herself in night elven lands without Cercea, that would be breaking the oath. She would become an outcast, something she considered the same as death. On the other hand, she could not stay with Cercea, or she risked being abused like that again if this thing the girl claimed to be the host of came back in full force.

“I need.. Water” croaked Nahla. What she really needed was time to think, but she didn’t finish many thoughts until she drifted into sleep again. Nahla woke up with a dry cough. She tried to determine what time it was. It seemed to be evening. Almost two days since she had been raped by her protégé. Her wrists and belly were fine, her lips had recovered for the most part, but her chest was still pounding. Not as badly as the day before, but she was definitely not in a shape to do anything. Cercea was nowhere to be found, so Nahla leaned up on her side and, with a shaking hand managed to gulp down the mug of water left at her bed. Her neck hurt slightly less too now. She was both surprised and disgusted that she felt no hunger at all. There was no doubt she had had what would have compared to three days of food in what she had to swallow, but it was not actual food. She should be hungry, but she felt.. Nothing. With an unsatisfied sigh, she let her body fall back again.

Nahla spent the rest of the night drifting in and out of sleep. At some point, Cercea had been there to refill her mug, but Nahla never saw the girl. Her dreams began to return. With them came a nightmare, a strange one she had never had before. In it, she cracked an eye open and found the same Cercea that had raped her standing over her, seemingly untouched by a foot in the middle of the crackling fire, the four huge cocks as hard as ever. Cercea smiled an oddly calm, yet dangerous smile down at Nahla. When the bodyguard sat up, gasping and sweating, neither the scared nor the scary Cercea were anywhere to be found. She drank yet another mug of water, and spent the next two hours unable to fall asleep. The night was relatively quiet, and at last her recovering body no longer let her stay awake.

It was morning when she woke up. She took the time to let herself come to so she could feel just what the condition of her body was. Her wrists were fine, so were her lips and belly. Her chest almost felt normal again, and her neck only hurt when she swallowed. Cercea was also back in the camp, seeming at once uneasy and relieved to see Nahla better. “I was.. Gone, tonight, Nahla..” whispered Cercea, “But you look fine..”. The recovering elf nodded, coughing. “N-nothing happened to me, nothing at all.” said Nahla, her voice rasping. She drank another mug of water, and looked around the camp. Her bloody sword still lay near the pile of embers that had been their fire, the rest of her things laid in a pile close to her bed. She got up on shaky legs, shook her head when Cercea began to get up. “I’ll do this myself, demon girl” rasped Nahla. Cercea seemed surprised and hurt at the name, but Nahla had no bad feelings. Possessed or not, Cercea deserved it. She deserved many other things, but the numerous things that Nahla could think of had little point when the girl regenerated as she did.

Nahla spent the next five minutes laboriously getting into her clothes. The leathers, chain, plate and weapons she left in the pile. Still shaky, she walked over to where her gladius lay and picked it up. Cercea shrank away from Nahla, who let out a dry laugh. “Don’t worry, even if I wanted to hurt you, what’s the point? You won’t die.”.

Nahla left the scared girl at their camp, walking down to the river. She kneeled with a grunt to wash her blade before the blood had time to really speed up the rust. As she was about to get up, she saw the spot on the ground where Cercea had raped her. There was still an irregular pool of dried semen, but otherwise no trace of what had disabled her so completely for two full days. Lost in thoughts, Nahla spent almost ten minutes staring at the spot of earth, then slowly walked back to the camp. She had made a decision. “Cercea, we’ll continue tomorrow. I don’t see how going to ratchet will help you be rid of this thing, so you had best explain that to me before we leave. And from now on, I’m tying you up before we go to sleep.”. There was a certainty in Nahla’s voice that clearly stated to Cercea that she would, indeed, be sleeping tied up from now on, no matter which arguments she presented. She nodded, with a quiet and relieved sigh.

“The first stop on our journey is Ratchet, because I hoped to get into contact with Warlocks or Mages of the Horde there. My parents told me that the people of the Horde are adept with this kind of thing. I would like to see these new people as well. These.. Orcs? Our own people know too little of something like this to help, and I don’t want them to know what I am even if they could help. I should be able to negotiate a deal with a Demonologist or Magus there. If not, I plan to leave for Dalaran. My parents told me of the place, a city of magic in a far off human land called Lordaeron.” said Cercea, sounding more assertive than Nahla had heard her since they had first met. The bodyguard shook her head. “Cercea, Dalaran is no longer in Lordaeron. Lordaeron no longer exists. A plague turned the human inhabitants into undead, under the control of a being called the Lich King. During the formation of his undead Horde, a lord of the Burning Legion, Archimonde, was summoned to our world. He laid Dalaran in ruins. For years the city was under a protective shield that no one could penetrate, until recently, it uprooted itself and set the course for Northrend, the home of the Lich King and Azeroth’s new enemy, Malygos.”.

Cercea seemed shocked, then nodded and said uncertainly “Well, let’s just get to this Ratchet place for now.. You can tell me more of what has happened while we’re underway, can’t you, Nahla?”. Nahla was amazed at how completely incohesive this girl was. One moment she was only halfway present in the real world, the next she seemed demonic, then assertive, now as if she was a little girl. Maybe it was this supposed possession, or maybe it was being held in a magic stasis for ten thousand years, but she was definitely not right. It seemed very clear that she needed protection, but at the same time, she was far too dangerous for anyone to protect.

Nahla sat down, holding her head in her hands. She had a headache, she needed sleep, and she needed to think. She looked at Cercea, nodded, then laid down and pulled a blanket over her still clothed form and turned her back on the girl. “Night” she said. Cercea inhaled and was about to ask if she was not supposed to be tied up, then mentally scolded herself and simply laid down. Surely she would face enough nights in the coming time tied up.

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