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(Fan)fiction Friday 7: The Bodyguard, Ch. 6


Tags: [Pain] [Suffocation/oral] [Violence] [Death] [Cum fountain?] [Naga] [Multi-cock] [Large/Macro cocks] [Bulging/Stretching] [Cock growth] [Blatant disregard for realism] [Magic] [Light bondage] [Rape]

For the longest time, the world was a haze to Cercea. Neither she nor that which lived inside her was in control. Her body had almost ceased functioning, and as she lay there at the edge of the beach some hundred yards from where Nahla was lying passed out, it seemed as if it was all she could do just to breathe.

Hours passed, but it was not until midday started quickly approaching that Cercea’s body seemed back under control. It was not satisfied. The stupid girl had managed to wrest control, even if just for a second, at the most critical of moments. It had almost been a catastrophic loss, and now revenge and most importantly release was needed. During the hours that the two elves had been lying on the beach passed out, the looming presence of evil that kept anything living away from Cercea had dissipated, and now, through the corner of her right eye, she found that Naga had returned to the beach.

They still kept their distance, slithering about silently, obviously trying to see if this was a trap. A lone, naked elf lying on the beach was too good to be true. It seemed to be a scouting party, four heavily armoured and armed males, scalemail forged to resemble their own scales covering their slimy forms, large tridents dripping with… Something. Poison possibly, but no matter what it was, it was surely something dangerous to other races. Walking in the middle of the small group of warriors was a female Naga, a haughty smile on her sharp, pointed, snake-like face as she realised that the elf was entirely alone.

Tezira closed her webbed fingers around the ball of ice she had had ready just in case. This would not be much of a fight, if a fight at all. The elf was young, seemed unmarred by this world’s many evils. She was a perfect sacrifice to the lords of the nether, one that would surely put Tezira in favour, and grant her much more power than what she possessed already. The girl had clearly spotted them by now. She was stepping backwards, but seemed aware that she had no chance of escape. While the four warrior males were heavy and armoured men, the Naga physiology allowed them to travel at and keep up speeds faster than any elf on foot would be able to. Tezira found them to be brutish, in fact she hated males, but these four had proven rather useful on many an outing, and were as such tolerated.

Unbeknownst to the five approaching assailants, Cercea was already preparing herself. The weaker she seemed, the easier this would be, so she made sure to step nervously backwards, look to the sides and over her shoulder, as well as trying to cover herself. The five Naga were now close enough that their strange smell mixed with the scents of the forest and the beach. Strangely, their smell was not repugnant or disgusting as old fish might be, rather it was that of wet moss and spring flowers, in a strange mix. Their faces, while different from normal humanoids, were only slightly pointed, and their eyes still bore clear resemblance to the elven form they once possessed. Of course, the protrusions going in a line from the back of their heads and all the way down to their tails, together with their bodies becoming scaled and snake-like as it neared their waists gave them away, but they were far more graceful than what Cercea remembered having had described to her.

She shook her head, and quickly suppressed the stern glimmer in her eyes that she had let surface for a moment. The five Naga were now within 20 yards. The four warriors, out of habit more than a sense of anything dangerous, gripped their tridents more firmly and moved in on the young elf. Tezira stopped and let a small smile play across her face, as the feeble elf stepped backwards.

Once second later, it was not glee but shock that covered the sorceress’ face. In a flash of movement as fast as any trained fighter would have been able to manage, the elf had change stance. She was now standing upright, relaxed, a grotesque sight as four flaccid cocks hung from her crotch, reaching down to her knees easily. Tezira’s face contorted into a sneer, and she hissed. The four warriors moved in.

Cercea ran two fingers on her small right hand up along her thigh, smiling as her eyes seemed to actually ignite, becoming fiery pits. She held up her right hand for a brief moment, then her expression turned evil, her teeth bared as her right arm shot out towards the warrior in front. Without warning, a flash of green hellfire exploded right in front of his face, ripping skin and bone from his body. He barely had the time to make a sound, as Cercea curled her hand into a loose fist, her smile now more satisfied, as the explosion turned into a ball of shining, deadly heat that enveloped the naga’s head. After two seconds, Cercea let her hand drop to her side, watching the ball of green fire disappear with a puff of black smoke, leaving the headless, burned body of the warrior to half fall and half slide to the ground, not even a twitch revealing that it had been alive just three seconds earlier. In a grotesquely comical fashion, the trident the warrior had held stood by itself for half a second, then fell on the headless body with a metallic clang.

The remaining four Naga stood there, shocked, and as seconds passed, Cercea’s four cocks came alive and grew, as if she was turned on by the death and violence. Tezira had been shocked, as had her warriors, but as if on command, they all snapped back into action. The sorceress brought her hands together and separated them, a smoking ball of liquid ice floating an inch above each palm. At first she had simply thought that the elf’s fiery eyes were a product of her spell, but the reddish-orange fire trailed over into small plumes of thin grey smoke. The Naga sorceress hoped that the opponent’s fire-based magic would work against her in a fight with the water and ice-based magic of the Naga, but with that kind of power, Tezira was beginning to doubt that any of them would make it away from this alive.

With an agile twist, she threw the first icebolt at the elf, held her palm towards the sorceress and met the bolt with a jet of flame, leaving nothing but a hiss and some rising steam in the air. Cercea had her goal now, the sorceress. The three warriors were simply hindrances that would have to be taken care of first. With a wave of her hand, she sent two of them flying almost ten yards towards the forest, while her left hand made a beckoning gesture towards the last one. His trident seemed to take on a life of its own, rising into the air and launching itself towards Tezira. With a desperate lash of her arm, the sorceress sent the remaining bolt of ice towards the trident, freezing and shattering it into a thousand tiny pieces. The sorceress put her hands together to conjure another two bolts, only being able to watch as the weaponless warrior charged Cercea, crashing into her with apparently no effect at all, except for dazing him.

Cercea’s hands found their mark around the thick, muscled throat of the warrior who had attempted to knock her over. With the same unnatural strength she had displayed earlier, she started to lift the warrior from the sand of the beach, as smoke started to rise from her hand around his neck. A sizzling sound added to the scenery, as Cercea’s hand seemed to start sliding into the struggling warrior’s neck. Her small fingers slid into his neck as a hot knife through butter, until she was able to ball her hand at the middle of his neck. She pulled her hand back, and the second warrior collapsed to the beach, the stench of burned meat rising from his now black, charred, half-severed neck.

As Cercea started to step towards the frightened sorceress, the Naga threw her two new bolts in rapid succession, for a moment losing sight of the young elf as the two balls exploded in clouds of hissing steam. When she once again caught sight of Cercea, she was standing with her side turned towards the sorceress two headless, burned warriors lying less than five feet from her. The fiery-eyed demon elf turned and started walking towards Tezira, who at once became aware of what it really was this elf wanted. The four huge cocks were rigid and waiting, and anything that Tezira threw at Cercea seemed to, at best, slow her down for a second or two. The distance between the two grew smaller and smaller, the Naga sorceress sending waves of liquid ice, suffocating fog and bolts of ice at the demonic creature closing in, all to no avail. She was in the middle of chanting the words to imprison the elf in ice, as she was cut off.

The warm, steam-mixed fog was at this point so heavy that Tezira could see only one or two yards ahead of her. She was casting blindly, but at the same time keeping this demon elf away from her, she had figured. Now, as her mind instinctively made her flinch, she had lost. Out of the fog strode this deceptively small elf and, without a word, smashed a fist into Tezira’s stomach, making the sorceress curl downwards. With the Naga halfway crumbled, Cercea took a hold of her enemy’s neck and turned the slightly pointed face upwards. “Shame you had to resist so much.. I might’ve let you live.” the elf spat.

Without any further delay, Cercea used her free hand to point one huge cock down, pressing it against the naga’s lips. Finding herself unsuccessful in pushing the first cock into Tezira’s small mouth, the elf grabbed a hold of the sorceress’ mouth, one hand around her lower lip and jaw, the other around her upper lip and unceremoniously jerked her mouth open. She took a step forward as the first rock hard monster of a cock suddenly pushed unopposed into the naga’s mouth. Cercea managed to bury half of that one large dick’s head into Tezira’s mouth, closing the sorceress’ air supply off and thus negating any danger that might still have been in her beaten form.

Not until now did the demon elf feel any indication of the sorceress’ fangs, and even now it was just a feeble attempt. Not even an executioner’s axe would have been able to chop off one of her cocks, even if they were not protected by the magic that Cercea’s body had been force-fed for millennia, they were marvels of nature, harder and more resistant than anything the races of this world could conjure up. With slightly narrowed, still fiery eyes, she gave Tezira a singing slap, angling a second cock down towards the Naga. The head of the second veiny, hard, twenty two inch long and knee-thick cock smeared almost transparent, viscous precum over the sorceress’ face from forehead, down her left cheek to her stretched lips.

With a sick, almost insane glimmer in her fiery eyes, Cercea wrapped her hands around the Naga sorceress’ head, caressing the creature as if she loved it. The second after, her grip hardened, the small muscles in the possessed body tensing as unnatural strength began forcing two wide, thick cocks into the naga’s mouth and down her throat. The slight advance managed only to fuel the intense, consuming lust that Cercea felt, so complete was it that she barely noticed this lizard’s muffled screams as the two huge dicks began forcing themselves down her warped mouth and changing throat. A pain so intense that Tezira knew she should have lost conscience, or worse yet been torn in two lashed through her, but she did not lose conscience. Then she felt it, through the bone-grating, sickening veil of pain. This elf, this creature, was keeping her whole, alive, to use her to satisfy itself.

Cercea leaned her head back, let her mouth hang open to let out a relieved laugh, thin streams of smoke coming from her eyes. This creature was just what was needed. A shame she would have been torn apart without the use of magic. It lessened the pleasure a tiny fraction to have to keep up the spell that kept the Naga alive, but it made for a beautiful sight. Cercea looked down, a wide, gleeful smile on her face as she watched the first third of both of those huge, elven girlcocks slide down the sorceress throat. Spittle and precum bubbled up between the two massively thick dicks and ran down the woman’s neck. Tezira tried to reach up and rip the two cocks to shreds with her claws, but had barely moved her hands before she felt some invisible power force her hands behind her back and hold them there. She could only half lie and half stand, curled up under the elf and take those two enormous shafts, both of them now ten inches down the naga’s madly bulging throat, reaching to just above her collarbone.

With the same sick smile on her face, Cercea pulled the two thick, veiny shafts up a few inches and thrust them downwards even harder, letting out a “Hnnnh..” sound of pleasure, as the naga’s throat vibrated in a soundless scream around her cocks. This was not quite the same as fucking that bodyguard, but it would do. She needed someone to unload her semen in, masturbating was far below the entity controlling Cercea. With a renewed, crushing grip around Tezira’s head, Cercea’s eyes flowed a fiery red, and for the first time the Naga actually felt heat, a searing, scalding wave of hot, moist air hitting her deformed head, as the demonic elf doubled the strength of her pull, her massive twin dicks sliding into the naga’s deforming body at about an inch every three seconds, which meant that it only took a little over half a minute for the elf to be buried to the hilt in the feebly struggling Naga, whose pain-induced shivering throat and now stomach vibrated around those huge, iron hard shafts. Xanthe looked down through Cercea’s eyes, smiled and pulled the two cocks a few inches up, thrusting them down again. She used the opening to Tezira’s stomach to massage the edge of the two cockheads, shivering with pleasure. This strange lizard had been a good cocksleeve, but it was time to get on with it.

Cercea’s hands were for a moment almost mechanical as they dragged the two pulsing futacocks out of Tezira’s malformed, bulging body, but her strength and seeming rage returned, as the two giant, swelling cocks plunged into the sorceress’ stomach. She felt them already madly thick cocks pulse and grow thicker still inside her ravaged throat and windpipe, then felt the heads push against the bottom of her stomach, strangely numb. The naga’s body’s pain receptors seemed to have shut down through overload, and all she could feel was herself wrapped around those two enormous shafts, vaguely hearing the elf let a hoarse scream loose. Tezira felt, and almost heard the first floods of cum course through the thickened, monstrous cocks, splashing forcefully into her stomach, filling it with the first two combined explosions of thick, almost chewable cum. At this point, her body finally could take no more, and she escaped into blissful unconsciousness, the lack of air and the overwhelming, crushing pain driving her into the darkness.

Cercea was sweating, almost whining with pleasure as she felt the massive surge of cum pound through the two massive cocks like a second heartbeat, watching cum beginning to leak from around her two cocks up from the creature’s stomach, the next moment retracting her head instinctively as cum pumped upwards into the air in a thick jet, the small elf’s body wracked with pleasure as the enormous cocks pulsed, sperm spraying up into the air, coating Cercea and the surrounding patch of beach in her own jizz for the full two minutes that her orgasm lasted. At the end of it, the elf’s mind was so blurred and spent from pleasure, that the creature controlling it could not hold on, retreating back to where it came from, leaving the elf to clear up the mess.

Blinking to rid herself of the blur in her eyes, Cercea almost collapsed, weakened knees making her tumble a little from side to side. That was when she felt it, her still hard dicks lodged in the sorceress’ throat. She looked down in terror, desperately yanking back and upwards, dragging Tezira’s limp body a few feet with her as she struggled to remove the two thick shafts from the naga’s throat. Looking down at herself, she felt a sinking feeling. She was covered in her own cum, and now that her dicks were no longer taking up the deformed, abused sorceress’ throat, cum had started leaking from her. For a moment, the otherwise relatively apathetic elf’s mind went blank, and it felt like something snapped inside her, then everything came back to her. She was a prisoner in her own body, somehow this thing had managed to control her some even when she was not horny, but it was over now.

She backed away, let out a shriek as she stepped on the burned neck of one of the myrmidons, then stormed back towards the beach where Nahla had been left, breathless more due to the cascade of realisations that had hit her than due to running. The Naga had been dead, she had killed it, but the shock of taking her first life had brought something, some measure of mental stability and power back to her. She had to find the girl she had been torturing the last couple of days, and ensure that she was still alive.

Nahla did not know how long she had been lying on the beach. The first time she woke up it was the middle of a day, she could barely move a muscle. Her entire body screamed for relief from the maddening pain, and if she had had the strength, she would have been crying in pain. Mercifully, she lost consciousness again, waking up much later, when the sun was setting once again. The young bodyguard was very aware that she should have been dead a long time ago, but as she came to a little, she realised that, once again, the thing that had ravaged her had.. Once again, orgasmed inside her. Her gaping ass had, miraculously, reshaped itself. Her bones felt as if they were bruised skin, but none were broken, bent or misplaced from their proper positions anymore. Her legs functioned again, and while the unbearable pain still coursed through her, her body was not destroyed. She was not hungry, barely even thirsty.

The young woman tried to get up on all four, but found it to be a very bad idea. The steady pain she had felt while lying on the beach ambushed her in a roaring tidal wave, causing her to shiver and collapse, a sob interrupted as she threw up what little was in her stomach due to the pain. Rolling onto her side, Nahla lost consciousness again. The next time she woke up, she was lying under a blanket near a fire that was roaring in the dark. Across from her sat her travelling companion, though she seemed changed somehow. The bodyguard began an attempt at sitting herself up, but the Cercea shook her head, put a finger upon her soft lips and shushed Nahla. There was no order or command in the previously confused girl’s voice, and for the first time since she had met this strange girl, Nahla felt as if there was true, unobfuscated emotion coming from her. She seemed to have been crying recently, judging by the wet stripes down her cheeks.

After a moment’s consideration, the bodyguard laid herself fully down again, grimacing. Her ass still hurt, but not any more than she could have managed to walk with if she had had to. She almost felt thankful that this thing, that was apparently Cercea half the time, came in her every time it used her. She closed her eyes, and slowly let herself drift off again, almost surprised at herself for not being more upset than she was at what had happened.

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