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(Fan)fiction Friday 6: The Bodyguard, Ch. 5

The Rear of Ashenvale

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The sun had only just started its gradual rise when Nahla woke up. Cercea was still sleeping. She immediately realised she had forgotten to tie the girl up, and resolved to make extra sure that this strange person or being would not be as free the coming night. As quietly as she could, Nahla began gathering her things. She gathered her blanket and the few other belongings she had had time to unpack during their stay here, then sat down at the glowing embers of the campfire Cercea that Cercea would have had to build while Nahla was sleeping. She was only now beginning to feel the slightest pang of hunger, something that unnerved and increasingly disgusted her. Her assailant had almost killed her, and then most likely been the very reason she had recovered as quickly as she did. Nahla sighed, and set her quiet eyes on Cercea. It seemed surreal that such a small woman was able to overpower anyone. If anything, she looked like she would be perfect in a human whorehouse. She was very much Yalanda Blackbough’s daughter when it came to looks.

Nahla sat there, lost in thoughts as Cercea muttered, seeming to be waking up. She opened her eyes and, for a moment, seemed to look like she was just a lost little girl, then her protective shell fell in place once again. Nahla shook her head and tightened the muscles in her chest as if to force the her sprouting empathetic feelings out through physical strength. “Pack, we need to move” she almost spat briskly, getting up and putting on her various pieces of armor.

Cercea quickly gathered her things in a rather disorderly pile and stuffed them into her pack, then managed to get the pack onto her back. Nahla stomped on the remaining embers, then lead Cercea out of the small ring of trees that had been their campsite and onto the road again. While Nahla was still not completely over the incident at the river, she was still in much better physical shape than Cercea. They stopped after having crossed the river. Cercea seemed to cast a glance at the road leading to Onu’s grove as they passed it, but never said a word. They walked for much of the day with only few breaks to eat and drink, reaching the northwestern, rear border of Ashenvale by nightfall.

As she had before, Nahla lead them off the road to find a more isolated campsite. She came upon an old, large tree that had fallen during a past storm. When it fell, it had taken a large chunk of the ground with it, creating a small area that seemed to be a good place to spend the night. Nahla ordered Cercea to set make their beds where the earth was soft and prepare for a fire, while the bodyguard ventured into the surrounding wilderness to find firewood and several branches that would serve as their roof. She returned to one of the neatest camps she had ever seen. Cercea was clearly trying hard to make up for her deed, even if Nahla found it laughable to try and make up for a rape with spending five minutes more on making a bed.

She shook her head and could not help smiling when Cercea turned away to prepare the firewood. They ate their food in silence. Not an unfriendly silence, but definitely not a comfortable silence either. After their meal, Nahla shifted to watch the forest around them, while Cercea kept still. While on guard, Nahla tried to retell the tale of everything she knew had happened while Cercea had been in stasis to herself.

The evening was quiet, and when Nahla eventually turned around to tell Cercea that it was time to sleep, she found the young woman to be sleeping already. Remembering the promise she made to herself that morning, she went through her pack and found several suitable lengths of rope. With her foot she gently prodded the sleeping girl until she woke from her light slumber. She held up some of the rope and looked Cercea in the eyes without blinking. Cercea nodded submissively, sighing inaudibly as she laid down on her stomach and gathered her wrists behind her back. Nahla kneeled next to Cercea, wrapped the rope around one wrist, then the other, then around both wrists, tying a knot before she lead the rope down to the girl’s hips where she repeated the same maneuver once more, only in a bigger scale. Being done with that, she lead the rope to Cercea’s ankles, and once again wrapped it around one, then the other, then both and tied a knot. Nahla finished off by tying the end of the rope several times around a big root hanging above them.

Cercea seemed to be relaxing now, as best she could while tied up, but Nahla was not done just yet. She tied a new rope around Cercea’s upper arms and tightened it as much as she could without causing the girl to whimper, then brought that rope down to the one tied around the girl’s ankles, entwining them. With the third and last bit of rope, she formed a loop that she got around Cercea’s waist, then tied the other end to the same large root that her ankles were tied to. Nahla wiped the sweat off her forehead and stood up, almost admiring her work. It would take more than a little time to get out of what she had tied Cercea into. The girl looked uncomfortable, and Nahla found herself once more having to fight off the irritating empathy that sought to take hold of her. That thing deserved this.

Nahla turned around and spent another few minutes making sure nothing was hiding somewhere near their camp, then laid herself to rest on a blanket, pulling another one up to her ears. She made sure her back was turned to Cercea, whom she heard shuffling uncomfortably in her bindings. Nahla wanted to smile, but found it much harder than she had expected. She suppressed a flash of irrational rage at this and instead forced herself to keep still and try to sleep. She watched the stars for the next three hours until exhaustion caught up with her.

Nahla had heard something. It was close to a time where she would have woken up anyway, but she had definitely heard something unusual, something that was very close to them. As stealthily as she could, her right hand dived along her front and drew the gladius from the sheath nestled, after a night’s sleep, inbetween her legs. Within a moment she was standing, weapon held in front of her, staring alert into the forest in front of her. Then the sound came again. Nahla relaxed, re-sheathed the gladius after having adjusted the sheath to her left, turning to face Cercea. The girl had, in her sleep, tried to curl up. This had resulted in some of the ropes around her tightening, which caused her to whimper quietly. She was wide awake, and from the look on her face, had not slept much at all during the night.

Nahla sighed and knelt near the younger elf. She began untying the ropes, slowly and meticulously. They would be used again the coming night, they needed to be ordered and ready for it. Cercea kept remarkably still during Nahla’s work, only getting up once her bodyguard had removed the ropes and left to pack them for the day. Over her shoulder, Nahla said “Go run around our camp five times, you need to get your circulation going again.”. Cercea nodded and took a step, which had her immediately collapse. She looked at her legs in disbelief. She could feel them just fine, but they apparently did not work. Once again she got up on her feet and tried to take a step. As soon as she put weight on her right foot she almost collapsed again. “I’m not carrying you Cercea. Get running.” snapped Nahla. Cercea nodded, their roles seemed completely turned upside down now. Nahla was commanding the one who had hired her, and Cercea found herself readily obeying. She was just happy that the mist she had been living in the last many weeks had lifted, though her happiness was darkened by her bodyguard’s abuse.

With some difficulty at first, Cercea completed five laps around their campsite. She was now much more able after her first night being tied up, and after their breakfast she even helped Nahla get her backpack on. The two of them followed the road south into Ashenvale, with Nahla occasionally remarking about this or that, features of the terrain, where they were and what could be lurking here. This part of Ashenvale was firmly in elven hands, but even so they could not afford to be careless. Nahla also mentioned the Zoram Strand, and upon digging in her memories, Cercea remembered that her father and mother had mentioned something about nagas, once night elves themselves, and other occult people lived there.

It was a slim hope, but also the first one she had actually been close to. “We will go there” the young woman said, some of the authority that her parents had invested in her surfacing once more. Nahla shrugged, and lead them off the road and back northwards. They met with the much smaller road leading off to the strand, following it through the forest. They stopped to eat, drink and rest a few times, but managed to reach the strand just as the sun was setting.

The two elven females set their packs down just inside the forest and wandered down towards the sea. It was a peaceful night, there seemed to be no trace of the naga that usually roamed this area, even the crabs seemed to have found another place to scuttle around on. The night was truly peaceful, and both of them stood for a few minutes, letting their minds wander. Nahla’s mind was dark at first, thinking of what had happened to her only days ago, and while the shadow that had settled in her mind never dissipated, her thoughts at least for a moment drifted back to her home in Teldrassil. Why did she even live there? There was nothing there for her. Feathermoon Stronghold would be more fitting.

Cercea’s mind functioned quite differently. She remembered what to her seemed to be only a few years ago when she and her beloved had wandered along this same beach. It had been a peaceful, beautiful night like this. Their hands never left the others, and when darkness settled they.. She snapped out of her line of thought, knowing what would happen if she let herself get aroused, but already then it was too late. The all too well known mist had descended, she was unable to even utter the faintest warning to her bodyguard. She could only pray that Nahla would still be alive when she regained control of herself. That thought was the last thing she remembered before falling into a deep, spiralling black void of nothing.

Nahla only peripherically noticed that Cercea’s scent changed. The smell became oddly sweet, very rich as if something very concentrated was close by. Had she looked back, she would have noticed that Cercea’s clothes were straining almost impossibly against her four huge cocks. “I’ll take a bath” mumbled Cercea to Nahla, beginning to undress. Nahla nodded absentmindedly, lost in thoughts of her future plans and life as a sentinel. She might even rise in ranks. She was young, and definitely had not been the worst of her group of trainees. Not at all. It was in the fraction of a second before Cercea’s frail body crashed into her with surprising force, that Nahla realised she had lost track of the girl. She did not know where Cercea was, she only had the differing scent and a mental position to go on. Both of them tumbled to the ground, Nahla with a surprised yelp. It was clear after one brief look that Cercea was not herself. Those four, huge cocks were all as hard as rock, and the unnatural strength had returned to the girl’s body. Nahla had her speed to rely on, and she almost managed to roll free and out of Cercea’s reach, but in the nick of time Cercea managed to latch on to her bodyguard’s leg with a sick grin on her face, pulling the much weaker Nahla in as one would reel in a fish. Cercea ripped off the elf’s boots and pants, which once again gave Nahla a window of opportunity.

She rolled to the side, got up on a knee and within three seconds was sprinting away from Cercea. The dickgirl snarled, made a cutting motion with her right arm and something, an invisible force, pushed Nahla roughly off her feet and to the side. Cercea ran up to where Nahla was getting on her feet. Her powers were coming out now, it was playtime. She grabbed Nahla’s shirt and simply held onto it, which resulted in the bodyguard ripping herself free from it, buttons snapping open. She was now completely naked, making the blood course through Cercea like a freight train. It could not be stopped now, she had to have the woman running two steps in front of her.

Cercea let out a playful laugh as the two of them neared the edge of the water. They were running along the beach now, the sand clearly exhausting Nahla, while Cercea did not even feel the slightest shortness of breath.

Minutes passed as the pair kept running, blood rushing in a frenzied pace through Nahla’s system. She was heaving for air, every cough and inhalation another battle now. She had started to lose her grace, running at this speed was simply too much for her at length. She stumbled once but got out of it still running. Nothing she did, sharp turns, heightening speed or even trying to put obstacles in Cercea’s way seemed to work. Finally, as the two of them reached a small peninsula in the beach, Cercea made her move. As Nahla stumbled yet again, the girl leapt forward and latched onto her bodyguard’s back, almost as if it was an innocent piggyback ride and not a wild flight. Despite Cercea being small for an elf, the extra weight landing on her was enough to send Nahla to the sand with a thump, air knocked out of her. Her mind went blank for a moment as she desperately gasped for breath while crawling forward, but the first round was lost to her now. Cercea quickly placed herself on the woman’s back, just above her waist.

With a lopsided smile, Cercea placed a hand against Nahla’s cheek and, with surprising strength, forced the elf’s head sideways down into the sand as she spoke, her tone the same as a mother would use to scold a child “Tsk.. I had hoped you learned your lesson in Darkshore, Nahla dear. You can’t try running away from your mistress, I’ll have to show you that..”. While Cercea spoke, Nahla had slowly been getting up with the girl still sitting on her. Cercea had removed her hand from Nahla’s face, but as Nahla started to put her knees under herself, she felt Cercea’s knuckles thunder against the back of her head with the same unnatural strength she had possessed last time, in Darkshore. The bodyguard’s mind went black for half a second, enough to make her collapse to the ground and immediately surface to a blossoming pain in her head, but not long enough for her not to feel the second fist crashing against her now exposed left cheekbone. Nahla tried to move her hands, but found her arms trapped under Cercea’s thighs, locked down along her sides.

The woman’s face warped into a grimace as Cercea gently caressed her hair, took a hold of it and wrapped it around her fist a few times. A yank and a feeling the same as ten thousand small needles being pushed into her scalp followed, as the seemingly mad dickgirl yanked Nahla’s head upwards, and then came three bone-shattering hits in quick succession. Nahla screamed as she felt a splinter of bone knocked off of her cheekbone, then her jawbone and then yelped as the third hit landed on the base of her ear. Cercea was snarling at this point, almost foaming as she leaned down over Nahla and forced the elf against the sand face first. In vain, Nahla struggled and tried to free herself as air quickly became a commodity that was short in supply, all the while feeling Cercea’s left fist rain down upon her with a force she had never experienced before. The pain from one impact never abating before the next hit, rather becoming a permanent throbbing in her cranium,

Finally, the girl pulled Nahla’s face free from the sand by her hair and whispered in her ear “See, running is the worst option available to you, dear.. Most would find it an honor to have my attention lavished upon them, but you… I will teach you to see how lucky you are.”. She landed one last hit against the side of Nahla’s face and then got up. Nahla was dizzy, she knew that it would only have taken at best four or five more hits to let her escape into unconsciousness, but clearly Cercea did not want that. To her surprise, the girl stood up and Nahla felt herself free. She laid on the sand for half a minute to be certain that this was not just another game, then slowly started lifting herself off the sand, putting one knee under herself. It was a slow, arduous process, one that seemed to the bodyguard to take far longer than the ten seconds that passed for Cercea, the blossoming pain in her head having reached maturity, now in full bloom. The young woman more felt than than heard or saw herself throw up from the pain, stumbling to her right a few feet. Nothing except her own swirling world existed for those few seconds, until she finally managed to stabilize herself on two arms and a knee.

All air was knocked from Nahla as Cercea’s knee made contact with the side of her chest with so crushing a force that ribs creaked from the impact and sent the woman tumbling two feet closer to the sea. She landed on her side and immediately, driven by instinct, curled up into a ball, gasping and holding her left side. Cercea stood above her within a second, her long, deep blue hair blowing in an unseen wind, her eyes having changed. They were no longer clear, shining pools of light, instead black maelstroms that still managed to convey a contempt so deep that Nahla was almost crushed and lost all sense of significance. Cercea bent down and took a hold of Nahla, holding the larger woman by her neck for a second before lifting her off the ground. The tips of Nahla’s toes were only now and then able to touch the sand below her, her hands weakly ripped at the iron claw locked around her neck. Cercea stared at her bodyguard, then changed her grip to hold around both Nahla’s neck and her lower jawbone.

“See, dear.. You face an interesting choice now. Will you submit, or will you submit after I’ve crushed your jaw? The choice is entirely yours, it’s only a delay of ten seconds to me.” said Cercea, her tone, while still carrying a clear undercurrent of hostility, rather conversational. Her black eyes almost seemed to sap and weaken Nahla’s will just by being looked into. Nahla closed her eyes and shook her head, something she stopped doing one second later when she felt an unbearable pressure against her jawbone. A scream bubbled from her throat, reacting on instinct again as she kicked viciously at Cercea, making contact but having no apparent effect no matter how many times or where she hit. “Well, dear? What will it be?” smiled Cercea casually. She ran a hand along the curve of one of Nahla’s breasts, all the while slowly increasing the pressure on the woman’s jaw.

Just as she felt her bones about to give in, Nahla screamed “I yield! I-I yield!”. Cercea kept her bodyguard writhing in pain for another five seconds before she loosened her grip and let the, in her eyes, pathetic young woman fall to the ground. Nahla had once again curled up into a ball, her teeth gritted. Even if she could not hide her tears, she would not let this.. Creature have the satisfaction of hearing a sound of it from her. Cercea watched the at this point defenceless woman with a smile, going down on one knee next to Nahla. She took a hold of the bodyguard’s hair, wound it around her hand once again and, with a yank brought Nahla’s tearful face to look at her own. In an ironically soft touch, she ran her hand down the young woman’s left, bruised cheek, leaning forward to lick the salty tears away, her tongue trailing to Nahla’s left ear where the girl whispered “Turn to your stomach, Nahla. You’re lucky.. You picked the right choice, and for that I will reward you by not impregnating you, not today..”.

A sudden gust of wind hit the beach, carrying with it seawater and a cool breeze that, for Cercea, was welcome, while Nahla hardly noticed it. Blood was pumping through her system, her head ached, her jaw ached, she was still gasping for air and her entire body felt weak. She felt her “mistress” release her hair, and had to hold herself back from spitting on the sand. She was in so deep an inner turmoil that she could not emotionally deal with it, all she felt was anger and helplessness.

Slowly, as if trying to prove that she was not entirely subdued, the aching, sweating soldier unfolded her body and rolled to her stomach. She did not know what was coming, but she braced herself for more pain, trying to take deep breaths before she let her forehead rest on the relatively cool sand. A few tufts of her dark green hair littered the sand, but nothing that was worrying. Nahla felt the cursed being above her take a gentle hold of first one wrist, then the other, placing both of her hands over her back, resting in an inverted v shape above the line of her spine. A deceptively soft and smooth caress ran from Nahla’s shoulder, down along the side of a breast, along her muscled side and onto her firm butt.

Cercea sat back on her heels, on knee planted on each side of her bodyguard’s legs, and admired the young woman’s body. Intensive training had transformed this normal girl into a beauty, the lines of her body defined but not excessively so. She was well-proportioned, small for a night elf, although not as small as the host body, but still almost deliciously small. It was so easy to inflict pain on this lovely creature, one who had willingly become a servant, no powers were even needed, just sex. Once again Cercea reached up, this time with both of her small hands and traced one finger along the same route down Nahla’s sides. Cercea smiled, looked to her waiting cocks, then to the woman’s waist. At a guess, the elf’s waist seemed about as wide as two of the large cocks laid next to each other. Perhaps a little too small, but she was well trained and had shown receptiveness to Cercea’s cum.

With a blink of light eyelids, the dickgirl resurfaced from her thoughts. She placed her hands on Nahla’s lower back and slowly, expectantly ran them down over the woman’s lower back, onto her firm behind. Unable to keep herself from smiling a gleeful, wild smile, Cercea adjusted the position of her slender legs and, with each of her thumbs, pulled the lovely elf’s cheeks apart. Nahla tensed. She knew what was coming from the moment her captor’s thumbs had dug into the muscled meat of her behind and pulled it apart. She had never, ever tried this before, and now this.. This thing would be the first to take her ass? She shook her head, her hands balling up into fists. There was nothing, absolutely nothing she could do. Even if she had had a window of opportunity, she would not have been able to run more than a few steps before collapsing, Cercea had made sure of that with the beating she had given Nahla’s head.

Nahla looked up, out over the calm sea and the setting sun. Had she realised she was doing exactly as her captor had hoped, she would probably have put up more of a fight, but as it was she simple kept still, hands gathered behind her back, back bent a little to enable her to look out over the sea. It struck her that, had the two of them been lovers, this would have been a beautiful scene, something she would have remembered for years. A calm, soothing breeze, a quiet beach and the two of them.. She inhaled deeply. Cercea had, finally it seemed, placed the tip of one hugely thick cock against Nahla’s sphincter. In quiet resignation and beginning resolve to make it through this as well, the young bodyguard stared out over the ocean, trying to ignore the four-cocked monster behind her playing with her cheeks, trying to squeeze the huge cock between Nahla’s buttocks, a task that was quite impossible due to the simple fact that the head of it was almost as big as one buttcheek.

It seemed almost as if those things had become larger, but Nahla quickly got other things on her mind as the girl’s small and strangely strong hands ran to her waist, where they latched on in a vice-like grip. Half a second later, Nahla felt as if someone was trying to force a chair up into her ass. Her rear was pushed inwards as Cercea gradually put more pressure on the huge cock. It was uncomfortable, but not painful as such. The pressure was mounting, and the young bodyguard was beginning to writhe uncomfortably, but there was no pain. Then, it seemed as if something within her let go, and the pressure against the outside of her small, tight ass abated, only to be replaced with pressure inside as her pelvis bones began to creak and move, her insides rearranging to make room for the huge cockhead that was lodged inside Nahla’s ass. In a delayed reaction, pain lashed through her body almost as if an earthquake had hit her and only her, the force seeming to dwindle only preciously little as the sickening pain continued lashing through her form, culminating in an insane scream of complete agony as her head exploded in a single thought. Must get away.

With the frenzy of someone fighting for their survival, Nahla clawed at the ground in front of her, screaming and sobbing, legs kicking and hitting Cercea’s back. None of it slowed the dickgirl down. She kept still, in her mind likening herself a little to the center of a tornado, almost meticulously watching that thick elven meat force into the struggling woman’s small ass. It was a delight, feeling how she would add almost a third to Nahla’s weight just by forcing this cock into the bodyguard’s ass. It was a delight watching how this well-trained body almost seemed to be eating up the wide, pulsing cock, so stretched was it. There were almost no buttcheeks left to be seen, Nahla’s hips and pelvis had moved outwards as five massive inches of cock had been forced in after the cockhead. Just for this occasion, Cercea had let this cock grow to twenty two inches and let it become about two inches thicker. It would kill Nahla, or it would have if not for the exceptional receptiveness this woman had shown for Cercea’s cum. The woman fed on it readily, and it helped her get over things that had easily killed previous victims.

Gradually the kicking against Cercea’s back died down. She kept a steady pace, forcing her wide, veined, much too large cock into Nahla’s stretching ass at about an inch every ten seconds. This meant that after about two full minutes, the entire, pulsing futacock was hilted in the bodyguard, who at this point had lost most of the sensation in her lower body. It was no problem for Cercea to hilt herself completely in her submissive victim, pelvis against butt, so much had the cock pushed Nahla’s pelvis and thighs out of shape. The sobbing, writhing form under Cercea that was now almost a third cock was still feebly trying to claw forward, mouth hanging open, spittle hanging from chin and strands of hair, her eyes at once wild and absent. Her insides had been pushed around, bones bent, so impossibly much pain had been inflicted on her in the last three minutes that she had lost touch with reality for the time being.

Cercea leaned forward, releasing her grip of the woman’s bulging waist, instead placing one hand flat on Nahla’s back and the other on the sand to the side. Keeping the body below her in place, she began slowly, deliberately pulling her huge dick backwards, out, until about half of it was outside Nahla’s abused body. In a long, fluid movement, the girl pushed eleven inches of thick elven girlcock into the bodyguard’s ass, spending just twenty seconds this time. She repeated the movement, setting up a slow pace. As the minutes passed, her speed had now approached the brutal speed of pounding those eleven inches of cock into Nahla’s ass in two, then finally.. One second.

The young woman was in shock. This was more than rape, she was completely gone. She felt every jolt of insane, all-consuming pain, but she could no longer react. She was drooling, gradually being pushed forward through the sand from the force of Cercea’s pounding, all the power she could muster was reaching a shaking, claw-like hand forward, digging fingers into the sand in a feeble attempt at dragging herself away from the torture and into sweet, oblivious nothingness. Nothing happened, except the rhythmic, crushing pace of Cercea’s cock thrusting in and out. Even as the girl grunted and the elven meat started quaking in orgasm, she never stopped thrusting in and out. Hot, sticky cum blasted into Nahla as that huge shaft just kept plowing in and out, in and out.. Until the orgasm abated.

Cercea was finally breathing heavily now, as the cum-smeared, pulsing cock slowly left Nahla’s insides. At last, only the first half of the head was left inside the bodyguard’s abused body. The dickgirl reached a hand forward and grabbed a handful of Nahla’s hair, pulling the woman’s head backwards while she leaned forward herself, whispering while panting. ”That.. Was… The beginning. Now.. We start… For real.”. She held Nahla by her hair for a while longer, pressing a demanding kiss to the bodyguard’s teary, drool-covered, bruised face before leaning up again. She kept a hold of the soft, sticky hair with one hand, the other hand pushing a second veined shaft down beside the first. The breeze had, without either of them noticing, picked up a slight bit, causing both dark green and dark blue strands of hair to whip about their heads, but neither seemed to care or even notice.

As hot, viscous cum started leaking past the first huge cock, Cercea edged a finger under Nahla’s ring muscle and, with a little help from the cum, managed to widen the opening just enough for the second rock hard shaft to make room for itself and glide in. If anyone had dared to cross the invisible, powerful wards that Cercea had planted in a wide radius around them, they would have seen one of the most grotesque sights in the history of the beach. Nahla was barely able to use her legs, yet was held up on her knees by a combination of the huge girlcocks in her ass and the firm grip of her dark green hair. Behind this abused, well-trained woman sat a smaller, younger night elf with four monstrous cocks jutting from her pelvis, two of them clearly in the process of impaling the woman halfway kneeling in front of her. Their hair blew around them, the rich, powerful scent of Cercea’s first explosion of cum was carried on the wind far into the woods, and the full curves of the rapist’s victim jiggled ever so slightly with every trembling movement.

Nahla’s pelvic bone was flattened, her sides bulging, her body stretched so far that her feminine form was only vaguely visible around her ass. With a firm grip of her bodyguard’s hair and one hand gripping the grotesquely bulging waist, the two veiny, thick, unrelenting cocks were forced inwards, into Nahla. The young woman’s vision began swimming, then failed completely for a few seconds, her hearing coming and going, breathing rasping. Her mind had shut down the pain, she could clearly feel the indescribable agony wracking her body, yet she could do nothing. She could not react. Her mind was trying to rationalize this, trying to cope. Cum leaked from her stretched ass as the two massive twenty two inch monsters were forced into Nahla’s body, the woman’s front beginning to bulge just above her belly as the two cocks began to near hilting.

In another, nearby world, Nahla was halfway kneeling, her eyes closed and her mouth open in a moan. Her arms were reaching back to her own ass, holding it open as Cercea’s twin cocks were driving into the young woman’s behind. One hand held Nahla’s hair in a loving but demanding grip, the grip of a mistress, while the other was playing with the woman’s clit. Slowly, as gently as such a huge girth would allow, this Cercea pressed the two cocks all the way into Nahla, the woman arching her back as much as the girlcocks would allow, as pleasure wracked her.

After another blink of her eyes, Nahla was back on the beach, cum dripping from her gaping ass, her face once again covered in drool and tears. Finally, her voice returned to her, her body convulsing, a rasping, desperate scream sounding over the abandoned beach as the two huge, thick cocks were thrust into her ass once again, the first of a series of hilting thrusts that left Nahla completely powerless and sobbing with a pain so intense that she could feel nothing else in the world. Her vision had reddened, scream upon helpless scream sounding as her front bulged and sucked in time and time again, the two massive cocks pumping in and out without pause. Then, for what seemed like a fraction of a second, Cercea hesitated. She was sweating, gasping for air, on the verge of her second orgasm, but she hesitated. She had stopped in the middle of a brutal thrust, now.. She began to pull back. Then the moment was over, and she brutally forced herself to the hilt into the small, abused body impaled on her cocks, gritting her teeth as she convulsed, the two cocks sending one, two, three huge bursts of sperm into Nahla.

Cercea’s voice suddenly rang out, filled with horror “No!”. The wards keeping everything sane away from the area fell, the terrible aura that surrounded Cercea disappeared with the next gust of wind. The grip on Nahla’s hair weakened, then released, the still madly pulsing, cum-spewing futacocks pulled from her body in less than two seconds. The presence behind her was gone, she felt it more than anything. Then, she heard a gasp, a body falling to the ground, another loud “No!”. What sounded like a fight had broken out behind her, she heard that clearly through the red mists of pain and what she feared was death that clouded her senses, but the sounds grew more distant while the bodyguard fought to muster the strength to turn and see what was happening. After almost a full minute, she rolled to her side with a heart-wrenching sob of pain, managing to see an almost as grotesque sight as the one that had been right there on the beach two minutes ago. Cercea was fighting herself, and seemed to be losing. She was punching, kicking, tumbling around, screaming and pulling her own hair, trying to choke herself and seemed completely mad. She fell to the ground and was still for a while, then got up and sprinted away, the sound of her sobs quickly vanishing.

Nahla was out of any semblance of will or strength, and collapsed back on her stomach, thick cum oozing her from her gaping ass. Permanent damage had been inflicted to her psyche on this beach, she was vaguely aware of that before she fell off the precarious edge of conscience she had been balancing on the last minute, into the embrace of darkness.

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