Sunday, May 19, 2013

How can I keep this up?

One of my first concerns, knowing myself as I do, is how to make sure that I stick with this. Writing is something I enjoy, seeing other people enjoy what I have written is satisfying to me, but I am just not a machine-person with a full dedication tank. I won't bore anyone with too much real life trivia of me, the person, but I'm sure others can recognize themselves in this to some degree.

Like many others on the internet, it sometimes feels like my greatest skill is procrastination. Whether it is in the face of something I HAVE to do, or something I WANT to do. Writing is something I want to do, not something I have to do. Unfortunately, this category is what's hardest to stop yourself from neglecting in your pursuit of new cat images and previously unseen YouTube videos.

So, really, why am I writing (boring you with) this? Because even though this is not effort spent on a story, it is still writing. And writing is what it comes down to, if you want to be an author. Some people write their own name until something else comes out. I ramble on my blog.

Also, this seems relevant in some way:

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