Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Writing Update

Heya, I thought it'd be nice to do one of these. In case anyone actually reads this blog with an eye for what I'm going to release.

Scheduled for March release:

Becoming His (M/F BDSM Novella)
Roguish Delight (Futa/F Impregnation Short Story)
Futanarium #1 (Futa/F Short Story Bundle)

These things are all done, and only need to be moved past the various stages of pre-publishing that they are in. Becoming His is going to be published near the start of March, most likely on the 2nd. I'm still waiting for the short story bundle's cover to be 100% done, but it's looking really nice. I'm getting a 3D boxset image. It probably won't be worth it from a monetary perspective, but I just love how it looks. Roguish Delight will be released as a separate story the week before the bundle, and will also be in the bundle.

Basically, you can buy my stories separately for 2,99$, or you can wait until I release them in a 5-story bundle and get them for just under 1$ each, as the price for the bundle will be 4,99$. This is something I'm going to be continuing. It'll also happen for M/F stories. It'll be a while since I don't write many M/F stories, but it'll happen.

Upcoming Works:

Fantasy Erotica Novella/Novel (Futa/F)
First part of Virtual Me, a short serial following a girl's exploration of a cyberspace sex server. (Futa/F)
First part of I-Haven't-Come-Up-With-A-Title, a series following a woman's gradual ascension through the ranks of the small domain in hell she is brought to. (Futa/F, also demons and devils, and stuff)
Short story of summoning a succubus for sexual service. (Futa/F)
Short story of an orc(-ess) having some fun. Not 100% on whether I want to make this dubcon (Taking a captive), or prostitution.

As you can see, I have a bajillion words to write, and only so much writing time. Luxury problem, I guess? It's just how writing is. You don't have time to get all your ideas down in writing. I should mention that I also have work on a private commission to do, so that takes time each week as well.

And that's about it! I don't have any 100% release dates on any of the upcoming stuff, but I'm probably about 40% done with the Fantasy Erotica Novella/Novel. Then it needs to be proofed, and it needs a cover. That's probably a couple months away. If I were to make a qualified guess, I'd say that the first part of Virtual Me would be the prime contender for April release, probably along with a short story or the first part of the other series. We'll see!

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