Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday, I'm In Love

It's Friday, and it's a pretty good day.

It's my dad's birthday tomorrow. I need to go and get him a present today. I've been back to writing for a few days now, and I'm enjoying just watching characters unfold as I type. I almost forgot the sort of trance you sometimes go into, where it almost seems as if the characters write themselves. Your fingers just do the typing, and the characters flow from your subconscious and onto the screen. It's a really great feeling, especially when you sort of doubt your overall ability as a writer.

Solon's Maiden has taken off alright, at least relative to my usual numbers. If things stay on course as I write this, I'll definitely have sold 10+ copies in the first week. My projected sales for any story is just 5 a month, so that's obviously a great start.

Due to my finances being a mess right now, I've decided to hold off with publishing Becoming His until March. I don't have enough money to get the covers I'll need right now, and I'd prefer if there wasn't another huge gap in my release schedule any time soon. So, pushing that to around March 1st. The story I'm writing right now (Fantasy Erotica type thing) will probably go up around the 1st of April, if all goes well.

I could write and publish a lot more than this, but after seeing what buying covers did to my sales, I no longer want to make my own. A cover is earned back (Depending on the deal I go for when I get them) after 15-20 sales, so it's not exactly an insurmountable cost. Right now, it's simply a matter of getting some cash flow going from book sales before I can afford to get covers on a monthly basis. Not ideal, I guess, but I want to give my stories the best life they can get. That includes spending a bit of money on a cover, which I'm quite happy to do, overall.

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