Sunday, February 9, 2014

Solon's Maiden Published

Description: A year ago, Kathryn's friend disappeared in the night. No one knew how, or why. Even so, life is safe and boring for Kathryn, apprenticed to her village's seamstress. She hopes she'll be swept off her feet by a rich and handsome man, hopes that her life will explode into excitement, riches and happiness.

Exactly a year after her friend disappeared, Kathryn's dream is fulfilled in a way she had never thought possible. New purpose is forced upon her by Tamara, and in the shaping hands of this sculpted huntress, Kathryn becomes more than she had ever hoped to be.

Solon's Maiden is an erotica short story that details the meeting of two people of different races with entirely different ideas about how their lives should be. One is abducted by the other, and things quickly take a turn towards the carnal.

This story contains 14000+ words of scorching, interracial fantasy erotica, featuring an extremely well-endowed amazonian futanari (A woman, except with cock and balls) elf and her reluctant, initially hesitant partner.

Author Notes: This is a story that I finished months ago, before my break from writing. I couldn't stomach even spending the time it required to fix this up to publish at the time, but things have changed. As with A Different Prince Charming, the cover was bought from and is much better than anything I could've mixed up myself. I don't mind spending the small amount of money it takes to get these covers when the result is so much better. You need only go a few releases back to see my own, atrocious, work.

Overall, I'm both satisfied and nervous about publishing this story. I'm satisfied because I think it's fairly well-written, and I'm nervous because it involves kinks that the general public may not have heard or conceived of. We'll see how that works out. In any case, I hope the story is enjoyed by those who read it.

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