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(Fan)fiction Friday 4: The Bodyguard, Ch. 3


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For the most part, Cercea had remained still while Nahla was passed out. She did lean down to run her tongue over one of her cocks now and again, having to suppress a girly giggle as she did it. Even now and again, she ran a small hand over her bodyguard’s now more relaxed face, glancing left and right along the bank of the river, but otherwise staying where she was. Nothing was near. It was dark by now, but nothing dared come near. Everything here could feel that something dangerous was at the river. Cercea almost laughed. This body was the perfect disguise and hiding place. Shame he was only able to come out and control the body under certain conditions.. But it was manageable nevertheless.

Nahla’s eyelids twitched, and immediately Cercea sat still, smiling downwards at where Nahla was lying. The changed woman could not actually see Nahla due to her four eighteen inch cocks being in the way, but she would know when Nahla woke up. “Time for fun!” was the sentence that rang inside Cercea’s head.

Gradually Nahla struggled up through layer upon layer of unconsciousness, finally arriving in Azeroth once again. Her lips hurt, her neck and upper body were pounding with a deeper, more worrying pain, her wrists were hurting due to being tied, and once she opened her eyes, she knew it had only started. She saw the bottom side of one of Cercea’s huge cocks, seeing part of another above the first. Nahla felt Cercea’s small hand caress her cheek, a surprisingly gentle touch, considering what had happened earlier.. How much earlier? She had lost her sense of time while passed out. It was dark, but for how long had it been?

“You were a good sport, Nahla,” purred Cercea’s soft voice, “But we aren’t done just yet.. Before we start, I’ll give you a minute to look up at my cocks, take in how they look from your position, because I promise you it will become a familiar sight to you unless you want to die.”. Cercea held still for an entire minute. Nahla was not necessarily following her command, but she was not actively struggling either. She knew when she was beaten, or perhaps she was merely waiting for what was coming. “Now, Nahla my dearest, this can be easy or hard for you, the decision is entirely yours. I can hardly wait to see just what your reaction will be..” almost whispered Cercea, before moving backwards from her bodyguard’s position on the ground. One hand clasped Nahla’s neck, the other reached up and angled one huge dick down at the elf’s mouth. Cercea pushed forward. As expected, she met resistance. She planted her hands at Nahla’s lips and unceremoniously forced fingers into the other elf’s mouth. With the same unnatural strength she had shown earlier she pulled Nahla’s teeth from each other and pushed the head of the large cock into Nahla’s warm mouth, slowly releasing the elf’s teeth again. At this point, she knew there was no danger. Nahla could not possibly inflict any serious harm on her rock hard meat, but if she tried she would soon find it to have been an exceptionally bad decision.

As Cercea had expected, she felt Nahla’s teeth make feeble attempts at biting into the thick cock lodged in the slightly larger elf’s mouth. With a slight sigh, she took a hold of Nahla’s neck and kept the elf still. “I’m going to show you what happens when you choose the hard way, Nahla. Whether you choose the hard way or the easy way, I’m going to cum in your belly until I’m empty. Let’s see if this doesn’t give you the inspiration you need to be more cooperative..” said Cercea is a satisfied tone, not even finishing before she had to mumble a few words under her breath. Immediately, Nahla became limp, laying splayed slightly on the ground. She had lost control of her muscles, even her lungs, unable to even breathe in, scream, bite, claw, and twitch or convulse as the much too large cock began pushing into her throat. She felt the dull pain in her neck come over her again in waves as the thick futa cock was forced deeper into her, her neck once again bulging to an obscene size. With her cock hilted in Nahla’s mouth once again, Cercea pulled about an inch back and began thrusting very fast, small thrusts into Nahla, keeping this up for about thirty seconds until she got the overwhelming sense that Nahla would lose conscience again if she kept it up much longer. With a satisfied roar, she let the floodgates open, powerful bursts of thick, milky-white sperm blasting into Nahla’s stomach with no hindrance possible. Cercea’s body trembled for a full twenty seconds, roughly holding her bodyguard’s face against the hilt of the cock as she pumped cum into Nahla. Almost as quickly as she had exploded, Cercea pulled the cock out of Nahla’s abused body, and let her regain control of her body with a wave of her hand.

Nahla gasped, coughed and almost lost conscience because her body wanted and needed to do so many things at once that she could not get air. With her charge sitting above her patiently, Nahla coughed, gasped for air for two minutes, feeling the huge load of cum splashing about in her stomach. Finally, she regained her composure somewhat. Unwilling to give Nahla any time to formulate some form of defense in this first encounter, Cercea leaned slightly further forward and pushed the head of her second, huge cock into Nahla’s mouth. “Do yourself a favour now, dear..” whispered Cercea as she carefully slid an inch more of throbbing meat into Nahla’s mouth, pulling back again, starting up the same short, small thrusts she had used before. She never felt even the start of a bite this time, though she did hear some cock-muffled sobs coming from Nahla, a clear sign of the pain wracking the bodyguard’s body. “See, this is much nicer.. And much easier.” said Cercea, caressing Nahla’s cheek gently, scooping up a drop of blood running from the elf’s ruptured lips.

Cercea held herself aloft slight above and behind Nahla on her two hands, simply thrusting the head of her second huge cock in and out of Nahla’s mouth, her breath finally beginning to get labored. “Now relax, this won’t take too long..”, whispered Cercea, taking a far more gentle grip of Nahla’s neck than before as she forced her cock into the elf’s throat and further still, enjoying the sight of Nahla’s neck bulging as the pulsing cock made its way deeper. Cercea sighed with satisfaction as she felt Nahla’s lips around the base of the large cock, pushing back and forth a little to rub the head of her first and lower placed cock against Nahla’s skin. Cercea gave a few, relatively hard thrusts and then leaned her head back, a few interrupted sounds coming from her open mouth as the second huge cock sent a second explosion of sperm into Nahla’s already well-filled belly. Cercea relaxed finally, after the twenty-seventh spurt of cum, pulling the cock out of Nahla quickly, holding the elf’s head as she coughed, holding her stomach with one hand, gasping for breath and from the pain in her neck and upper torso.

“There there, Nahla.. We’re halfway. You’re being very good.” said Cercea gently. She decided already then that she would not do anything more to Nahla today, once she had finished what she was doing now. She did not want to wreck this new toy when she, after all, had shown a spark of hope. She might become useful, perhaps her mind could be twisted to serve the purpose.

Cercea sat lost in thought for a little while, absentmindedly caressing Nahla’s neck, holding the elf’s head gently with her other hand. She was momentarily distracted, but the raging hardons would not let her sit idle for too long. Images of a possible future drifted past her eyes in a sensual flurry. Cercea wiped the head of her second cock off on Nahla’s right cheek, and then got into position again. The third huge, hard cock started pushing past Nahla’s lips. The halfway unconscious bodyguard could not understand it, but it seemed almost as if her captor was being gentle this time. She wrote it off to lack of sensibility in her abused body. At this point she had given up, all she hoped for was to, somehow, survive this ordeal, then turn this monstrosity in to be dealt with by the Priestesses. She thought of what would happen to this strange girl, whether she was demonic or a corrupted Night Elf did not actually matter. Nahla was being much more cooperative than Cercea had ever hoped for. The woman stayed almost completely still while Cercea slowly and carefully pushed her third dick in and out of Nahla’s mouth. She let herself prolong the pleasure this time around. Nahla could breathe the entire time, as Cercea stretched her body sensually, driving her cock in and out of Nahla for more than fifteen minutes. Finally she stopped, caressing Nahla’s cheek as she spoke “It is time, dear.. You’ve been good, so I will as well.”.

Cercea pulled back, sat down on her heels and grabbed the third, at this point almost pulsing cock in both of her hands. She was unable to reach all the way around it, but still jerked herself off for around a minute, until she started being wracked in pleasure. With surprising ease, she pushed the thick cock down just as the girl’s thick cum started pumping from it, landing directly on Nahla’s face and upper body. Cercea kept jerking the huge cock as cum flooded Nahla’s face, flowing down and onto the ground, forming a small, sticky-white pool on the ground. Cercea kept still with her head angled to the right for a while, admiring the thick and slowly flowing streams going down the sides of Nahla’s face with a small smile, then, slowly and deliberately, leaned forward and took a long lick from her bodyguard’s forehead down to her lips. Cercea used her tongue to probe Nahla’s lips apart, pushing some of her cum into the apparently still slightly resisting elf’s mouth. “Come now dear.. You’ll grow to like the taste of it, it’d be best for you if you did, at least.” whispered Cercea in Nahla’s ear before leaning up again.

“I want you to scoop some up with that sweet tongue of yours and drink it, Nahla.” said Cercea in a more commanding tone. The bodyguard stayed still. It was one thing to give up the fight and hope to live, but completely different to surrender so completely as this command suggested. She gritted her teeth, ignoring the pain for the moment as her thoughts raced. Meanwhile, Cercea gathered some of the flowing cum with a finger running over Nahla’s cheek and pushed it towards her lips. As the finger neared, Nahla’s jaw relaxed a little. Cercea gently pushed her finger in between Nahla’s lips, pushed them apart a little and then rolled the cum into the bodyguard’s mouth, leaving the small finger in there as well. “Lick my finger clean, dear, then swallow..” said Cercea in a purr, gently placing her other hand on Nahla’s neck to be sure she felt a swallow. Cercea felt Nahla’s warm, moist but hesitant tongue on her finger, smiling to herself as the sticky white sperm was cleaned off her. She felt Nahla’s mouth contract in a swallowing motion, then felt it continue down the elf’s throat.

“That was very good, Nahla dear. Now the last of this..” whispered Cercea, once again raising herself over Nahla. She had a little trouble getting her fourth cock placed against the bodyguard’s lips, as the three others below it obstructed things somewhat. After a little rubbing and sighing from Cercea’s side, the fourth thick dick was pushed gently into Nahla’s mouth. “Be good now, okay? I want to do a little more than before, but I don’t want to hurt you.” said Cercea as she pushed the throbbing cockhead into Nahla’s mouth. “Breathe in, dear.” mumbled Cercea, waiting five seconds before she put a little more weight behind the fourth of her huge cocks to go into Nahla. She sighed as her other three, lower set cocks bumped against Nahla’s shoulders, reached forward to guide them upwards to rub along the elf’s soft skin as the fourth large cock drove its head into Nahla’s throat. Cercea held it there for a few seconds, thrusting back and forth gently a few times before pulling back to Nahla’s mouth. The elf coughed and sputtered, but her body twitched only instinctively. It was surprising how cooperative she was, really, thought Cercea as she once again told Nahla to breathe in, only to plunge into her throat again. This continued for upwards of ten minutes, until it became clear to Cercea that while Nahla was given some recuperating time in between each push into her throat, this could not continue. She reached down and caressed Nahla’s cheek, then took a firm hold of the elf’s neck and agonizingly slowly drove the huge cock down the bodyguard’s throat and deeper still, towards the cute little belly splashing with cum already. Once Cercea felt Nahla’s lips press against her pelvis, having taken her to the hilt once again, she pulled five inches backwards, then let out a relieved gasp as she rather brutally pistoned the large cock in to the hilt again, twitching as her fourth load of cum began exploding into Nahla. For the first time in a while, Nahla started struggling again. Her belly was full already, but now she felt a seemingly unending load of Cercea’s sticky stuff being pumped into her stomach even more forcefully than the other two times. It felt as if she was going to explode, but there was nothing she could do, stuck with that huge, hard piece of meat deep in her, except to feel her body straining and trying to cope as Cercea trembled in pleasure, finally seeming to relax, the waves of cum dying down.

Cercea pulled out of Nahla, holding the elf’s head almost in a motherly gesture, caressing her cheek and pointing to her now bulging stomach. “See, dear? You took all that, just for me..” whispered Cercea, almost beaming down at Nahla. Where her usually flat stomach was, a bulge now was, about the size of half a football. Nahla could not have seen it without Cercea holding her up, her body so taxed that it was a wonder she even managed to stay awake.

Cercea ran a hand through Nahla’s hair and whispered something about sleeping, then things became dark. Nahla felt herself being lifted up and carried before she fell back through the many layers of consciousness she had fought up through earlier on. She welcomed them.

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