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(Fan)fiction Friday 3: The Bodyguard, Ch. 2

The Journey Begins

Tags: [A tiny bit of violence] [Large cock] [Multi-cock] [Noncon] [Oral] [Breath control] [Light bondage] [Let me know if I missed something]

Nahla had inquired about the availability of hippogryphs, but had gotten the answer she expected back. So few were left right now that they were kept here as an emergency. Ordinary folk would simply just have to travel the old fashioned way, by foot, or by sabercat. Nahla turned around, made sure Cercea was watching her and pointed towards the ship anchored near them. This would be just as dangerous as she had expected. With no hippogryphs available, they would be left rather exposed once they reached central and western Ashenvale. The Barrens were a mixed bag. They could not move very fast on foot, but then, moving fast attracted a lot of attention with the dust clouds you invariably whipped up with fast travel in that place.

Both of them boarded the ship, Cercea still only having said one word, the name of the place she wanted to go. Ratchet. Nahla put her bags down near the mast of the ship, next to Cercea. She watched the sea for several minutes, until she realised that Cercea was out of sight. Mentally scolding herself, she searched the ship for a minute until she found Cercea at the front of it. She seemed overjoyed in her own calm way at the prospect of sailing. The weather was clear and the trip would take at worst two hours. Easy part first, Nahla thought. She spent the rest of the trip close to Cercea, but not close enough as to be uncomfortable. She tried to keep an eye on the youngster all the time, even though she found it both harder and more boring than she had imagined.

One and a half hours later, the two of them left the ship and entered the inn of Auberdine. It was still daylight, but the sun would be setting soon. Cercea was stopped by Nahla’s hand on her shoulder as the first of the two was about to head out of Auberdine. Nahla shook her head “It’ll be dark soon. We may still be in elven lands, but this will be the last time in a long while that we will sleep in actual beds. I’d imagine you’re used to beds rather than the ground, so enjoy it.”. Cercea seemed to consider this for a moment, then nodded seriously and almost skipped back to the inn. She ordered a two bed room, Nahla carried both their bags up to the room. It was a small four by six with a small window at the end of the room. Not so cramped as to be uncomfortable, but definitely not cosy either. 

Nahla had for some time now been trying to ignore how hungry she was, but her stomach finally made a sound, something that she could see Cercea had a hard time not laughing at. They had brought food, mostly dried meat, but there was no reason to begin using that when they had the opportunity for a good meal here.

After both of them had eaten a healthy portion of imported Westfall Mackerel, Cercea said the second thing Nahla had heard her say so far, in the same soft, fragile voice, “I want to watch the sun set, I won’t be long.”. Nahla almost let herself forget why she was here, at the last moment nodding formally to the youngster she was protecting. She would be right behind, both of them now knew how things would be. Walking outside and onto the pier, Cercea stood and watched the sun set, seemingly without moving a muscle, for almost half an hour. When darkness slowly came creeping, she turned towards Nahla, who was leaned against a pillar ten meters behind the young woman, a childish smile on her face. “Let’s go to bed” said Nahla, once again letting Cercea lead the way up the stairs. She stood guard outside the door while Cercea changed and crept into bed, came into the room herself and started taking off her light armor. She felt uncomfortable, but told herself that they would be doing this for the next many weeks, if not months, so she would simply have to get comfortable around Cercea. Nahla placed her short sword next to her pillow, laid down on the bed and glanced over at Cercea. The young woman had turned her back towards Nahla and was breathing regularly. Either asleep, or close, judged Nahla, closing her own eyes.

The next morning, Cercea woke Nahla with a smile and twittered “Some bodyguard you are!”, her smile was replaced by a grimace as she coughed. Nahla got up and put some clothes on, trying to ignore that Cercea was standing right next to her and seemingly watching intently. The two of them went downstairs to eat some breakfast and pay for their stay. While eating, Nahla thought about how little they had actually talked to each other. She was not sure if it was due to Cercea being shy, thinking that Nahla was below her in standing or simply because they did not have a lot to talk about. Whatever it was, Nahla pushed it out of her mind. No need to start thinking like that of her employer so soon. Maybe later on, if she really did turn out to be a snob and not just a confused mind.

Most of their things were still packed, so after only another twenty minutes, the two, guarded and bodyguard, left Auberdine. Most of the day they simply walked southwards, stopping a few times, once to eat some lunch that Nahla had brought from Auberdine, once simply just to rest. Once, the young Sentinel pulled her protégé into some bushes a few meters from the road, following herself. She held a finger to her lips, nodding her head towards the other side of the road. Five Furbolgs appeared after about a minute. One of them pointed up the road from the direction they had been coming from and said something in an excited tone of voice to the others. They left the road again and a slight rustle of leaves revealed that they made their way northwards carefully. Nahla shook her head, her mind clouded with sadness a moment at the corruption that had been wrought on her homelands.

She lead Cercea southwards in a jogging tempo for the next few hours, to get some distance between them and the furbolgs. Drops of sweat flew from the young and relatively pampered woman, but she never uttered a single complaint. Nahla was not sure if that was because she could not catch her breath or because of stubbornness, but regardless, her respect for the seemingly fragile young elf grew a little. After a couple more hours of a rigorous tempo that had Cercea looking as if she could collapse at any moment, they stopped. They had arrived at the bank of the river that ran from the mountains that hid Felwood from their sight and into the sea. Nahla lead them off the road a little, finding a spot that was close to the river but still well hidden from all directions. She set her pack down, helped Cercea to be freed from hers, then turned towards the young elf. “We both you use a bath, but there’s no reason to bathe and then get sweaty again while we turn this into a place where we can sleep tonight. Find some branches with leaves on them. If you can’t find those, just some leaves. The fresher the better. The more fresh they are, the less noise they’ll make, and we don’t want those Furbolgs to find us while we’re sleeping.”.

Cercea nodded and started wandering around the relatively big, hollow bush that they had camped inside. She came back inside a few times, dumping branches. Nahla arranged them, made a firepit and started a small fine. She had found a rather large stone that she made the fire on top of. Whenever possible, she would make sure that they both got hot food. Even with what little experience she had, she knew the joys of eating the same cold, dried meat for weeks all too well.

Cercea returned with a last batch of branches. Nahla instructed her in how to arrange them, how to set up camp and instructed her to always know where an escape route was. In the future, Nahla promised herself, she would look for branches. It was irresponsible of her to send Cercea out on her own.

With the fire burning on top of the large stone, Nahla motioned Cercea towards the river. “Bath time” she smiled, dragging the hesitant Cercea along at the elbow. “Come on, who knows how long it’ll be until your next bath?” she said as they stepped onto the river bank and Nahla let go of Cercea to undress. Neither of them were very big for night elves, so Nahla felt certain they could hide if something should come their way. They were still relatively safe, even without weapons on them.

Cercea watched Nahla undress for a few moments, still seeming hesitant. “Wait, turn around and let me get in first.” She said softly. Nahla nodded, keeping her thoughts to herself as she turned. She heard a little rustling and fabric sliding over skin as Cercea undressed, then some light splashes as the elf moved into the water. “Can I come into the water?” said the sentinel, carefully masking how ridiculous she felt the situation to be. “Yes, come on in.” said the younger woman. Nahla found it somewhat strange that she stood in water to her bellybutton, but didn’t even shift uncomfortably with her fist-sized breasts exposed and turned towards Nahla. She shrugged it off along with the last of her clothes. She was well-trained and muscled, although not to the extreme. She tried to keep herself tasteful. Contours of a few muscles were visible, but she still looked feminine. She kept close to Cercea, just to be safe, and washed herself alongside the fragile elf. 

Nahla felt something soft bop against her leg, at first ignoring it, figuring it to be a leaf or some uprooted plant from the river bed. She felt it again, this time sliding along her thigh for a second. She knew that the fish in these waters were not even remotely large enough or aggressive enough to attack her, but she had never liked the feel of a living fish for some reason. The thought of one swimming so close, inbetween the two of them, made her uncomfortable. Cercea had stiffened along with Nahla, the fish seemed to be gone or at least be focusing on Cercea for the moment, so Nahla made her way towards the bank. “Come on, miss. No reason to get too friendly with the fish.” she said, her voice quivering the tiniest of a note. Cercea was a little behind her, so when Nahla got up and reached for the cloth she had brought along to dry herself, Cercea was still in the water. As she always did after bathing, she lifted the cloth in her arms and dried her face and hair. Out of the corner of her eye, Nahla saw Cercea stepping onto the bank, she bent down and seemed to be looking for something on the river bank. Nahla did not give her task much heed right now, busying herself with drying her skin. She only managed an instinctive flinch as she caught a swift movement out of the corner of her eye, felt a sharp thump and a large area of the back of her head exploding in pain before falling forward, into darkness.

Nahla drifted from unconsciousness to almost conscious and back again over the next thirty seconds. She vaguely sensed someone running off, then coming back soon after. She dove into unconsciousness again as she felt someone grab one of her wrists. When she woke, she did so slowly. She was lying on her back, and when she opened her eye, everything was still strangely dark. She came to a little more, blinked and with beginning horror realised that her hands were bound behind her back, tied at the wrists in such a way that she could not even wiggle her fingers to even touch whatever was used to bind her without at least an hours concentrated work. Blinking again, she found her lips to be aching. Mostly the sides, where her upper and lower lip met. The skin had ruptured a little. Another half-second made her realise that it was not dark, someone was sitting practically on top of her head, and had pushed the head of the largest cock she had seen in her life into her mouth.

Nahla even gave biting a try, but her jaw was opened to a point where she could not get enough power in a bite to do anything. Memory slowly came trickling back to her now, she found that she was not in urgent need of air, so her mouth had not been full for a very long time at all. That also meant, at least for all she knew of male anatomy, that this glowing hot cock in her mouth was most likely still growing fully erect. Another second passed, yet more of her conscience came back, the sensation of sharp pain from her lips coming with it. Whoever was sitting above her now put hands on her neck, hands that made Nahla gasp in surprise. Feminine hands. That same gasp was the last breath of air she got for the next thirty seconds, as the strangely feminine person spread its legs some, pushing its pelvis forward in the same motion, which forced the head of the huge cock up against the opening of Nahla’s throat. 

She distressed bodyguard shook her head and started thrashing about on the ground. The back of her head was pounding with pain, and instinctive pain at her airway being cut off took over for a few seconds. During her thrashing, she managed a glimpse up past the mass of the huge dick in her mouth, seeing.. Cercea. Cercea’s body, at least.. But there was an aura around her. A completely different expression. She seemed almost alien to Nahla, despite only having known the young woman for almost two days. The momentary shock was enough for Cercea, giving her the window she needed. Her now larger still cock was forced into Nahla’s throat with the help of her hands pulling with unnatural strength on the bodyguard’s neck. The bound elf tried to scream, her back and entire body arching and tensing as if it was the string of a bow at the ready, toes curling and uncurling as the huge cock pushed down her throat, causing her neck to stretch and bulge unnaturally outwards, to practically double its normal size.

“Nahla must keep, nhh.. Calm..” whispered Cercea in a soft, careless tone as she more forced Nahla’s body further onto her huge cock than thrust into the elf, letting out another satisfied sigh, pausing and pulling her dick backwards, still leaving the rock hard cockhead in Nahla’s mouth, but at least allowing the elf to breathe. “See, Nahla.. That was just the beginning. Now comes the good part…” purred Cercea, once again taking a steely grip of Nahla’s already abused neck, forcing a cock that was as thick as Nahla’s knee was all the way around down the coarsely screaming elf’s throat. This time, however, Cercea did not stop. With Nahla’s body twitching and convulsing, even managing to get to her knees before being forced back down again, Cercea forced more of her thick cock into the now silently screaming bodyguard’s throat. The head went far enough down to get close to Nahla’s stomach, Cercea feeling ribs strain from the pressure of her cock lodged inside Nahla. Finally she relaxed, Nahla’s ruptured lips sealing around the base of the eighteen inch cock.

“I hope you like it, dear.” purred Cercea, using the back of her hand to wipe away some swear from Nahla’s head, “Because see, I have three more that will need the same treatment..”. Cercea motioned to the grotesque sight between her deceptively feminine thighs. Three more just as big cocks seemed more than ready to join the one already buried to the hilt in Nahla. 

Smiling as she saw Nahla struggling with pain and lack of her, Cercea got up on her knees and took a firm hold of her former protector’s neck, pulling almost half of the huge cock out of Nahla’s throat, then, through a combination of thrusting and forcing the elf’s body onto herself, pushed back into Nahla. Changing her position a little, Cercea found herself able to start thrusting her cock into Nahla in a surprisingly fast pace. Her smile widened, simply holding Nahla’s neck with one hand, caressing the struggling elf with the other, enjoying the feel of her cock pounding into Nahla, especially enjoying how her neck bulged around the iron hard meat. 

Cercea buried the cock to the hilt in Nahla’s throat once again, then leaned down and, from as far up as she could in this position, traced a wet line with her tongue down to where the tip of her huge cock was stuck. She leaned up again, once again getting into position, starting a slow pace of thrusts that brutally built up to a frenzied pace over the course of ten seconds, Nahla now only halfway conscious as her body was tortured. Cercea kept pistoning her eighteen inches into the elf tied up under her for a full minute, looking down at the now passed-out elf with a sigh. She would learn to last much longer.. With another sigh, Cercea let herself loose and felt a few quick, unsatisfactory waves of deep pleasure tear through her body as four large bursts of thickly flowing cum exploded into Nahla’s guts. Cercea pulled her large and definitely still erect cock out of Nahla, leaned down to listen to her heart and breathing. She was still alive.

Cercea sat back on her small behind, crossed her legs and placed Nahla’s head in the nook formed where legs met her body. When Nahla awoke she would be weak, no doubt, and she would meet a sight that Cercea wanted to be very sure she became familiar with. Four throbbing, huge cocks waiting for the bodyguard’s attention.

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