Sunday, March 8, 2015

Starbound (Dark Lust: Book Four) Published!

Description: Resolving once again to uncover the truth behind why they were driven out, Ysiel and Thalia come face to face with evil. How were they and their entire village mislead for all those years? Why did it take so long for their spiritual companions to warn them of what was going on? Is it even possible to unite their dark passions with the life their village once expected them to have, and might expect them to have should they return?

Starbound is the fourth chapter in a 5-part erotic fantasy story. It follows the adventures of an apprentice and her protector as they struggle to understand the peril they and their tribe are in, while trying to come to terms with their lust for darker things. There is no compromise between the sheets or in life, once they are thrust into the wilds.

Starbound is a 9.000+ words futanari story involving spirit magic and hard sex. Fade to black has been abolished here, and so has realism.

The Dark Lust series consists of the following titles:
Spiritbound (25th Jan 2015)
Forestbound (8th Feb 2015)
Soulbound (22nd Feb 2015)
Starbound (8th Mar 2015)
Homebound (22nd Mar 2015)

Author Notes: Still trying to figure out what to do, where to take the blog. I'm considering Wordpress, but I need to be 100% sure of their policy on adult content. If anyone has any good ideas, feel free to email me. I'd appreciate it a lot!

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