Sunday, August 16, 2015

What kinks would you like to see me write?

Something I haven't done in the past is ask you guys specifically what you like reading from me. So, I am asking now: What kinks do you like the most from me? Bearing in mind that we are still talking my usual gender pairings.

I've personally observed that stories with princesses seem to get a few more sales on average, and the same seems to hold for stories with cheating. I had plans to combine these two in a 5-part series in the future before the break, but I haven't written any of it yet.

Instead of just charging ahead with my own ideas, I thought I'd at least give the chance for any loyal fans still reading to make their voice heard. Bear in mind that this is not a promise to write whatever is suggested. I will listen, I will consider what's said, and then I will write it if I feel it works.

Feel free to leave a comment on this post, or to send me a mail:

A brief disclaimer: If you've read last week's post, you know that I will be focusing on finishing up my current outstanding commission, and only then begin to move back into publishing other stuff. This is for when I do, not before.


  1. For me it's all about the deepthroat scenes, you write them so well (and I'm just partial to oral). Might be just me though, so if I were you I'd trust the sales statistics. Good luck and godspeed.

  2. Anything involving deepthroat and anal in a reluctance/coercion/blackmail scenario really pushes my buttons.
    Honestly just keep writing ...

  3. Deepthroat and anal, dominating futa on female.

    I have most bought most of your stories containing those tags.

  4. Haha, good to know it's not just me fellow anons.

  5. Okay I'm gonna be honest, I like most of what you write.

    If we're gonna go into preferences however(This'll be long, I apologize), I think that I actually like the princess-y girls being taught a lesson is probably what I've liked most from you. This doesn't necessarily have to mean that they are princesses or even nobility/high class, but more so how they act. Prude, posh, a slice of 'holier than thou' things like that. It's often better if they are reluctant at first and then gets into it after a while. Your statistics are probably spot on. Cheating is just another element of "we shouldn't do this", which in my book comes in kind of the same category as the pricessy girl who thinks "I shouldn't like/do this" even if they are.

    Honestly it's not even the sex positions that does most of it, the relation/chemistry the characters have is more important for me to make it stand out and feel interesting.

  6. There is truth in the posts above that your dub- and non-con stories have a special charm to them. For a certain timespan we both got the impression that you tried to force yourself into more basic concepts. If that worked for you to sell more stories that is definitely a good thing. Though it felt like your heart and soul was not entirely in those stories.
    And well regarding specific fetishes it is no secret to you that my dear wife is obsessed with your 'that dick is too big - yet your dom's still manage to get them in' stories. She asked me to name her favorite example from your older stories here. 'The bodyguard' Not only did she enjoy it to read how the possessed elf girl's attitude changed to that selfish dominant type. She loved the aspect of the struggle your sub was going through to get each and every one of those 4 monstercocks forced into her one by one. Not to mention the parts of the later chapters whereby she used multiple cocks to penetrate her sub or the nagas at once and ending up breaking them in the process. Those darker yet still iconic stylish and lust driven stories were always one of your best ones in her opinion and she is still sad that you scrapped that particular story eventually


  7. One of my favorite things that you do compared to many other writers, is the way you seem to bring attention back to the balls, a very underappreciated part of genitalia. You write it just right, my favorite example would be The Grove's Gift where Serya has Ana's junk dragged across her face, with all the goodness of a sweaty shaft and its attachments.
    The best thing is probably how you can write sex in an extremely drawn out fashion, but without repeating yourself at all (or perhaps you do, and simply hide it behind excellent linguistic knowledge), and without making it boring as well. And of course, there's always a certain fire in the receivers that I just adore.

  8. I'm just waiting for that "Prison / Jail" thing you mentioned months ago.

  9. I've been partial to your breeding stories for years now. Ever since 2006 or 7 with Love and Cookies which really betrays how long I've followed your writing. I'm just happy you're not dead and am more than happy to consume whatever you write! Everyone has a guilty favorite after all and I may or may not use you as a benchmark for what I consider good erotica when discussing it with peers.